Jerry Jones coming up on CBS This Morning

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Richmond Cowboy, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Sadly, I agree with everything in your post.
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    I also agree with your entire post. A huge reason why I despise the man is because he just can't be honest. I would respect him more if he were to come out and say...."Its my team, I paid for it, and I am running it how I want to..."

    It drives me nuts when he uses all these excuses as to why he is GM like 'the closer management is to the man that writes the checks is all the better'. What? So 31 other NFL teams are wrong and have been wrong for all these years? Just come out and tell the truth. Tell people that you get a kick out of calling the shots and that you crave attention. Why do you have to be an inept GM AND a liar?
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    Lets see....

    15-20 more years of Jerry
    Then approx. 20-25 from Stepehn
    What comes next? Spaulding, the Grandson. He could add another 30 or so years but here comes the good news......he may just not be procreation material. The Jones trilogy may come to an end in another 75 years or so. Hope I live to be 120 give or take.

    Who am I kidding, Spaulding's money will have women crawling all over him. I don't see an end to this vicious Jones cycle o_O
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    After all many posters don't understand what a true football idiot Jerry is despite 2 decades of evidence.... That speaks to a certain self delusion and simple minded ness

    I am glad that you were able to follow it, I tried not to use any big words
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    Yea he knows he stinks as GM. I agree he just doesn't care. He's weird with all that talk about wanting to feel pain.

    I guess after awhile the alcohol numbs all your nerve endings.
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    video for those who haven't seen it....

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    It is truly disheartening to see to listen to Jerry talk about this team. Even after almost 20 years and only one playoff win to show for all his efforts, he remains a true believer in his abilities and believes in his heart he is the savior of this team. He is the most dangerous type of opponent, those that have complete faith in their cause. Jerry sees himself as bigger and more important than the team.

    As a lifelong fan for longer I can remember, it really pains me to actually have thoughts about not supporting this team. As long as fans continue to support this team, in Jerry's mind it only validates his actions. Is there a way to still be a fan of this team, but not support Jerry and effect a real change? Jerry doesn't give a fig about the fans, why continue to support his product?

    It's disturbing to think that the only way for change is some catastrophic event involving the owner's life or health. I don't wish ill will on Jerry, but I can't help but feel I would have a little glimmer of hope for the team if he were forced to step down.
  8. George

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    After 45 years a Cowboy fan, I think it's time to depart. The near future is bleak. I hope there is a dramatic drop in revenue, as a result of the collapse this year. Maybe Jerry departs by selling the team, due to the financial calamity he caused as a result of his team meddling. Then, I get to return as a Cowboy fan. I hope I am wrong and this post is foolish.
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    now that you posted your crybaby feelings it is now time for you to silently (or hysterically) depart

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