Jaws Wouldnt Take JFF in the First 3 Rounds - Yet Jerry Praises Johnny

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. RS12

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    NFL teams will use the LSU/ Missouri blue print and make JFB beat them from the pocket. If he can do that he will be just fine. Otherwise not so much.
  2. jterrell

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    I can almost guarantee that if the Eagles needed a QB to run Kelly's offense Jaws would be more than glad to draft Manziel in round 1.
  3. Idgit

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    If you think a guy's likely to be a miss in the NFL, I don't have a problem saying it's not smart to take a risk on him until down in the draft where the picks are worth a lot less. It's like the Vikes trading up to take Ponder at 12, or whatever it was, when the guy was clearly in that second tier of QBs that year. I think it'd be much safer taking a shot on, say, Garopollo, later than taking a guy in the top 10 if he's the 3rd QB on your board this year. It's too expensive in terms of time-to-develop to swing and miss on a QB who isn't your guy. A third rounder is a lot more disposable.
  4. 17yearsandcounting

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    He better go to a good team or his celebrity "I am the man" attitude is going to wear thin really quickly.
  5. erod

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    This is nothing more than typical ESPN-created drama.

    But, I'm not one that thinks Manziel will make it in the NFL. I smell a short career coming with lots of injuries and little real success.
  6. manster4ever

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    oh yeah, JJ is practicing Jehdi mind tricks again....his draft failures the last fifteen yrs. PLUS earn him no credibility and no benefit of the doubt. For some of you to sit back and pretend to "know" what this narcissistic billionaire bumpkin is thinking or doing is comical.
  7. cowboys1981

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    Jerry has 3 rings and Jaws has none.
  8. spook930

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    Jaw also loves keap, who I don't really believe is all that good of a "quaterback" so I'm not really puttin a lot of stock in what he says. JFB is going to be great if he goes pretty decent team.
  9. Roadtrip635

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    Jaworski wouldn't take JF in the first 3 rounds? Jaws is obviously suffering from post-concussion syndrome. :confused:

  10. RW31

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    Why would anybody be honest these days with draft coming around? You'd have to be absolutely stupid to believe anything these GM's or owners are saying right now in terms of who they like and what they're gonna do.
  11. Doomsday101

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    I think Jaws went overboard but I have major doubts with Manziel. He tends to throw late over the middle and throws a lot off his back foot. College the window you are putting the ball in is a lot larger than what he will find in the NFL. No doubt these issues can be worked on by coaches but how will Manziel take to coaches trying to change his game?
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  12. Alexander

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    One of my favorite QB hits of all time. I hated Jaworski so much.
  13. Fritsch_the_cat

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    Thanks, I needed that.
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  14. OhSnap

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    You just know if he said 5 he looked a part of 3 and called a friend that lives in Texas to ask about him. The day before. Props to him for sayin it up front though.
  15. Next Years Champ

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    No doubt he is a risk.

    And the GM that takes him is putting his career on the line if he's selected.

    He's going to need a couple of years to mature and learn the pro game.

    So that means a team taking him should have a QB already in place until it's time to bring him up as a starter.

    Or be ready to lose if he has to play right away.

    But that's how it goes.

    So Jaws is probably extreme when he says what he says..

    ..but some teams are not going to undertake that sort of program.

    Would or should the Cowboys if he's there at 16?

    I'd think it would be impossible not to.

    If Garrett is going to be here for longer..

    ..he needs to find Romo's replacement 2 years before needed.
  16. FiveRings

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    No he doesn't lol
  17. CyberB0b

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    I think Manziel is going to be an epic fail in the NFL. Not quite as bad as Tebow, but I doubt he even has the success Vince Young had.
  18. DavidS

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    Jaws is a full fledged ******

    From Philly..
  19. khiladi

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    People use comparisons like Wilson, but this guy works with a strong coach and the offense is conservative. They control the 'flash'.
  20. Bullflop

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    There's a wide variety of opinions as to what Manziel is likely to amount to in the pro game. His build isn't one that inspires a world of confidence that he'll have the durability to see a lengthy career in a pro venue. Other than that, it remains to be seen what the future holds in store for him. To me, he seems like a caucasian version of Michael Vick but we'll see if that's a fair comparison or not when the time comes. He's being considered by more than a few as a "boom or bust" prospect, while others seem to feel he's an elite prospect at QB. We'll see.

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