Jerry Jones says we can get away with lesser talent on OL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Little Jr, Feb 23, 2013.

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    I know for a fact that throughout the whole yr, game after game, announcers who get paid to do this have said over and over the play calling is more than questionable when Dallas has the ball and runs it. How they run it, when they run and where they run it.

    You have Dallas' own coaches saying Romo tried to do to much before the play. Thats plays into it too. Im not saying the OL is good, but i know they arent as bad people try to cry about.

    Dallas had games where they just clicked and had their way with teams. Then the offense just stalls. Cant run cant pass. Thats all due to coaching and playcalling.

    Again im not saying this OL is fixed or it should be left alone. But i am saying its STUPID to say this OL is the absolute problem.
  2. dwight

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    I agree OL and S, but I'm concerned about the Dline and the Linebackers being injury prone.

    Also, am I the only one who feels that Ratliff should not be on the team?

    Jerry is counting on a guy who has been injured alot the past couple of years and Rat's age and decline production concerns me.

    If Jerry feels this way about the oline; this team is in trouble.

    Different year, same results.
  3. nake

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    Sounds like Jerry is going for Terrance Williams.
  4. Alexander

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    It is about as big of a problem this team has had for a sustained period of time unaddressed in franchise history, save quarterback.

    It was a clear problem in 2009, we did nothing the following season. Had we addressed the aging line then, you might see better results now.

    Then we started to do something in 2010 by cutting veteran dead weight without a real plan to replace them, then completely whiffed last offseason by going cheap and frankly idiotic, in who we selected to sign.

    All in all it is a clear case that nobody, absolutely nobody, from the Joneses to the scouting staff has any idea what a quality offensive lineman looks like.

    Again, it is almost as bad as quarterback.

    We almost have to trip over ourselves to find talent or just have a next to no brainer choice in the draft.
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    Why is the DL not an issue? And what gives you so much comfort that Crawford can be a force at DE? IMO the DL is an issue. Spencer and Ware accounted for over half of our sacks. Assuming Spencer is gone, it falls squarely on Ware again. We definitely need to add a DE if Spencer is gone and we could use a DT as well.
  6. Alexander

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    I think you would agree that we are still, from a philosophical point of view, for as long as Garrett remains employed, an offensive minded team.

    So, if you are truly looking at giving him the best chance to succeed, the OL becomes a bigger priority than the DL.
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    Panic everyone.......
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    I have a hard time believing that Garrett, as an offensive-minded guy, would seriously be OK with a bad offensive line because his QB had good mobility.

    Honestly. What kind of moron would he have to be to think that this offensive line puts the team in the best position to win. We all know Garrett's not that stupid.

    Jerry's in charge here. And he's crazy as a loon.
  9. Woods

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    I agree we need OL too. But if I were a betting man, I think we go DL in round1 and Safety in 2. That's as of today pre-FA. This is based on spencer gone and JJ not emphasising the OL sufficiently.
  10. Boys122

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    So, Jason says we need to improve the OL then Jerry turns around and says we dont.

    Freakin' hilarious. Just keep ignoring those trenches, Jerrah.
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    I'm gonna force myself to believe it's a smokescreen.
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    I see it as going back to the J.Johnson era, he had money pegged to certain areas at certain amounts..........and OLine was a money saving area.

    Thing is JJones equats that with lessor talent, J.Johnson had a way of having enough of the talent yet at a cost effective rate, with only Kevin Gogan the only quoteable regret at letting him get away.
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    If warmac, cooper and the top 3 OTs are gone then almost certainly the BPA in the 1st rd would not be Oline anyway.
    What ticks me off is (assuming its not smokescreen) the way JJ is waving off the dreadfulness of a huge weak link
  14. Woods

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    I think it was JJ who said a couple months ago that the OL wasn't that bad.

    I'm getting the idea that they would like to move Bernadeau to OC to compete against Costa and plug in a new OG. I could see them going with Parnell/Free at RT.
  15. Typhus

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    I would just like someone to please remind me of the last time this team did what they said they were going to do prior to the draft.
    Really guys...
  16. Clove

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    Even the homers threw up after reading that.
  17. lane

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  18. Hoofbite

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    I like this approach.
  19. KB1122

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    If there's one thing that all Cowboys fans agree on, it's the need to upgrade the offensive line. All except one, apparently.
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    lol, the thread title is bad enough but he also adds that he'd rather spend resources on TE and WR. :laugh2:

    Are there actually still people that believe this guy is a good GM?

    He's not a Cowboy fan. He's a fan of the football business. Very distinct things.

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