Jason Garrett is least of cowboys problems

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, Nov 12, 2013.

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    My point exactly :)
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    I doubt if JG needs your pass and it is unpossible for me to care less if you give him one or not. Anyone that compares Wades team to Garretts team and uses the word epic when describing the losses of a team that set the record for most games lost by 3 points or less either doesn't watch the games and is espn educated or is using their butt as an ear warmer.
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    Excellent analogy.
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    Witches, black magic, and voodoo.
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  5. Beast_from_East

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    I am sorry your boy Opie sucks, I really do..............................I wish he could beat teams with more than 2 or 3 wins, I really do.........................but the scoreboard does not lie and the scoreboard does not have an agenda.

    As far as the rest of your commentary...........it means jack.............get back to me when your boy can beat somebody other than the Rams or Jags.
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  6. punchnjudy

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    During JG's tenure there's been an over-reliance on Romo. They've given him as much responsibility in the offense as Tom Brady.

    It's like taking a second tier cornerback and telling him to play the position like Deion. Against certain competition, that player will look like trash. He won't be able to hold up. Ultimately, that hurts the player's confidence and confounds the issue.

    Players perform better mentally and physically when their role is commensurate with their skill.

    I never thought Tony should purely be a bus driver, but there's a middle ground between bus driver and Tom Brady. A seasoned coach would have managed that situation better.

    A lot of blame, as always, also falls on the front office for failing to provide the necessary talent at OL that would allow the offense to be more multi-faceted. However, I think if Garrett had pushed for that more, then they would have at least put forth more of an effort.

    Bottom line is that getting one playoff win since 2006 is a huge indictment for this coaching staff and the front office. It's been JG's offense for most of those years so he doesn't just get judged on his tenure as a HC. Even though he wasn't Tom Brady, Romo had enough going for him that they should have found more success. It's really a complete joke that they didn't.
  7. Beast_from_East

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    Good analysis..............................Garrett's offense is a complete joke and he has no idea how to use players like Romo and Dez.

    Using Dez as a decoy and turning Romo into a dump off passer defies logic.
  8. kramskoi

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    The logic acknowledges the recalcitrant nature of Jerry Jones' not so surrepetitious suppositions. He will not easily part with Jason Garrett. Ryan's firing and subsequent ascendance in New Orleans might be the very thing that keeps him "tenuously" tethered to Garrett. He acknowledged that it might have been premature to remove the former DC. Call a new OC and system concessions extracted for the cost of keeping Garrett. Modest? Maybe, but some change is better none.

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