Jason Garrett is least of cowboys problems

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. rcaldw

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    I do agree with you on both counts. Jones is reactive not proactive, and he rarely knows the right thing to do.
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  2. wileedog

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    If problem #1 is addressed adequately I have a feeling that will take care of problem #2 as well.
  3. TwoDeep3

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    Sorry then , you are correct of that is so rcaldw.

    I will admit, if this team were run by someone else, and this season came along because of injury, I can make a case for getting a better draft position by starting the back-up QB.

    But I never want to lose.
  4. romothesavior

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    With a good coach (i.e., smart X's and O's and a leader of men) I think this team has 7 or 8 wins right now. I also think we make the playoffs last year.

    I can think of multiple games in the last few years where good coaching likely would have made the difference, either because of poor playcalling or atrocious end-of-game management.
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  5. jnday

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    From many fans viewpoint, the unrealistic homer post after a win are just as unbearable as the negative post that comes after a loss. Every fan wants the same thing in the long run, but there is a big disagreement on how the team gets there. Is a fan supposed to support moves by the team that they consider to be wrong? That is hard to do considering the history of the organization over the last few years.
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  6. romothesavior

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    I never want us to lose. But if we do lose, I hope we get slaughtered. If we miss the playoffs this year (which I'm not rooting for), I hope this team gets crushed a few more times in primetime so ol' Jerrah feels the sting.
  7. khiladi

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    Hopefully Dez let's Jerry know that he ain't going to be playing for this clown coach one free agency comes around...
  8. ninja

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    1) What exactly did Jerry Jones do to lose the last games vs the Giants and skins these past two years?
    As GM, he fielded a team with enough talent to get to a win-and-in situation. The rest is up to the coaches and players.

    2) If resigning Romo was a bad decision, what was he supposed to do as GM? Get Tebow? Vince Young? Carson Palmer? Pat White? Rex Grossman? Matt Hasselback? Roll with Orton? draft geno Smith? I don't recall a lot of options and don't recall seeing any real good options at that time. Did he overpay for Romo? Yeah. Although, some of that is greed on Romo's part along with almost every other player in the NFL. If Romo truly wanted a ring over money, he would have taken less ($3M/year less would have been a nice gesture on Romo's part) so the team could have got some additional talent to help him. It's not like Romo needs the money. He has plenty and will make a lot more golfing when his football career is over.
  9. CanadianCowboysFan

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    This As HC, he should say no you aren't going in.
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  10. jnday

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    Jerry got enough talent for the win and in situation, but it hasn't been enough to do any winning when it counted. He has fielded just enough talent for the Cowboys to be average year after year. Is that a point that you really want to debate? As for Romo, why is it smart to overpay a QB that is starting his decline? He should have been traded and the draft picks should have been used to replace him. Resigning him just prolonged the inevitable. Romo will not lead this team to a Super Bowl with this team. Now that he is in a state of decline, the chances are slimmer than ever. The team is going to have to rebuild. Hanging on to over the hill veterans is not the way to do it.
  11. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

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    GM = Staubach
    HC = Gruden

    We will start to win next season almost immediately....
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  12. ninja

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    Just what kind of picks did you think we would get for Romo who you think is in decline? And what QB were you drafting this year? Geno Smith? EJ Manuel? This team would be 1-9 with either of those at the helm. A declining Romo just may be better than those two will ever be. Even though the 2014 QB class looks good, there are no guarantees there and especially for how quick they can produce.
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  13. big dog cowboy

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    State of decline? I thought he was having a career year?
  14. TrailBlazer

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    I'm on board with that. Staubach as the GM would be awesome
  15. jnday

    jnday Well-Known Member

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    Are you willing to hold on to Romo for too long? What difference does it make if they win four games or eight? That is not going to get them very far. If I understand you correctly, you are willing to hang on to Romo just to keep from hitting rock bottom. Is that wise for the long term? I don't know what kinda picks they could have got or when would be the best time to use them, but I do know that the Cowboys are going down a dead end street with Romo and the current team. It is time to blow it up and start over. In a couple of years when the team has another 8-8 record, you can count it up as two more wasted years.
  16. jnday

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    Had this honestly look like a career year to you? He has added some more useless stats that is keeping the team on track for another 8-8 season.
  17. cml750

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    Garrett is by far the biggest CORRECTABLE problem with this team. I say correctable because even though Jerry is a problem he is not going anywhere. The sooner Garrett goes the better off we will be.
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  18. Beast_from_East

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    Excellent post..............................you are one of the few on this board actually using logic...............Jerry is like a sunk cost, nothing you can do about it ............Garrett is like a huge variable cost that needs to be done away with now.
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  19. Alexander

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    Crazy talk.

  20. Vintage

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    Probably the worst suggestion in this thread..... so many candidates for that award, but yours might take it.

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