Twitter: Jason Garrett PC/Stephen Jones and Player Media Sessions Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 21, 2013.

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    Tom Orsborn ‏@tom_orsborn 28m
    Callahan says #Cowboys will take a look at Frederick and Costa at guard this afternoon.
    Stephen Jones says injuries to Bernadeau, Livings and Ratliff should be short term.
    Garrett says Ratliff will undergo MRI on hamstring today.

    Bill Jones ‏@CBS11BillJones 27m
    Some Oxnard media alarmed Romo's listed at 236 pounds this year....he weighed 230 at combine 10 years ago.

    Carlos A. Mendez ‏@calexmendez 24m
    Stephen Jones talking to reporters. Says conditioning tests are tough on O linemen. Cuts more slack than with skill positions.
    Garrett says he doesn't care about reasons or excuses for failed tests. Just wants to get guys healthy.
    Garrett calls action at guard 'the next step' in development of Frederick.
    Wristbands for the quarterbacks are going to help 'expedite' the process of playcalling, Garrett says.

    Jon Machota ‏@********** 23m
    DeMarcus Ware signing a few autographs.
    Stephen Jones on Jay Ratliff: "He's working through some things. We'll handle that. I'm not concerned."
    Jason Garrett on Jay Ratliff: "We'll evaluate that as we go." He'll have an MRI today.
    Jason Garrett said Tony Romo at 236 pounds is one pound over his ideal playing weight.
    Jason Garrett: DeMarcus Ware "has the green light" but we will monitor him. "He was pretty impressive during that conditioning test."
    Jason Garrett on Dez Bryant: "He can play a heck of a lot better. He wants to be great. He has to keep growing."

    Calvin Watkins ‏@calvinwatkins 23m
    Jay Ratliff passed his conditioning test but strained his hamstring while doing it.
    Mackenzy bernadeau didn't pass the conditioning test and strained his hamstring while doing it.
    DeMarcus Ware quoted Roy Jones' rap song: Ya'll must have forgot"

    Charean Williams ‏@NFLCharean 22m
    Costa and Frederick will get work some at guard in the afternoon practice, according to Bill Callahan.
    Stephen Jones says he has no concerns about Ratliff, who injured his hamstring in the conditioning drill Saturday.
    Cowboys will require players to practice in full pads since the NFL now requires them in games.
    Garrett says DeMarcus Ware was "impressive" in the conditioning test. Ware is cleared to practice after offseason shoulder surgery.

    Clarence Hill ‏@clarencehilljr 21m
    According to a source ratliff tweaked his hamstring while running conditioning test. He kept going and actually passed the test.
    Jason Garrett said "Dez Bryant is a joy to coach." Times have changed for real

    Dallas Cowboys ‏@dallascowboys 20m
    .@DeMarcoMurray speaking with the media after this morning's practice #CowboysCamp

    mike fisher ‏@fishsports 19m
    Romo now listed at 236. #Cowboys season started last yr, he listed at 230. Im not gonna freak over 6 easily-lost-lbs. You?

    Tim MacMahon ‏@espn_macmahon 4m
    Tony Romo's listed weight of 236 was taken during OTAs. Jason Garrett says QB is down to "a pound above his prescribed playing weight."
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    Just now figuring this out?
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    Carlos A. Mendez ‏@calexmendez 10m
    Ware: ‘Who wants to just make the playoffs? We’re trying to get where we need to be. We want to taste a little bit of that apple.’ #hinthint
    Frederick and Romo had a fumbled snap. Frederick said it was a timing issue, they talked about it, won't be a problem.
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    Well, they are calling the plays different names now so maybe that is why they are wearing them, the terminology has changed. I wonder if they will wear them during the season? I know Brady wears one.
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  6. WoodysGirl

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    Newy Scruggs ‏@newyscruggs 29m
    Tony Romo meets the media. #Cowboys @NBCDFWSports @NBCSportsRadio

    WFAA Sports ‏@wfaasports 27m
    Tony Romo: "the moment I was able to start throwing, I kind of attacked it" #wfaacowboys
    Romo says tongue in cheek… I think the interior offensive line did well today… running up and down the sideline #wfaacowboys

    Jean-Jacques Taylor ‏@JJT_ESPNDallas 20m
    Romo: "I've played game long enough to know what has hurt us and what has helped us."

    Carlos A. Mendez ‏@calexmendez 17m
    Jason Hatcher agrees he had a good day but says he's got to get his pad level lower. Learning to bend.

    Charean Williams ‏@NFLCharean 12m
    Romo says his weight is between 227-230, "depending on the day you catch me."

    Brandon George ‏@dmn_george 1m
    #Cowboys DL Jason Hatcher was active in Day 1 of practice: "If I play with great leverage, there aren’t too many people who can block me."

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