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JC "The Beast" Copeland

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by PuertoricanBoy, May 10, 2014.

  1. PuertoricanBoy

    PuertoricanBoy Member

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    This guy will open big holes in the defense like sink holes. The mentality of this kid is seek and destroy, is a punisher. Sustained the block until whistle. Incredible mobility and good hands of this creature. The injury report will increase in the NFC EAST.
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  2. Szczepanik

    Szczepanik Well-Known Member

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    That is why we coach them up. Let the kid get coached up, and let Murray get ahold of him.
  3. Nirvana

    Nirvana Well-Known Member

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    I haven't looked it up but when I was watching LSU film I saw a few fumbles from this kid if I remember correctly. He better pray he doesn't cough it up as Garrett won't tolerate it.

    My other thought is that at 271 he should be given a look at the 3 tech if he is not making it as a FB here. Has a burst.

    I like what I see with his good hands catching the ball - Linehan can work with that. He's like a bowling ball as a runner. Excellent blocker, too. Be interesting to watch this kid in camp.
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  4. Gaede

    Gaede Well-Known Member

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    Man, he is fast for his size. I saw his weight and just assumed he'd be slow as dirt.

    Love this pickup. Hope he makes the team.
  5. Hardline

    Hardline Benched

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    Ill wager a weeks pay he makes the team and our fourth rounder gets cut.
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  6. ceerrece

    ceerrece Active Member

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    Just play oldschool football and please let this kid open some holes for our running game.
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  7. iceberg

    iceberg detoxed Zone Supporter

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    I'm unemployed. You're on
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  8. CowboyChris

    CowboyChris Well-Known Member

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    can he rush the passer?
  9. CowboysYanksLakers

    CowboysYanksLakers Well-Known Member

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    Excellent pick up...
  10. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

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    Screw being a blocker. That's our short yardage back. Get him going behind Martin and The Beard and hope he doesn't hurt one of them. Haha
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  11. ckalch

    ckalch Member

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    LSU fan here: Copeland's an animal. Love him.
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  12. waving monkey

    waving monkey Well-Known Member

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    I'll take the bet on the fourth round cut.
  13. Canada180

    Canada180 bannedontherun88

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    He runs really well for a big cat. Even showed a little wiggle here and there
  14. JPostSam

    JPostSam Well-Known Member

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    strengthening the running game with another stud o-lineman and a wrecking ball fullback like this will help us sustain drives and keep our defense off the field.
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  15. chicago JK

    chicago JK Well-Known Member

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    He seems pretty limited. In today's nfl a guy like that is tough to make a roster. He will need to excel in special teams and also prove he can play more snaps than just running plays. Versatility is important. I would have preferred the Oklahoma fullback. He provides more options in today's game.
  16. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

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    One of the guys I am happy that they grabbed out of the UDFAs out there...
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  17. Dash28

    Dash28 Felis silvestris catus

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    Hopefully he and Martin can bring better run blocking and sustain longer drives if we allow for balance.
  18. dallasdave

    dallasdave Well-Known Member

    2,658 Messages
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    Yeah, this is smash mouth football. Dallas can use some of that, with our new OL and this guy knocking peoples butts off running or blocking, we will open up the passing game. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  19. ferrispata

    ferrispata Active Member Zone Supporter

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    I love having a FB. I hope he is the next Moose.
  20. AKATheRake

    AKATheRake Well-Known Member

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    No, but he can help us keep the ball in our hands so we have to do less of that.

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