Jason Garrett Press Conference 12/31

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by StevenOtero, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Dave_in-NC

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    No other teams did it. The Skins were desperate and took a shot. It worked.
    I don't think other teams didn't figure it out, I think most just thought they could beat us straight up. Most did for fifty minutes of our games.
  2. Hoofbite

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    I'm pretty sure a number of teams hammered Dallas up the middle last year.

    New England specifically.

    I think it was just poor countering on the Dallas staff.
  3. birdwells1

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    So ... he's an offensive minded coach that has only coached under defensive minded head coaches?

    So...he's a head coach but only had 5 years of coaching experience, on any level, before taking the hc job for the Cowboys?

    If you were a GM and someone came to you with that resume would you hire them as your hc?
  4. burmafrd

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    Red Ball needed more experience before becoming a HC in the NFL. We have watched his mistakes and inexperience cost us.
  5. a_minimalist

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    Ozzie Newsome would. He's one the best GM's in the league.

    I'm still waiting for your response by the way. It's actually hilarious how you're avoiding it.
  6. birdwells1

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    Which question are you referring to?
  7. Chocolate Lab

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    Why wasn't there anything he could do about it? The play where Romo got blasted and probably got a rib broken was a relatively simple DB blitz where the rusher came completely free. It was not a case of a bad OLman or even a bad RB getting beat by a superior rusher. We didn't even put a body on him. It was a pure scheme/recognition problem, plain and simple.
  8. Dave_in-NC

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    You still have to have personnel to make the correct decisions don't you?
    Who on that line would be starting for any one else this season? Smith?
    They are castoffs for a reason. Free is just useless unless you think picking up Romo after he gets killed is a skill.

    Now if you want to blame JG for thinking these guys could play, go ahead.
    I'm right there with you.
  9. Trajan

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    A better line would help. A better player caller would help too. I think the hope is a better line would help mask Garrett's bad scheme and playcalls, much like Romo helps to mask the mistakes too, except when he gets leveled and makes mistakes knowing he will probably take a whole lot more pounding as the game progresses.
  10. Idgit

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    It was entirely predictable, but I'm still surprised, somehow, that Jason Garrett has become so much the focus of some fans' frustration after his QB went out and threw three picks that lost us that game. I understand the emotional reaction to lash out at the head coach when a season ends, but that WAS game was about as clear an example as you're going to get of a QB not playing well enough to win.
  11. Venger

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    Is this really this hard to understand? Romo's picks were a direct result of immediate up the gut untouched blitzing. This wasn't Romo forcing something or trying to "do something" - bad reads, crap like that. He was forced to decide RIGHT NOW where to go with the ball.

    They blitzed all the time - most of the time, we managed to avert disaster. But a few times, we didn't. We had no answer for the blitz, whatsoever. We tried a screen - looked terrible. Austin's injury was ruinous - we needed someone to drag or slant, Dez can't do it every time.

    This is a team sport, and when the other team does something, it's up to the coach to get the players a plan to counter it, and the players to execute. I don't expect Garrett to tell Romo "don't throw a pick" because that's pretty self explanatory. I do expect them to mitigate the blitz, just a little. And to be better prepared for it in the first place.

    I have listened to the Romo whining all year, every play that turns bad, they would have done something different. "Romo has to get rid of the ball there, he can't take a sack". So he gets rid of the ball, and surprise, you get a pick. "Romo has to take the sack there". Ad infinitum. It's not quite as bad as hearing "Romo should throw a touchdown there" - but it's close.

    And while we are at it, did Romo give up 200 yards rushing to their RB? No. Did he decide to futz around with our end of half drive and punt it? No. Did he let the Redskins get 5436 players on and off the field before punting it? No. There are plenty of reasons we lost that game, and Romo's interceptions are among them. There are also plenty of reasons we were in that game, and Romo's TD's were among them. This loss isn't on Garrett and more that it should be on Romo - both did things that helped and hurt, just like Hatcher did. And Spencer and Ware.

    Fact is we didn't have the horses at the end to get the job done. Too savaged with injuries, not cohesive along the OL, and frankly not getting the job done in the first 16 weeks of the season...

    But protesting that Garrett shouldn't be taking blame here - Garrett carries the same underperforming baggage into this game that Romo does, check the tags...
  12. visionary

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    these issues are a direct result of poor drafting (by GM and HC) and inability by our HC/OC to adjust to a fairly simple scheme

    we dont lose the game if we go into washington with the same team but peyton as HC/OC

    why are people blaming garrett?

    because he is directly responsible for a mediocre product

    the garrett homers will go to any lengths to divert blame from him
  13. visionary

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    i guess garrett never heard of screens or slants?

    when our outlet receiver is 15 yards downfield, the QB has no chance with this OL

    this is not rocket science but you do need an OC who knows what he is doing
  14. Chocolate Lab

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    I'm saying that pressure from your OL getting whipped man-on-man all day is entirely different from schemed pressure that is never picked up.

    So no, blitzers coming totally free isn't a talent issue. Any average vet with any awareness at all can at least get in position to block the blitz. We didn't put anyone in their way.
  15. Idgit

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    We had opportunities to beat those blitzes. We just didn't take advantage of them. Had the inopportune early picks not stalled those drives, we'd have likely come away with points on each of them, and we'd be looking at a different game altogether. No OC is going to have a gameplan overcome three turnovers. You're going to lose almost every time in the NFL at that rate.

    Ultimately, the HC is responsible for everything, so I get that the buck stops with Garrett, but that's not the point I"m making. It's the fact that people are blaming the play calling and the game plan when it was the poor throws that so obviously got us beat is what I find interesting. And, by 'interesting,' I mean 'silly.'
  16. rcaldw

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    One thing I've discovered about this forum/fans is that once heels are dug into a position it becomes the default reaction. Right now it wouldn't matter if weather was the difference in the game, that would be Garrett's fault too for some of these guys. Its just the way it is. Doesn't cost me any sleep. I begin to find it humorous after awhile.

    I just go by what I see, and what I saw was a team ready to play Sunday night. We got an immediate stop. We had a great punt return. We are in range for a sure 3 points and a lead, and Romo airmailed #85. That simple. Momentum killer.

    Defense continues to hold, we are still tied at zero, ball thrown WAY too far inside, pick. My thought at the time, you can't keep the Redskins in this game, you will lose it.

    Our ball, over 3 minutes to go, timeouts left, 3 points give us a tie, a TD wins it, and an interception on a dump off pass.

    Now you can spin that against Garrett all you want. Sorry, just isn't true.
  17. Idgit

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    It's just not. And I'm a poster who defends Tony as much as I defend Jason Garrett, so let me get that out before my take gets spun as covering for anybody.

    The *last* thing I wanted to see was Tony blowing that game, of all people, but he threw what should have been four back-breakers. Add to that the 'turnover' on Hatcher's penalty, and zero turnovers on the Skins, and you're going to lose that game, every time.

    I've said it so many times, but it's the turnovers that keep this team from winning good games. It's a lot harder to diagnose and fix, but it's absolutely killing us, and it's what we should be talking about over here the entire off season. We give too many up, we don't take enough away. We ended up with a 27 turnover differential compared to the Skins this season. That's crazy.
  18. Woods

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    I think one reason we have so many turnovers is due to a lack of a running game. Everyone knows we have to put the ball in the air.

    I'd bet if we could get a good running game going we could cut our turnovers significantly.
  19. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    Yeah, it's the solution in situations where you can't pass effectively. Or it keeps you out of some situations where you have to attempt risky passes.

    On defense, it's tough to get the picks when you play a lot of man, but having opportunists at S, and ILBs (healthy) with range gets you more batted balls and lets you bring pressure up the middle more often. That'll help, too. It's a tough problem, though, and something Garrett's already tried to fix for the last two seasons. We're not making any progress with it on paper.
  20. nake

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    Great post. Our coaches recognized they were blitzing continuously, just like we did. We just didn't have the personnel to counter it. We knew they were running the ball, and our players on the field just couldn't stop them often enough to force them to throw, which is always the goal of any defense.

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