Jerry Jones: "our defensive front is one of the strengths of our team"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dboy214, Jan 24, 2012.

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    Only two guys other teams would fall over themselves to get are Ware and Lee. Rat on the decline now. Dont know about Carter. Everybody else falls into JAG category. The front 7 absolutely needs a minimum of one more blue chip pass rusher. Again, easiest way to upgrade a bad secondary is pass rush.
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    I think Jerry and the rest of the Cowboys' staff fall into the trap of thinking that something is not a weakness is a strength.

    The defensive line didn't have many breakdowns this year, but it also didn't do much to elevate the defense. There's a difference there that can keep this defense from ever being what Ryan envisions.

    All great coaches (not saying Ryan is one) know it's about the talent. Coaching can make a difference, but not without the talent.
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    need a nose tackle who can push the pocket back, ratliff to bring it from his end spot and some sembalance of a pass rush from our other outside linebacker..... :bang2: :banghead:
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    I have no problems with fixing the secondary first, but this front seven has one explosive player on it. DeMarcus Ware (19.5 sacks) is the only explosive pass rusher on the team. Ware is explosive in every aspect of his game, and he is a difference maker. Ware is the prototype at the 34 OLB, and he has the speed and burst to get to the QB. Sean Lee is a good piece, but he has zero sacks in two seasons. Ratliff isn't the player that he was in 2008 and 2009, imo. His pass rush value has diminished.

    The Giants and Eagles make this front 7 look big and slow. Ware is their only concern, imo.

    I was looking at Dont'a Hightower, and he appears to have more burst to the QB than any defensive player on the team, except for Ware.

    When Eli Manning can hoist up 47 passes and hardly get touched, you have some issues. Ware spent two games beating Jason Peters and sacking Micheal Vick. Where was the help?

    This front seven needs more athleticism and speed, imo. They could use an upgrade at SOLB, and they could use a young difference maker in the interior of the defensive line, imo.
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    looks like its time for another face lift.
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    He's right........only because of DeMarcus.

    We need a good pass-rushing DE.
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    He has to be lying. I mean, after watching the 49ers and Giants D-line, there's no way he can think our D-line is good. The Cowboys struggled to get pressure. Sure, they had sacks, but there was never consistent pressure on the QB.
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    ....but whether he's lying or NOT, why say anything? DOes Ted Thompson of the Packers come out and openly speculate and play footsy with the media like this? NO.....Does Jerry Reese of the Giants do that? NO .......for that matter does ANY GM in the league come out and say ANY of this crazy BS except good ole' Jerrah (aka: Al Davis Jr.?) Of course the answer is NO because they want to hold their cards close to their vest. Makes NO sense to tip your hand in any way, shape or form. I am moving past anger to sadness....pretty sure he has dementia. NO that isn't a joke: I'm as serious as a hear attack.:bang2: :bang2:
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    ....pass rushing DEf. end, 2 guards, a center, another def.tackle, 2 cornerbacks and a safety......oh, and a backup QB. It would be daunting for a real GM, let alone Al Davis Jr.

    Luckily we have Jerrah the GM to plug the hole in the ever leaking dyke that's become the Dallas Cowboys. Brutal.
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    :lmao2:at you guys thinking he is lying on purpose. cmon stop making excuses for this fool. you and i both know deep down this man really believes this crap.

    todd archer tried to decipher what he was saying but eventually gave up trying.

  11. elcowboi

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    I think compared to the linebackers and secondary, he is absolutely right. Had the secondary played the ball more, some games could have turned into a Cowboys win. Not to mention NO pass rush besides Ware. Need I mention the middle LB's play (besides Lee). Now I do believe upgrades can be made on the d line and should be made. I think the biggest failure on the defense were the DB's though.
  12. SilverStarCowboy

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    for many the mind is the last thing to go....not in this case of course, but most of the time, even on our their death beds 90 year old people are intact easy way out
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    The only thing worse than Jerry speaking candidly with the media is when he's trying to hood-wink everyone with a smokescreen.
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    jerry is an idiot and a moron (because just idiot is not enough ;) )

    the good news though is, that i have bene told by football experts on this forum that the GM has nothing to do with winning or losing in the NFL

    i have also been assured that garrett is a great HC

    so, we are sure to win it all next year :)
  15. Dave_in-NC

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    I agree with what your saying in theory. That still doesn't make the D line good. Just explains how bad of shape the D as a whole is in.
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    He didn't say the D-line was good. He didn't say it was strong. He said it was ONE of the strengths of the team. Which goes to show you how bad maybe the team is if this is one of the strengths. smile
    Just kidding.
  17. SilverStarCowboy

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    Yeah if that DLine was a strength, then woe to our weakness!

    It was Wades fault.

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    For the *Cowboys* to be a top team, they're going to have to be dominant on both fronts. They're not there yet.

    Look, this is a franchise that attracts a ridiculous amount of media pressure; it's a franchise that former players have admitted to getting "up" for even when the team is struggling. Everybody wants to write/talk about the Cowboys, and everybody wants to beat the Cowboys. The Giants could win the Super Bowl this year and many players will still want to whup the 2012 Cowboys more than they want to beat the 2012 Giants, especially if we go on any kind of roll.

    Best way to deal with all that pressure is to simply knock the snot out of people. Skill position players may at times see their game suffer due to pressure (overthrown passes, dropped balls, etc); the extra adrenaline isn't a problem for linemen. If our fronts can dominate people, that skill will travel. That skill won't come and go, assuming the coaches force them to get in shape. And nothing takes the edge away from a hyped up opponent like blowing them off the line or knocking them on their ***. I've said that building a dominant OL would make them a playoff team; to have a good shot at a Super Bowl they'll need dominance on the other front as well.

    We can all bury our heads in the sand and pretend like the rules for winning here are the same as everywhere else, but that hasn't been true in my lifetime and I doubt it will ever be true again. If it ever is, we probably won't like how we arrived to that point.
  19. dboy214

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    man you're preaching to choir man. but the ultimate decision maker doesn't agree. he thinks our front is our strength. can you believe it? :laugh2:
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    How do they define "pressure"? More specifically, of their pressure categories how do they define a "hurry" or a QB "hit".

    Do they factor in outcomes?

    Is a play where the QB was "hurried" or "hit" and completes the pass counted?

    Or do they only count plays that resulted in zero yardage? And if so, do they factor in dropped passes and penalized plays that went for positive yardage?

    If not, a "hurry" and a "hit" are so non-information that they shouldn't even be counted.

    A sack guarantees negative yardage and lost down. A "hurry" or "hit" says nothing. The QB could throw a first down while being hurried and that hurry is essentially irrelevant.

    Additionally, IIRC their little formula for determining their rankings is pretty wishy-washy.

    They count a hurry and a hit as 3/4ths the value of a sack. That's just ridiculous if outcomes aren't considered. How can they say a completed pass that was "hurried" is worth 0.75 sacks? How can a QB on a completed pass be counted as that much?

    Without considering the outcome of the play, Spencer would be credited with a hurry on the play that ended the Arizona game. A hurry that ultimately didn't matter and likely was more detrimental considering the screen pass when right in behind him.

    While trying to make sure I had the right idea bout their defensive pressure formula I came across their pressure stats for QBs through the first 4-5 weeks of the season.

    Michael Vick at #1

    Tony Romo at #23

    A) Even though the OL started the season better than they finished (which isn't saying much), I find it hard to believe that Romo's ranking is am accurate portrayal of things. Just a smidgeon worse than the Saints who have been regarded as having one of the top OLs by many on this board.

    B) The fact that Vick is at #1 (and they admit it) says that they count a play where the secondary is holding up just fine but the DL takes forever to get to the QB as a "hurry". How is that an accurate measurement? Or at least it appears that way.

    Who would call that "pressure"? A QB scrambles around for what seems like an eternity and the pass rushers eventually break through and are able to get close enough to him to "hurry" him and that is supposed to be indicative of solid play by the front 7?

    I subscribed to their premium stuff last summer and think they have a ton of good info but I can't agree with what they consider "pressure".

    A "hurry" or "hit" says nothing about how the played ended. And what happens on a play where the QB is hurried, gets the pass of and is hit? Is that worth 1.5 sacks?

    I honestly hope they factor in outcomes. I can't imagine they would not factor in outcomes but it seems like once you try to factor in outcomes you have to start judging whether or not balls that were dropped were catchable and you also have to start looking at completed passes that were called back.

    Clearly they don't look at the context in terms of how they rank QBs as being under pressure.

    Do you know if they factor in all that other stuff or are they just going straight line? I honestly don't know but I suspect not. I'd also like to know if hurry / hit combos are weighted together providing a value of 1.5 sacks. If they are, the rankings are all that more ridiculous.

    I mean, imagine a situation where Vick scrambles and moves around for a good while before getting hurried, dumping it off to McCoy, getting knocked to the ground but the play ends up in a 1st down.

    It just doesn't make sense that the defensive front would get any credit for that. They didn't produce pressure in a reasonable timeframe, were only put into a position to produce pressure because the QB is faster than the rest of the players on the field and ultimate didn't stop a completed pass that resulted in a 1st down.

    Yet.......they are awarded the value of 1.5 sacks.

    My last question concerning their stats is if they take into account the number of players who were rushing the passer.

    If Dallas ended up 3rd in their pressure rating but blitzed a hell of a lot more than some of the teams a little further down the list in order to do so, thereby leaving holes in the defense, is that really an accurate portrayal of the front 7?

    "A stat that looks at how many times a player picks up a sack, hit or hurry (with hits and hurries valued at three quarters the worth of sacks) and turns that number into the PRP Rating by dividing by the number of pass rushes and multiplying by 100."

    That's how they classify it for individuals. I can't find a link the pages that tells me how they classify it all for the entire unit because I no long have the subscription. Can you post their definition?

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