News: Jerry "Would Walk To NY" For Another 2nd

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Apr 26, 2012.

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    "Don't get me wrong," Jerry Jones said. "I would walk from here to New York to get that second pick back. But I would not walk if I had to give the player back.

    "It was a deal that was very, very, very acceptable to us, and there's no free lunch here, but I think we invested wisely here with that second pick."

    The Cowboys' next pick will come late Friday at No. 81 overall, the 18th selection in round three. Though they have two fourth-rounders, the team may not have enough ammunition to move back into the second round without giving up some priority picks in 2013.

    Still, the team isn't ruling out the possibility of buying another second-rounder.

    "We may, right off the bat, be in a lot of action if we decided to try to create something there," Jones said. "There's going to be some players there that we'd like to have, obviously.

    "We've got a lot of draft ahead of us," Jones said.
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    This is what Mel Kiper said....there is still a lot of picks left in the was good for the Cowboys....not a quote, but basically that's what he said.
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    Don't think any of us doubt that the Cowboys will try everything they can to somehow obtain a 2nd rounder. Must admit don't have a clue how they will do it. Don't have a good spare player that some team would give us a 2nd for.

    It was a stunning but gusty call. But still believe we need a DL, S & either a G or C. Also a backup TE & another WR would help. Of course we still have our 3, 2 4ths, etc. Hopefully Cowboys do great job rest of the draft. OTOH, usually there a few players cut in May/June because of draft and undrafted rookie pickups by other teams. Hopefully at least 1 of them could help us.
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    Teams move to top of 2 almost every year by giving up next year's 1. Rams my want to emulate the Pats and give up 39 or 45 to get an extra 1 next year. Can't say that I would want to give up a 1 for C, G or Fleener though.
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    were not getting 39 and 45 for next years #1.
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    I think he said 39 or 45. Not both.

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