Jerry: "We’re the most popular TV show there is on television"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HoustonFrog, Apr 9, 2014.

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    Oh I agree with you, Jerry was backed into the corner. My point was that he didn't continue to be a stubborn idiot with Emmitt, .. like he is now.

    We are in the same situation with a GM today, and he won't make the correct decision.
  2. MikeT22

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    Again, All the Jerry apologists have is 'if's". I'd love to see us back in a superbowl. But Jerry's way doesn't work.
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    If the IF were to ever come true while Jerrah is still kicking it will be IN SPITE of him in everyone's mind. Of that there is no doubt. The thing he desires most is something he will never ever be able to have because he's been a dismal failure for so long doing it HIS WAY. He will get no credit from anybody of even the slightest bit of significance, other than hisself.
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    Yes I agree, guess my post didn't emphasize how much of a joke I believe Jerral Wayne to be <shrug>
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    The thing is, he won so early he though it would be that easy, he hasn't figured out that he needs a top notch HC with great football knowledge and the abilty to influence Jerry because he will never hire another GM.
    He needs another Jimmy or Parcells and stop wasting time with the Campo's, Phillip's or Garrett's of the world.
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    Going off of recent history, I don't think we ever have to worry about that happening.
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    You're going to be waiting a very long time to have that laugh.
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  9. Blackspider214

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    That's the issue. As long as we are popular and a big draw, he's content. Yes, he wants to win but his ego needs to fed more than anything. This comment along with the comment he made after we lost to Philly to end the season paint a clear picture. Someone asked if we disappointed in how the season ended, he answers with something to the effect of how could I be disappointed with having that stadium.

    Dysfunctional is always entertaining. And we are definitely that.
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  10. Beast_from_East

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    I am not forgetting about the injuries, I just don't use them as excuses as Garrett...................News flash, every team in the league has injuries and the head coach doesn't get a pass.

    Go talk to Mike Munchak, who lost his starting QB half way through the season and had to play with Ryan freaking Fitzpatrick. The Titans missed the playoffs (big surprise when you got a scrub at QB).................and guess who got fired? Didn't see Munchy getting a pass for injuries. Also don't remember Rob Ryan getting a pass for injuries either when he had guys that were working at Home Depot during the week, starting on defense for us on the weekend. 95% of this board had no problem with him being shown the door, but when the sacred cow cant get the job done, all of a sudden it is "horrific injuries that nobody could have overcame". Spare me the double standard.

    Even with the injuries, Garrett still blows at least 2 games a year with horrific game management (which virtually everybody, including Jerry, has acknowledged)
  11. OhSnap

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    Your the one giving a double standard, you admit Mike Munchak was handicapped by injuries but if someone mentions injuries affecting Jason Garrett you call them "excuses". You either think they affect the outcome of the season or they don't. Make up your mind. Mike Munchak was let go because he wouldn't make changes to his staff Garrett is working out the final year of his contract without an extension, I don't see how playing out a contract is "getting a pass". Firing a coach after 2-3 years no matter what the roster looks like would just be dumb.
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    He's smarter than the remarks he makes, which is why he makes them.
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    Movies succeed all the time because of the cast, in spite of the director. Musical artists have albums go triple platinum regardless of who produces it. I know of businesses that make a ton of money because of the salesman not the manager. This team might win a SB eventually, and it won't be because of anything Mr. Jones did or didn't do. The current state of the NFL allows even teams like Seattle and Baltimore to win SB's. That's what makes it worse that it's been so long since we have...
  14. iceberg

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    that is this team.
    that is our owner.

    all the inbetween just kinda pisses me off to be honest.
  15. BigStar

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    I think he has become aware of this most recently (this hint of defiance is prevalent on his part) He doesn't say it, but he is basically telling fans he is content with this structure bc it results in "competition." The winning part will come later, if it needs to at all. He has transferred his ego back to money (who could really blame him?) His way didn't work, so money is the new (always) end game kind've thing. He is not a bad GM bc we are "competitive." That is the new shtick unfortunately. He does care, he just can't let it on it, or else, he would look like a colossal failure.
  16. jobberone

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    I think Jerry the business man is always going to be interested in staying ahead of the curve which produces money and keeps the team in the limelight.
    I think Jerry the GM is interested in improving the team and I do see some changes in him which I attribute to Stephen, the new guy, Garrett and the scouts.
    I think Jerry the fan wants to win too much and it interferes with his judgment as a GM; at least in the past. Letting Ware walk is evidence of some change.
  17. Tawney88

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    In his GM style? You're hoping and wishing and wishing and hoping.
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  18. big dog cowboy

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    If you look at all the moves the Cowboys have made this off season, an argument could be made there has been a radical change. It's got nothing to do with wishing or hoping.
  19. jobberone

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    No I'm not. I just gave an important example. They've unloaded a lot of older and higher priced vets lately. Some of that is because we are cap strapped but its still good business.
  20. visionary

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    jerry himself made a statement that the cap forced the cowboys to make certain decisions that he felt were in the long-term interest of the franchize

    after reading that, before saying, "yeah, but..." read that again

    ...the cap forced the cowboys .....

    so please stop with the excuses
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