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Jags game Free Beers with tickets

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by riverside4, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. riverside4

    riverside4 Active Member

    212 Messages
    25 Likes Received
  2. StarBoyz83

    StarBoyz83 Well-Known Member

    8,934 Messages
    3,597 Likes Received
    Lol they're the worst team in the nfl hands down. They had to come up with something
  3. Denim Chicken

    Denim Chicken Well-Known Member

    5,957 Messages
    4,891 Likes Received
    I, for one, support free beer for any reason.
    koolaid likes this.
  4. Don Corleone

    Don Corleone Well-Known Member

    6,594 Messages
    2,878 Likes Received
    I'll drink to that!
  5. BoysFan4ever

    BoysFan4ever Well-Known Member

    8,593 Messages
    3,509 Likes Received
    I don't know why they don't talk to Tebow. They would definitely sell more tickets.
    KoRnyBrad likes this.
  6. AmberBeer

    AmberBeer Well-Known Member

    5,303 Messages
    2,581 Likes Received
    Free beer is good.
  7. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

    17,857 Messages
    3,004 Likes Received
    Honestly, I almost feel bad for some of the players there...especially ones who were drafted and had no choice lol
    TheCowboy likes this.
  8. Idgit

    Idgit That sounds really boring Staff Member

    43,884 Messages
    26,507 Likes Received
    The capital 'F' in Free here makes me think 'Doug Free.' I keep reading this thread title and wondering what the heck the thread could possibly be about.
  9. TheCowboy

    TheCowboy The Teen

    2,628 Messages
    617 Likes Received
    I don't understand what they have to lose if they sign Tebow. They think they are better than that? They're run by idiots
  10. BoysFan4ever

    BoysFan4ever Well-Known Member

    8,593 Messages
    3,509 Likes Received
    I read this am their owner said he had no intention of contacting Tebow ever. Silly man.

    To me they are the first option to relocate to LA. It is not working in Jacksonville.
  11. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

    34,914 Messages
    4,223 Likes Received
    I'm not sure Tebow would sign there. I've read he has turned down a couple teams, I have heard who but the Jags would be high up on the list if I were him. Screw the whole Florida aspect, why put yourself into such a horrid position when it could be his last shot.
  12. Teren_Kanan

    Teren_Kanan Well-Known Member

    1,874 Messages
    264 Likes Received
    Tebow would be a temporary band-aid. His popularity would draw in the crowds.. for a little while before they go right back to where they are now.
    You simply don't switch to a worse QB (yes) in the NFL to draw in crowds. That is awful and anyone who would do something like that should feel awful. Tebow is not an NFL caliber QB, and never will be.
    You want people to come to your games, you start wining. That's the opposite of getting Tebow.

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