Jason Garrett appreciation thread.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TTexasTT, Nov 18, 2012.

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    Garrett was the clown that overhauled the line and made the decision to go with undrafted free agents and rookies last year. He has nobody to blame for this Oline debacle but himself.
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    I wouldnt call it a side, I would call it small minority.
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    QUOTE: Jason Garrett has not produced the wins like Harbaugh or Smith. Okay, different circumstances.....whatever. But, he has also not done anything to clean up the team's play, something we were practically promised.

    BINGO!! This is the crux of the problem for those of us who have turned against Garrett and just think he is lost as a head coach. he has not changed this culture at all. That's the issue and why we have little faith that things will get better. We've seen no evidence of it in terms of record or the way the team plays and prepares.
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    This thread is about Garrett taking these obvious shortcomings and gutting out a win. The only thing that is ridiculous is your lack of an articulate argument.

    The defense is clearly better and that is even after being decimated with injuries. The offense especially our oline is both hurt and not very good to begin with. Costa is sorely missed. Free takes a step forward and then a step back.

    Did you complain about the clock management in the close games earlier? Did you see the improvement coming down the stretch. To me it was obvious that they had worked hard on situational reactions. The playcalls, pacing and whatnot was decisive when it was not earlier this year.

    Dez Bryant played the best game of his career and with the game on the line and the team struggling they were able to go to that well again and again. We tried that with him earlier this year and it was a failure.
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    i suggest you read his posts in this thread. he's been on here four days and is already being an *** to other posters. he made this thread to instigate.

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