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Jerry Jones Draft Fun Fact

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by HoustonFrog, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. HoustonFrog

    HoustonFrog Well-Known Member

    3,086 Messages
    1,672 Likes Received
    Just read where Jerry has been GM/Drafter in 23 drafts and has traded in 1st round 75 % of time. This goes towards Twittering on Dallas moving into Chiefs spot or down to Chargers spot!
  2. fifaguy

    fifaguy Well-Known Member

    6,306 Messages
    1,773 Likes Received
    Is there no talk of trading down to the Browns spot?

    Also out of curiousity, since their is mention of us possibly trading up with the Chiefs... how many times have the Cowboys traded up in those 23 drafts.
  3. HoustonFrog

    HoustonFrog Well-Known Member

    3,086 Messages
    1,672 Likes Received
    I'd say minimally. I think most of the trades I remember were down.
  4. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    31,346 Messages
    7,780 Likes Received
    Browns have to want to trade up for that to happen. They already have a top 5 pick, so you have to suspect they're happy right where they are for the second 1st rounder at 22.

    In fact, if like some suspect, they take Blackmon instead of Richardson (crazy, imo) with that 1st pick, then they may even trade down from 22 to get better value at RB.

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