News: Jenkins: "I'm good to go."

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Nav22, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Nav22

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    "I'm good," he said. "It's football. An injury. I got it checked out. I'm ready to move on. I'm good to go."

    Interesting quote from Campo as well...

    "He did pretty good today, so I feel pretty good about it," secondary coach Dave Campo said. "We'll see what happens. But we could be at full strength."

    The questions is, was Newman included in his "full strength" or was Campo only referring to Jenkins?
  2. JonJon

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    Dun-Dun-Dunnnnn.........And the plot thickens!

    Will Jenkins and Newman return to the Cowboys secondary and lead the team to victory and save the day? Or will the evil plans of Rex Ryan thwart the Cowboys hopes of opening the season 1-0?

  3. boysfanindc

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    I am one who believes for Ryan to do what he wants to do this year with bringing heavy pressure, we need Newman for the long hall this year healthy.

    I am happy there is a chance for him t play, but I would error on the side of letting his groin heal completely before we send him out there.

    Maybe it has, but I would make damn sure, before I let him play this week.
  4. cowboyblue31

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    :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1:
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    Sounds like Newman included to me... Though I still doubt that happens.
  6. EGG

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    Maybe Scandrick is considered the new starter,,,
  7. Don Corleone

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    I'm not sure that's any good though. No practice time in a new system. It may be better that he doesn't start.
  8. Star4Ever

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    I would also err on the side of caution and sit Newman and/or Jenkins if there's any risk of further injury. If we get beat Sunday, so be it. It's more important to look at the big picture. We play San Fran and the Foreskins next, and neither of those teams present a lot of problems for us in the passing game. Neither have a QB.
  9. Frozen700

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    Even tho corner is the hardest to play.....

    Assignment wise it is the is not like safety or linebacker wher you have to know who has the RB...or the TE...or the second TE..or FB, ect
  10. Chocolate Lab

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    Calvin Watkins is on 103.3 right now and says he doesn't expect Newman to play, but said he looked really good in drills running and moving around in all directions. He really emphasized how good he looked.

    So even if he doesn't play this week, maybe he's very close. Maybe it'll be next week, and not several more weeks.
  11. CowboyStar88

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    I would be ok with Jenkins and Scandrick Starting.
  12. Doomsday101

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    I agree. Man on man is still the same as it ever was. Zone can be a bit more complicated but he should know the calls and coverages through the meetings. He is not a rookie.

    Only concern I have is he physically ready if so then play him if not then sit him.
  13. Bowdown27

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    100% agree
  14. Jenky

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    Whatttt no Alan Ball shutting down Santonio? :confused:
  15. skinsscalper

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    It depends. If they Give Newman a guy straight up and tell him to play man coverage all game his knowledge of the scheme would need to be minimal. Hell I'm sure Deion Sanders could count on one hand how many defensive huddles he took part in (not that Newman is Deion).
  16. ThreeSportStar80

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    Jenkins has something to prove...
  17. HoyaParanoya

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    I like Jenkins to bounce back this year and Scandrick is a solid #2. So we have two #2 corners in my opinion. The slot corner or if scandrick moved in there, the 3rd corner is what scares me. I'm really hoping Ryan played his schemes close to the vest this preseason and unleashes hell on Sunday night!
  18. ravidubey

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    This is dead on accurate.

    It's not like the opponent is Brady, Rivers, Rodgers, Brees, or even Eli Manning or Ben Roethlisberger. They are facing Mark Sanchez, the dreaded Santonio Holmes, and Plaxico Burress fresh off a jail sentence.

    This is about as perfectly average as an offense gets these days, so it's not like Newman is critical this week any way. Opening day is important, but this season is a marathon.

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