Jim Nantz on Concussions

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by sbark, Feb 4, 2013.

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    I think the concussion issue is two fold. Past playerd had less technology in thr helmets and went back into games which caused a lot of the serious injuries afterwards.

    Secondly current players with the new helmets are not wearing equipment that fits properly. Way to often do you see a players helmet fly off after a hit. The helmet should be so tight that it makes a mark on your forehead to help your head from jarring in the helmet. Also the chipstraps are way to lose. You shouldn't be able to easily slide your helmet on and off, if you can it us too lose.
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    I've thought the same thing regarding the equipment.

    I remember MBIII's helmet coming off quite a bit even with that big old lump of dreads. How loose does that have to be? Almost like having two heads in that helmet and it's not really staying on at all. I think the NFL should look at helmets and how they are worn and maybe even go as far as requiring a fit even if that means cutting your hair.

    Here's the article I was referencing above about companies trying "mimic the brains' own environment", as they call it.


    Here's a video about the versions of it that have been used in mountain biking. I think they also make helmets for MotoX and some other sports.


    I think it looks interesting but the results are likely exaggerated a bit.

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