News: Jason Garrett trying to follow Nick Saban's process

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    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas – If there is a coach that Jason Garrett follows more than any other, it’s Nick Saban.

    It’s not Jimmy Johnson. It’s not any of the other coaches he played for in the NFL, from Jim Fassel and Sean Payton and Jon Gruden.

    It’s Saban.

    If you’re tired of hearing about Garrett’s “process” talk, blame Saban. That’s where Garrett got it from. He was Saban’s quarterbacks coach in Miami for two years and he likes to say he has notebooks filled with information of all the things he learned from Saban.

    What Saban has built in Alabama is what Garrett is trying to build with the Cowboys.

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  2. Dhragon

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    So Garrett is following faithfully the same "process" that Saban did while he was in Miami? The same "process" that failed miserably in the NFL for Saban? That Process?

    Maybe Garrett should try his hand as HC in the college ranks since the "process" works great there apparently. The NFL, not so much.
  3. InmanRoshi

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    The "process' probably works great in the NFL. What doesn't work in the NFL is having a bad QB, and Saban's QBs in Miami were Gus Ferotte and Joey Harrington. I don't qualify going 9-7 with Gus Ferotte as your starting QB as a miserable failure. I guess he should have dialed 1-800-RENT-A-FRANCHISE-QB.

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    No kidding. I don't get where people get this Saban couldn't make in the NFL stuff. Saban got a taste of the NFL and spit it out!
  5. Kangaroo

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    Why was he surprised he was an NFL Coordinator with the Browns in 91-94

    and spent a year as a DB coach with the Oilers

    maybe he forgot what it was like
  6. kevm3

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    So at first Garrett was a mini Jimmy Johnson, getting tutelage from him... and then he became the new Tom Landry with the quiet persona, and now he's the NFL Nick Saban. You would think we would have won 3 or 4 championships under Garrett with some of these comparisons he's been evoking.
  7. 17yearsandcounting

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    He better start recruiting first round talent from highschools.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    Did you bother to ready any of the article?
  9. Redball Express

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    Goodness gracious..

    If this is true..he's mirroring Saban..we need to dump Garrett right now.

    I was living down in South Florida when Saban went there and his behavior and lack of sucess with the Dolphins was legendary.

    He couldn't get that situation corrected at all and had a fixed up staff there that was all let go except RED and a couple of others.

    Sorry. You can take notes all you want and even carry around a video camera all day in the hopes of duplicating Saban's success..

    ..but the only way to do it is to step down a level like Saban did and take a college or junior college program over.

    I have no doubts Red could win there with lesser talent and competition.

    Go back to Princeton.

    You could teach Freshman Football Philosophy 101 there AND be the HC

    There you go..the answer.

    :banghead: RedBall ExPrESS:banghead:
  10. 17yearsandcounting

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    Sabans process is about recruiting the best athletes in a borderline unethical way, and then using the superior talent to blow the opposition off the ball. If thats the 'process', we are screwed.
  11. rbr651

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    Agreed, that's why I don't watch college football. If it wasn't for profit sharing/ salary cap the Cowboys would have another 10 Superbowls by now. College needs to follow suit and find a way to distribute HS talent throughout the NCAA. College football will always suck as long as you have 10 top prospects going to OU but none going to SMU, and having them play one another. I'm tired of my friends telling me how great their college team is after steamrolling Montana State, hell or even U of Wyoming. It is night and day between the haves and have nots in college. But back to JG I hate him, the end.
  12. rickjameschinaclub

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    This right here... whatever is the flavor of the moment, make Jason Garrett it... this guy must have pictures of these writers in compromising pictures, the excuses that are made for this inept 'coach'...

    so let's get this straight, the same guy that Saban had was the coach for the QBs, the worst position on that team. Maybe we should fire Garrett and hire another no-named positions coach from Saban's Miami team, because per this logic, every coach under Saban must be great, provided of course they use the word 'process'...
  13. Risen Star

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    There's also something called a lunatic owner, looking to undercut your authority any way he can.
  14. Eric_Boyer

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    Neither Tom Landry, nor Jimmy Johnson managed an 8-8 season there first two years coaching.

    firing a young promising head coach is what an idiot gm does, so hang in there. there is still hope.
  15. Eric_Boyer

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    what was the process in Alabama between 1993 and 2008?

    why didn't that program sign the best athletes during that huge span of years?

    it sounds so easy. All they had to do was sign the best athletes in the nation.

  16. visionary

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    no, actually Garrett is faithfully following the "process" that has been failing miserably with the cowboys for the last 2 years
  17. MagicMan

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    2 bad examples there......Tom Landy took over an expansion team when they were dealt losing hands, everybody's rejects. And Jimmy blew up the whole thing his first year and by the 3rd year, had a SB powerhouse of a team.

    Don't see Garrett's 3rd year being a SB powerhouse team.....hanging around .500 for a couple of years based mainly, according to many here, Romo's "heroics" and hall of fame play.

    You are right about the idiot GM....JJ fits that to a tee.
  18. DFWJC

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    I really am not convinced that Garrett can coach. But his methods regarding the big picture and how to approach daily business are outstanding, IMO.

    As for Saban in Miami...maybe if they got Drew Brees like he so badly wanted, things would have been very different. They had no QB there. Instead, his teams were basically .500.
  19. DFWJC

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    I agree that he didn't use the best examples. But the is a very long list of others he could choose from.
  20. OklahomaCowboy88

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    Jim Zorn is the most accurate comparison for Jason Garrett.

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