Jerry is a joke

Discussion in 'Rant Zone' started by theranchsucks, Aug 23, 2013.

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    What is funny is chances are Free is not playing G with the 1st unit. With Leary out and some others coming back from injury Dallas is going to put Free in a G and Parnell at T.

    Even Jerry is down playing this With Leary and Nate Livings out after having arthroscopic knee surgery, Free has been working at right guard with Parnell at right tackle.

    The Cowboys owner and general manager initially advised not to read too much into that alignment, “because to spend a few reps at a different position is as common as the sun coming up.” Jones, however, finished his response by saying, “but the fact that we’re doing it says enough.”

    But of course fans take it one step futher as normal. Get a grip
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    So, how did this supposed 'Joke' assemble enough talent on the roster to compete for the NFC East championship the past two years? An injury-depleted team which still managed 8-8 and a shot at the NFC East title.

    And how did a 'Joke" draft so well this April? No one is mocking the Frederick pick now. Frederick, Escobar, Williams, Wilcox, Webb, Randle and Holloman seems like a really good draft. And this 'Joke' also has some good free agents.

    An OL of Smith-Leary-Fredbeard-Bernie Mack-Free was looking pretty good until Leary got injured.

    Jerry Jones is far from perfect, but to call him a joke is ridiculous.
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    I'm am a little concerned about Romo's health in this one.

    Unlike many DCs, Zimmer game-plans for preseason games, and that is one the better defenses (and teams) in the league.

    I hear that we really are not game planning for this one, though if we were going to do it for any prreseason game it would be this one.
    We are instead, like last year, already planning for the Giants--which is fine with me.

    I think they'll double up on Atkins when necessary.
  5. Doomsday101

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    Fact is the coaches are the ones giving Free some reps at G, I have seen nothing or no one within the organization claiming this is some permanate move. With Bernadeau, Learly and Livings dealing with or coming off injury the Cowboys are looking at an alternative. I seriously doubt Free would be nothing more than a 4th option at G but again given the injuries now is the time to see him at that spot not once the season has started.
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    so every play? No but seriously I just hope they pull Romo if we start seeing jailbreaks
  7. RS12

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    Jerry has needed to step away from football operations for a decade and a half. Water is wet.
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    this I agree with

    this is what I think he should do

    put Stephen as owner

    have him hire a GM

    thought he do that on his 25 year but guess not

    and the man is far from a JOKE
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    I can't agree with you more
  10. tantrix1969

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    was hoping we'd get a real gm after Jerry's run when he retires but he(Jerry) said in an interview just week or two ago that he fully expects Stephen to be his own gm after him
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    *deep sigh*
  12. CyberB0b

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    Little early to be patting yourself on the back for this draft, isn't it? Escobar, Williams, Wilcox and Webb haven't done a whole lot.
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  14. StylisticS

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    What do you expect? Their first action ever in this league is playing 3-4 preseason games. There is still ample time for them to improve.
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    If you as a owner draft whoever you want then you would be no better than JJ which many have accused of him doing so. Get a GM and let GM and coaching staff do their job.
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    lol---lmao still!

    Truth is actual....water is wet and Jerry is a joke.

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