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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dart, Jan 21, 2013.

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    1 Sheldon Richardson*, DT, Missouri 6-4 #295

    2 Larry Warford, G, Kentucky 6'3 #340

    3 Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin 5-11 #210

    4 Joe Kruger, DE, Utah 6-7 #280

    5 Josh Evans, FS, Folrida 6-1 #205

    6 Quanterus Smith, OLB, Western Kentucky 6-5 #250


    QB - Alex Carder, QB, Western Michigan, 6-2 #225

    C - Joe Lund C, NDST, 6-2 #303

    CB - Moe Lee, CB, Utah 6-1 #191
  2. Rack Bauer

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    I like this mock, except for Ball. I'd rather see cave or rambo drafted there. We could get a better rb later in the draft.
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    Make it a S in the 3rd (Thomas/McDonald/Jefferson ) and a RB in the 5th (could be a # of guys) and I love it.
  4. IAmLegend

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    This. Preferably Jefferson in the 3rd but he probably won't last that long. But I'd like Kenjon Barner if in the 4th and then best D-linemen available in the 5th.

    Also, Larry Warford will most likely not be available when we pick in the 2nd. He's moving up boards as we speak.

    *Alex Carder has been coming up a lot on these boards. I'm not a huge fan but if he goes undrafted I suppose it wouldn't hurt to bring him in.
  5. Goldenrichards83

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    Love this mock but I agree that we can get a safety in the, 3rd Rd.
  6. dart

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    whats not to like

    QB Alex Carder – Western Michigan (SR)
    Height: 6’2
    Weight: 216


    +A built upper body to go along with strong legs
    +Ability to move the chains with his feet
    + Quick dropback
    +Can lower the shoulder and fall forward for extra yards at his size
    +Keeps plays alive
    +Tough as nails

    +Makes quick decisions
    +If there is no play, he doesn’t force it
    +Ability to adjust offense at the line

    +Likely captain in 2012 season
    +Will do whatever it takes to win
    +Rallies his teammates
    +Makes teammates better
    -Sometimes questions coach’s decision

    Arm Talent:
    +Very strong arm, can make all of the deep throws
    +Gets rid of the ball quickly
    +Can complete passes down the field, especially over the middle
    +Holds the ball securely
    +Has a high release
    +Can throw from different angles
    +Senses pocket pressure and can adjust to the pass-rush
    +Strong cross-body throws
    -Doesn’t always have a tight spiral
    -Makes a ton of short throws, receivers earn a lot of YAC

    Carder is the type of football player that every coach would love to have on their team. Going into his third year as a starter, the under-recruited quarterback has displayed a great ability to throw a bunch of touchdowns while keeping the number of interceptions limited. Carder is always fired up on the field but remains poised in the pocket and he will do whatever it takes to get to the endzone; whether it be stepping up into the arms of a defensive end and making the throw, running a quarterback dive on a fourth-and-one or even just turning around and handing the ball off. While showing a good throwing motion, Carder could clean up his stance and be coached to read through his progressions quicker. The Kansas native is a natural leader and will have a spot on an NFL roster saved for him next season.

    he will get drafted with his showing at the shrine game
  7. cowboys1981

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    My picks will go along with the following FA's signed

    OG Andy Levitre
    DT Henry Melton
    DT Alan Branch (reach)

    1- DE Sam Montgomery
    2- DT Sylvester Williams
    3- S Phillip Thomas
    4- OL Braxton Cave
    5- OT Brian Winters
    6- WR Chris Harper

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