Jared Bronson Interview; Central Washington - Tight End

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    Jared Bronson Interview
    Central Washington - Tight End


    By: Tony Conty

    Tony Conty: What is your current height, weight, and 40 time?

    Jared Bronson: 6'4, about 255 lbs. The best 40 that I ran for the scouts was a 4.62.

    Tony Conty: Who did you support when growing up in Auburn, WA?

    Jared Bronson: I was always a fan of the Washington Huskies. My Dad played there. I actually walked on there before I transferred to Central Washington, so I was a big UW fan when I was growing up.

    Tony Conty: Your father was a standout at Washington. Did that influence your decision?

    Jared Bronson: Oh, yeah, he did.

    Tony Conty: What circumstances led to your transfer from Washington?

    Jared Bronson: It just didn't really work out. I walked on, I wasn't receiving any money, and it just didn't really work out the way I wanted it to. I knew some people over at Central and they had a good team so I decided just to move out there.

    Tony Conty: I found the results of a strong man competition at your University. Talk about your workout schedule.

    Jared Bronson: I work out pretty much almost every day. For the summer, the summer has workouts 4 days a week and we do running and throwing on top of that. Usually, I'll head home and do extra stuff on my own when we have days off, or I might do extra when we have workouts the same day. I've been working out a lot.

    Tony Conty: What, if you had to pick something, would you say is your biggest strength as a player?

    Jared Bronson: I would say that my biggest strength would be just being a great overall, all-around Tight End. I feel like I can do everything pretty well. I can block and I can catch and make something happen after I catch the ball.

    Tony Conty: What mistakes are the biggest mistakes that you see younger players make?

    Jared Bronson: Sometimes, you definitely see people when they come up and get to college...let's say that they come into college at the position where they are told that they need to gain weight. I feel like a lot of players try to gain the weight too quickly, all in, like, a few months and they end up gaining weight that is going to slow them down and not going to make them a better player, simply slowing them down. They need to make sure that is it is good weight and it is making them stronger while maintaining their speed at the same time. I would have to say that, especially when someone needs to change positions. They try to gain the weight too fast and it ends up hurting them in the long run.

    Tony Conty: The game at the NFL level is changing. Fullbacks are seeing their role decrease while the H-Back position has become en vogue. Do you think that you could contribute as either an H-back or an inline-blocker at the next level?

    Jared Bronson: Yes. As I said earlier, I feel that I can do a lot of things with my size and strength and also my receiving ability, too, so I feel like whatever role a team wants me to play I could fit into it pretty well, because I am not one-dimensional. I feel like any role could be a good role for me.

    Tony Conty: You have three highly touted offensive players on your offense. Describe the competition level at your practices.

    Jared Bronson: We throw it around quite a bit. Usually, our Quarterback Mike (Reilly) is pretty good and his job is to read the defense and hit the open the guy. As long as we are putting up points and winning games like we were last year, that's the key. Some games, some people might have bigger games and some might not. As long as we keep putting up points, that's all that matters. It has been working for us so far.

    Tony Conty: Absolutely. Give a shout out to a few other teammates that you feel deserve more attention by draftniks.

    Jared Bronson: I'll have to think here for a second. We have a younger player coming up. He was only a Freshman last year, but he played Linebacker for us, named Adam Bighill. He came in as a True Freshman and had a really big year. I'm not sure...with the new coaching staff, he might be playing Middle Linebacker next year. He's one to look for. He's got three years left and we did well as a Freshman. I would definitely say him.

    Tony Conty: You are listed as a Preseason All-American at your position and Honorable Mention last year. Do you put a lot of stock in individual awards?

    Jared Bronson: I'd like to say that I like both, because obviously I put the team first and we had the best year that we've had as a school at the Division II level. I take pride in that and winning games. At the same time, I've worked really hard to get where I am at. Those individual awards are nice to receive, too. As long as we are doing well, me along with other players, we know that playing well as a team will give us individual awards, too. It works out both ways.

    Tony Conty: How would you characterize the type of football played in the North Central Conference?

    Jared Bronson: Actually, last year was the last year for the North Central Conference, so we are going to be a new conference this year. Referring to last year, I'd have to say that we had a lot of the better teams in the country. It was a competitive league, top to bottom. Last year, we had our rivals, Western Washington. They ended up last in our conference, but they beat UC-Davis, a 1-AA team. It just showed that, last year in that division, competition, top to bottom, is top-notch. There's never a week off. It was a pretty tough conference, but we fared pretty well.

    Tony Conty: After such a successful season, how do you approach the game differently now that teams will be gunning for you?

    Jared Bronson: It's pretty much the same approach: just be ready every week. Once we bond as a team, we'll come out like we're ready to win games. I feel like we have the talent and the ability to do that again this year.

    Tony Conty: What should we expect from Central Washington this year?

    Jared Bronson: We have high expectations. We are just going to take it one game at a time. If we stay healthy, we should meet those expectations.

    Tony Conty: What do you do to get away from the stress of football?

    Jared Bronson: Off of the field, I just like to hang out with friends and teammates, watching movies, and play video games every once in a while. Football is a pretty big part of my life, though.

    Tony Conty: Who are the most dominant defenders that you have faced at your level?

    Jared Bronson: Minnesota State-Mankato was a huge Defensive End (Chris Brunkhorst) who was big and strong, a really tough match-up for a Tight End.

    Tony Conty: Chime in on the Brett Favre situation.

    Jared Bronson: When I was younger, I was a Quarterback. He was my favorite. I think that they should let him come back. If he's the guy who gives you the best chance to win, I can't figure out why you wouldn't bring him back if he led you to a championship last year.

    Tony Conty: OK. What is your opinion of Roger Goodell's attempts to curtail off-the-field issues and focus on character?

    Jared Bronson: It is a good idea. When you hit the big time, you have celebrity status. Younger players need to realize that a big part of them has become a role model to younger kids and that's a big deal.

    Tony Conty: Do you think that players should be considered role models, in that case?

    Jared Bronson: Players get placed in that situation and, with all of that pay and all of that attention, they need to adapt to a situation. You need to ask yourself if you are willing to make sacrifices. Choose something else if you don't want to be a role model.

    Tony Conty: Self-promote. Why should teams consider you in next year's draft?

    Jared Bronson: They should consider me because I will put in the work. I will do what is necessary, just as I always have. I have nothing but the game going on right now. No matter what the new dimensions are that are expected for the Tight End position, I have the talent to win games.

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