Jerry Jones: "our defensive front is one of the strengths of our team"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dboy214, Jan 24, 2012.

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    they were also fine w/ the 2ndary as it was and said Alan Ball was a good player, so...
  2. Dallas

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    To think you guys belive Jones and that you will see the exact team next year is pretty funny.

    Go ahead and blow yourselves up about his interviews. You need something to wring your hands over and be right about I suppose.

    We need more I told you so's here. I think we are missing a few thousand. :mad:

    "Gosh darnit Martha that crazy Jones is at it again. Just look what he said about that front DLINE. I am going to go post my frustration @ CBZ gosh darnit it all to hades."

    All I gotta say is...

    Get in line..... :laugh2:
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    Nobody would complain if half these guys didnt come back, and this is a strength? At least half these guys are JAGs.:laugh2:
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Spencer will look a lot better if Dallas can add that pressure player at DE to go along with Rat. Collapse the pocket and Spencer's outside rush is more effective.

    Of course, wanting Spencer and paying him what he may command on the open market are two different animals.
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    ufcrules is actually amusing. He's rallying support against 'homers' and building a little coalition to take them on. As long as he keeps it from getting personal, he's ok. It's fun to see young fans making friends online.

    I'm curious to see if any of the haters over the age of 21 eventually side with him. So far, not so much.
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    I'm curious as to why you feel this way?

    Spencer received one-on-one blocking alrerady and couldn't beat it with any measure of consistancy.

    Do you think he would get zero blocking if we improved at DE?

    I think we can improve at DE and that player can beat one-on-one blocking, but I don't see why that means we should pay for an average player in Spencer as a result.

    Honestly, what I'd love to see is us sign Casey Hampton if/when the Steelers cut him loose. He's an older player but I think he's got a few good years left, especially in a rotation.

    We can then move Ratliff to defensive end, where I feel he'll be more effective at this point in his career.

    As for Spencer? I don't see the diollars matching what he does and does not contribute. I'd prefer to pay a player like Ahmad Brooks instead.
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    So homers would be?? Sorry...I am lost as who our blind homers are. I do know our users who support the club and many of its players, but I do not know any BLIND homers.

    Age isn't an excuse to go off on a tangent and alienate oneself from the community.

    A line in the sand per se? Interesting....

    They won't last long here...but it will be funny to see. :)
  9. JoeCorrado

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    Defensive front seven is a strength when compared to areas like the secondary or the O-Line. Onlu half of them are JAGS.
  10. Fletch

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    It just might. All he does is talk about the optimists in here and ridicule.
  11. Idgit

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    I think when people say 'blind homers' they're referring to Crazy Cowboy.
  12. bbgun

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    Then I shudder to think what he feels is a "weakness."
  13. Gaede

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    Jerry's not giving a smoke screen. The idea that he would, and could, manipulate people so early in the draft process is completely ridiculous.

    What he says is what he believes. This is twice now we've heard the sentiment, from the top 2 ppl in the organization.Throw in Jerry's props to Costa and it feels just like last offseason and the one before that, where the season ends and organization suddenly feels that time is all that's needed to heal obvious wounds (such as C, DE, DT, OG) and draft picks and free agents are not needed to bolster the teams worst units. That the only problem was injuries, or poor coaching, or not enough of an offseason. A scary thought, for sure. But I'd bet we're looking at getting a flashy player who plays a noticeable position (such as CB or OLB) before drafting another boring lineman in round 1.

    Most teams build from the inside out. Start with the line. We're the opposite. That's why our pass rush has been complete garbage for the longest time (we never invest in the guys up front) and that's why our pass protection has been garbage for the longest time.
  14. JackWagon

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    No ... jerry actually believes it.

    Raiders 2 ... Electric boogaloo
  15. sonnyboy

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    Maybe Jerry and Stepen are right. Maybe they are echoing the sentiments of our coaches.

    This defense finished 16th in points allowed(21.6), 23rd in passing yards allowed(244.1), 17th in intereptions with (15), 7th in rushing yards allowed(99.1) and 7th in sacks with(42).

    Would it not stand to reason that since we ranked in the top quartile in stopping the run and rushing the passer, that the front 7 was not the problem?
    Now when you factor in that we almost finished in the bottom quartile in passing yards allowed and middle of the pack in ints, that our secondary was?

    I'm not saying our front seven is with out concern. Our starting ROLB is not under contract. James and Brookings don't look to be in the teams future plans, so we have a 2nd yr player with little playing experience, perhaps slated to start at one ILB spot.

    I like Ratliff and believe Brent and Lissemore show promise, but Spears is in simply an average player and Coleman not so much so. Hatcher is a tough call. Worth keeping because he's under contract at a reasonable number.

    But I believe that's one of the keys here. Who's is and isn't under contract and where did the poorest play come from. Where are the true weak spots.

    Because it's all about prioritization of availible resources. CB and FS probably need to take prescedent over any front seven concern.
  16. visionary

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    if you are falling from a 20 story building and by the time you are at the 10th floor you still think that

    you will not hit the pavement

    and everyone who told you not to jump off the building or you will hit the pavement is wrong

    that is not optimistic

    it is something else entirely

  17. Woods

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    You make too much sense.

    I think we all agree that we would like more consistent pressure from our front 7, but our more significant weakness is our Secondary relatively speaking.

    Given we have finite resources, and Newman is a goner, that has to be a priority - along with figuring out what to do with Spencer.
  18. sonnyboy

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    It's so interesting that you used those exact words.:bow: I feel that way as does every fan in almost every game or part of any season. I've had debates with fans here who wanted more consistent pressure in years we were leading or close to leading the league in sacks.:laugh2: It's never enough!

    I'd bet dollars to donuts that most every idiot in this thread bashing the FO over it's comments on the front seven have NO IDEA WHAT THE ACTUAL STATISTICS ARE.

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    Can someone - anyone - in Mobile please throw a ball as hard as they can at Jerry's head? Please?
  20. bbgun

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    If I see one more thread that starts with the words "Jerry says," I will not be responsible for my actions.

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