Jerry is about to make a big mistake

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Correction he just needs to go away.
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    People wanted to run Parcells out of town for ALL the same reasons they want to keep Garrett.:eek:

    Playing not to lose and such.
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    You have got to be kidding me. The team only "contended" because the once mighty NFC East was putrid this year. Other than the first Giants game, our offensive plan centered around falling behind and letting Romo manage miraculous come from behind wins. I personally would like a new head coach as I have seen nothing from Garrett to suggest he is the answer. I do however understand that sometimes things take time, so I could live with Garrett for another year IF AND ONLY IF WE HIRE AN OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR TO RUN THE OFFENSE AND CALL PLAYS. I do not see how even the most blindly loyal Garrett apologist could say he is doing a good job running the offense. Who knows, he may even show us something as a head coach for the first time if that is all he does (ie- MOTIVATE and DISCIPLINE players).
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    I agree. I say just go with the OC we already have. Turn over play calling duties to Callahan.
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    I believe we need more that to just let Callahan call plays. The problem is Callahan was just a figurehead OC. He is a West Coast guy. We kept running Garrett's version of the Air Coryell offense. If Callahan is to "really" run the offense and call plays, we need to let him implement his offense. I personally think Romo would thrive in a West Coast offense.
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    the fact that WRs still don't know where to line up, guys are running the wrong routes, linemen don't know protections/adjustments, etc is proof that coaching is a problem.
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    :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
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    3. Already ....

    Jason has gotten a 6 year pass thus far as a play caller. When the truth is nobody should get a free pass at this level.

    Just look around the NFL at all of the firings to end the season.
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    The quick drop and getting the ball out into the skill position players quickly would save Romo a lot of scrambling, orchestrating, and decision making that he has been overwhelmed with for years now. As far as I understand the play calling and design of the WCO, there are a long string of specific directions and routes or blocking (plus check downs) for each part of the offense, so there are less options per play than Coryells scheme. Options tend to slow down decisions in general and any pause in a play compromises execution and the intent of the play.

    But Callahan also had an unusually strong ground game for his WCO in Oakland with Charlie Garner, Kaufmann, and Rich Gannon.

    Romo can already throw downfield well, so it's not like that is going to deteriorate with a WCO, but from the Pittsburgh game this year, the short pass was able to preserve Romo in the pocket and keep the chains moving.

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    That doesnt matter. Plenty of division end up with 8-7 and 9-6 teams fighting for division. They dont all make it to contend for division in last game.

    Anyway... how it came about matters to you.
    The FACT that we were in position matters to me.

    Yeah, it sure looks like. It looks like Jason will have to "eat it" too. Not good for team/progress/moral.

    Ok, let not call it a "pass" but he should be given time.

    Houston and Kubiak - should have been fired a few years ago - but now look.

    Marvin Lewis - OMG

    Lovie - how he wasnt fired sooner is an 8th wonder of the world.
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    NFC Championship game in 2010 -- his team lost 21-14 with Cutler out almost an entire half.

    Superbowl Appearance in 2006

    That 2x the NFC Championship Game appearances in the past 6 years than any other NFC team not named Green Bay, NY, and... not sure if I am missing anybody else.
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    His two biggest mistakes in 2013 will be if he doesn't fire garrett and then
    goes out and hires a real head coach, not some boy trying to do a mans

    They all so found ways to lose games they should have won and won
    games they certainly should have lost

    Garrett has had his time to try and shine and now it is time to move on
    to the next chapter, I don't see how we are going to win if you have a
    puppet/boy being jerked around by a *****bag who can't even admit
    he is the cause of all the Cowboys issues

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Soo.... Lovie and injuries ok as an excuse. Got it!
  15. Apollo Creed

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    Every morning Jerry wakes up and doesn't remove himself as GM is a huge mistake.

    This team is still being driven by mostly Parcells' guys, one or two more bad drafts and this could get ugly as Romo ages.
  16. superpunk

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    Since he's left we've drafted one "star" in Dez (despite having several top 10 picks), and you're not exactly building teams around WRs these days. Lee might be one but until he figures out how to stay on the field he's just a nice player who we can't rely on. That's been the trouble with our recent drafts - we've got players who show promise but we can't rely on ANY of them.
  17. ConstantReboot

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    I really don't see what people here see in Garrett. First of all, we already know what we get with him as an OC. Year after year as OC, our offense has become worst in scoring. We thought we got rid of the mediocrity by promoting him to head coach. Yet its still the same mediocre plus the bad decision making during crunch time.

    This is all on Garrett. When your QB puts you in a position to win and you fail at play calling, like having no outlet guy on 3rd and short and you send everyone down deep on fly patterns, which takes several seconds to develop, you failed.

    Garrett failed on many of those types of scenerios. It just makes me nuts that he cannot adjust or cannot create or run plays that our offense has been running for years successfully.

    Thus I'm going out on the limb and say that Garrett is the worst decision that Jerry has ever made. Worst than Barry Switzer. The reason for that is that he could have gotten someone else much more qualified like Shanahan.

    Shanahan would have been great for Romo. He would have tailored an offense for Romo and utilize Romo's mobility. Garrett doesn't do that. Garrett wants you to run his same ole, predictable plays that don't fit the skill set of our players. We have the most explosive offense Dallas has ever assembled and its being wasted on a new coach that is learning how to coach and who won't change his style to fit the team. Garrett is the worst decision Jerry has made. We will be set for more years of mediocrity.

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