Jerry Might Be Fighting Back

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DandyDon1722, Aug 12, 2017 at 8:00 PM.

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    :lmao: I ain't seen you as often as I've fondly grown accustomed to 'Hoofie':laugh:
    I don't like it when some of the ol' posting hands change their Avatar's like a aging single woman's hair color,,,seeing Carlin's mug in your Avatar is always a sure pure comfort,,,'and I don't know why':lmao:(he had a shtick where he'd close with that phrase:)

    But seriously! Yer' probably right, NOTHING but #21 taking it.( although,it does take some time to: draw up plans,Marshall forces and spring a counter offensive,,;))
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    When you pull a gun out over a parking spot dispute although all the details aren't known yet but he pretty much admitted himself that he had road rage, it can't be good....I'm actually kind of surprised that he wasn't indefinitely suspended by the league with pay until the resolution of his case because of the gun, like Greg Hardy was in Carolina and AP with the vikings for hitting a child......
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    I don't even think it's going to be reduce. They said he needs to produce new evidence.
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    Goodell will be gone within 2 years, but the suspension will not change.
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    That fool better never get elected to the HOF.
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    True story: My ex busted my lip and nose during an argument. I picked up the phone and she said 'call and by the time they get here, I'll also have marks and you'll be the one in jail and your job will know because that's who I'm calling next." I put the phone down.

    Guys who hit women should be punished to the fullest extent of the law but there has to be more proof than what is currently required. If Zeke did what was said, I hope he never plays again but I can't make that judgement on what we know to date.
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    Give him a Cowboys golf shirt, visor, coaches tablet and tell him to step aside for a grownup.
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    People that keep bringing up the cap penalty are totally misunderstanding that situation.
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    Yeah, it was in Jerry's best interest not to fight that.
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    Doubt Jerry fights
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    I brought this very exact issue up yesterday in the Stephen A Smith thread. One man makes a decision, regardless of how he framed the investigation to make this appear unbiased, and Elliott is labeled for life as a woman beater. Even though there is evidence contrary to Goodell's findings.

    Charean Williams was interviewed on the radio on Friday night and she stated Goodell may have sealed his fate. After penalizing both Jones and Snyder for contracts written in an uncapped year wherein the owners had a wink-wink agreement about not loading up and skirting the coming cap the nest year. Then his actions with the Patriots and Brady, which thumb the nose of Kraft. He has spit in the face of three of the top five most powerful men in pro football.

    Now Goodell doesn't just say Zeke violation the conduct clause, but presses further and plants a Scarlet Letter on him to be worn throughout Zeke's life. His livelihood as been forever wrecked because of the Emperor of the NFL having the final say in all things football. Simply because the guy representing the players in negotiations with the league allowed this to be so in a ten year contract they signed with the league.

    This has taken the Ray Rice incident, which had video, to a new height on he said she said. And since from the very beginning, there were two significant aspects to this which cast a huge shadow on the woman's testimony, I have my doubts this was not a woman scorned.

    It was claimed by others and not Zeke, her bruises came in a bar fight she engaged in, without Zeke being involved.

    She texted Zeke she would ruin his career.

    If he is a true woman beater, then he needs to be sat down and get what is coming to him. But innuendo and hear-say doesn't sell soap here.

    In my opinion, the Emperor has no clothes.
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    Take the case of Brian Banks,a promising player whose football future got destroyed by a false accusation.Banks served time in prison.
    Who is the league trying to protect here?
    If Zeke indeed abused the woman,then by own means fine and suspend him.
    Is Jourdan Lewis getting 6 games too? He stood trial for DV and got acquitted.Zeke was not even charged.
    How is that consistent when a player stands trial and gets no suspension vs. a player who was not charged getting suspended?
    There are holes everywhere in this witch hunt and the panel that supported the punishment.
    Lawsuits,lawsuits everywhere.
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    The NFL is going to get hit with lawsuits from Zeke and Jerry. The NFL is not a court and has no right to come out and label Zeke a wife beater. They pretty much damaged his and the Cowboys brand and cost both of them alot of money. They had a right to suspend him but went beyond that and slandered his name.
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    Zeke may not be able to overturn the suspension. However, he could probably sue for defamation of character and lose wages because of this targeting the commissioner himself and whoever was involved in the investigation.

    If the NFL had over one year to bring their facts to the table and made up their that Zeke was already guilty without looking at the evidence presented, then there is the possibility that the commissioner, and the NFL investigators have an agenda against Zeke.
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    Where there is a problem for Goodell is this. He along with his inquriing buddies are basically saying Zeke did it, even when he wasn't charged by the law. If they would have come out and said we are suspending you because of all your antics this past year of ruining our brand, I could have lived with that.
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    The NFL has branded Zeke a woman beater for life,if they dont fight this then its a admission of guilt.
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    You suggest replacing my "warm and fuzzy thoughts" with wishful thinking about Jerry doing something that'd be massively self-destructive to buck Goodell? If Jerry did what you're suggesting, it could very likely prove disastrous for Jerry and his team as well. Goodell is operating in a position of great power and one that is surely superior to any that Jerry owns. There are many owners who would likely relish cutting Jerry down to size if given half a chance to do so.

    Backing out of his strict contractual obligations to the league would be tantamount to Jerry inviting his team ownership's destruction. It could easily be depicted by the league and many other owners as mutiny. Kraft got his satisfaction by winning despite the league and Jerry would be far better advised to do the same, imho. I've seen absolutely nothing to indicate Jerry will be inclined to buck the league over this, in fact, just the opposite.
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    I'll say I'd be surprised if it wasn't reduced. But this is the NFL so anything is possible.
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    You should have parted ways right then. Two choices, leave or dig a hole in the back yard...
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    Well put

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