News: Jerry Jones: I don’t want to ‘dismiss’ Felix Jones as our kick returner.

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Oct 9, 2012.

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    And why should you be Jerry? After all those heroic attempts of returning kicks despite continuing to fail, it's admirable!

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    The worst part about this isn't that Jerry is saying it, but rather WHY he's saying it. I have 110% confidence he's only saying this because Felix went from Arkansas. If he was Felix Jones from Central Michigan he'd be gone by now.
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    Uh, I'll have you know that according to "connected" people on this very site the Cowboys aren't run any differently than the other organizations.

    So your point is moot.....allegedly.

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    actually that is not the worst part of it

    the worst part is that he is saying it because he thinks he is a "football guy" and is actually qualified to make these judgements
  5. DallasDW00ds0n

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    lmao ^
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    We already had this discussion and came to this very conclusion a few weeks back... and of course Felix started after what Jason Garrett assured us was a solid week of practice and a great history of making plays.

    It might even be convincing if he hadn't essentially contradicted his earlier comments about needing to look for alternatives.

    His search for alternatives has been token at best. How can Jones, who is tied for 42nd in the league and has a costly fumble, have such a lock on his position?

    I think they aren't looking at the stats of average starting position. Instead if you look at return yardage he almost looks decent-- until you recognize he's starting many returns from deep in his own endzone when he shouldn't be.

    Of course the blocking around him needs to improve as well, but he's making poor decisions nonetheless.
  7. newlander

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    .......very true: which is why I call him Al JR.....which by the way is actually a bit of a disservice to the late Raiders Owner: he built some VERY good teams back in the day for the Chargers and Raiders in the old AFL: he actually knew what he was doing for about 20 years before the game passed him by and he was a joke the last 25 yrs. or so.....Jones may be a billionaire but he's NOT a GM and no longer a "good" owner because he is killing the team with his dog and pony interference with drift wood like Felix Jones.
  8. cowboys#1

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    jerry is the GM
  9. Nav22

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    This board's hilarious.

    All he said... is he doesn't want to dismiss Felix as a returner.

    Does this mean Felix WILL or WON'T be returning kicks? Of course not. It just means Jerry won't "dismiss" the idea of Felix returning kicks.

    It's a classic Jerry non-answer.

    If he had said, "No, Felix will NOT be our kick returner anymore", two things would happen:

    1) The Ravens would know that our returner will surely be Lance Dunbar. Not a huge deal, but why give the enemy any information you don't need to give them?

    2) The same Jerry bashers in this thread would be screaming, "Why iz Coach Jones makeing these decisionzz!??11??1!!???"
    And what if it's Dunbar? Will there be any contrition from anyone in this thread?

    Of course not. :laugh2:

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