Jim Harbaugh time management

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by rcaldw, Jan 5, 2014.

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    Harbaugh said in his press conference that Kaepernick forgot his wristband. Not his fault.
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    The fact is, when you win mistakes are forgiven. When you stumble to .500 and miss the playoffs on the final Sunday of the regular season for three season in a row, your mistakes are magnified and you should no longer have a job.

    Comparing Garrett to Harbaugh isn't going to win you any arguments. All it is going to do is make the arguments against Garrett even stronger. Harbaugh took that franchise from garbage to the top of the NFC in one season. Garrett has taken the Cowboys no where in three seasons.
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    Criticizing playoff teams while we sit on the couch at home.................................LOL
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    we're not really comparing Harbaugh to Garrett are we?
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  5. Don Corleone

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    The Niners are good enough to overcome coaching gaffes. The Cowboys are not.
  6. Corso

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    It's not that coaches don't make mistakes.
    They all Bonehead some plays, a quarter, a half- even a game.
    It happens to them all.
    Sometimes quite often despite their other abilities and qualifications (Andy Reid).

    Garrett just does it more than many other coaches and he doesn't have the team to make up for it.

    You can't have a weak defense that makes Romo pull the heroics out of his pants week in and week out without him making some failures.
    He's put in the position to fail too many times not too!

    You can't have so many games go down to the wire if you don't have the ability to manage the game in the waning moments.
    Those are Vegas odds we're talking about and they aren't the House's.

    I'm not going to even go into the GM- we all know the tune to that song...

    Bottom Line: This team doesn't have what it takes to overcome with the talent they have and they don't have what it takes to overcome with superior Coaching either.

    That's why they beat the teams they should beat because they don't have a lot to overcome and...
    They lose to the teams they shouldn't beat consistently because they only have Romo to overcome it all and he's put in positions to fail repeatedly.

    A Fool's Bet, as they say in my favorite town called Las Vegas.

    My heart will always be with my 'Boys.
    But my wallet- ha! My wallet knows better about this team.

    When you- as a fan want to think about this team more objectively: Think with your wallet.

    Honestly the problem is Thrice-fold: Talent, Coaching, and an inept FO.

    I'm not saying give up on the team- I will never say that, but the Ship's got some real flaws in the framework. Too many leaks, but to barely stay afloat and that doesn't give them much (draft) to patch things- especially when there's not a ton of money without mortgaging more future to plug some holes before docking in NYC for the Market.

    **Now that I go back and read the beginning of my thread- I realize how badly I'm rambling. Never-the-less, My point stands, but I'll end this inane blabbery.**

    Thrice Cursed. Thrice Failed. A Legacy has attached to it's owner that grows with every year. This may end like a Shakespearean Tragedy before it's all said and done.

    Hopefully everything I've said is complete rubbish and they retool next year and go into the season with blood in their eyes and foam in their mouth and the best coaching we've seen in years and the stars align and...


    Something good happens. Until then-

    Think with your wallets friends.
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    Watching other coaches and other teams....you start to realize that Garrett isn't the only one who likes to abandon the run or make bad or suspect calls during the season. Its a LEAGUE-WIDE problem. McCarthy and Harbaugh are considered some of the better coaches in this league but goodness...some of the most stupid playcalling i've seen today.
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    So, was this supposed to be like a reverse call out thread or something?
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    So, if the 49er's coach makes time management mistakes, but win. And, the Cowboy's coach makes time management mistakes, but doesn't win.... what makes the difference then?

    Tick, tock, tick, tock....


    Ding, ding, ding, ding....

    And, if the Cowboys play 41 different players on defense, with 20 on the line... Gee, no wonder the Players aren't as good. Therefore the 49ers win and the Cowboys don't.

    Logic says - it's the injuries.

    Constant negative, emotional whinning about every single minor thing the coaching does sounds like misplaced Eagles fans.
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  11. Dave_in-NC

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    Yup we are less talented injuries or not. That is why JGs gaffs are magnified and he needs to not make them. That simple.
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    When Garrett makes a bad call and we still go on to win to get to the second round of the playoffs, I will forgive him too if it makes his 3 or 4 holdout supporters happy.
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    when Garrett goes on the road and his team gets a playoff win in Green Bay, I promise not to attack his poor clock management skills. How's that?
  14. dupree89

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    Sheesh. We posted the same thing at the same time. Though you were first. ;)
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    Will latch on to anything....
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    And laughed... And laughed again,, then went to sleep.. Woke up.. And laughed again...
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    What game did he make this gaffe :) ?
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    This thread is so ridiculous its ridonkulous.
  19. CanadianCowboysFan

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    because he did
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    Thinking out loud here, does anyone know how many times Harbaugh has taken his teams to the playoffs in his three years in San Francisco?

    Despite terrible gaffes and miscues like the one mentioned here.

    Anyone know?

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