Jimmy Johnson calls Jerry Jones' G.M. claims a "crock"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jgboys1, Nov 7, 2012.

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    This is pretty much old news.

    Jimmy has stated this several times in the past. In fact just a couple of years ago, he was on Dan Patrick's show and stated the same thing. That he had full contractual control over all personnel decisions while he was in Dallas. That included players as well as coaches.

    It's why I laugh when the Jerry supporters try to pretend that the Cowboys were successful with Jerry as a GM back in the 90s. He may have carried the GM title, but in those days he was nothing more than a figurehead. Akin to the Queen of England. He had a fancy title but very little power to go with it.
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    The point of my post was that a bunch of what Jimmy said was completely false. If all he meant to say was that he should get all of the credit, then he should have said that. But everything I listed was exactly what he said and was completely false.

    Everyone has known for the past two decades that Jimmy deserves most or all of the credit, but that doesn't make it OK for Jimmy to claim that Jerry wasn't the president or GM when he was here or that Jimmy was the personnel director. Winning two Super Bowls doesn't give you a license to flat-out lie.
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    had " his way ", Steve Walsh would have been the Cowboys' QB in the early 90's, James Francis a starting OLB, and Emmitt Smith would have worn another uniform.

    and speaking of Steve Walsh..

    since the " Jenius " is taking all the credit for drafting every single player in that era, then I'd like to hear his explanation of what formula he used to determine that a year earlier Steve Walsh was a better choice for the Cowboys than, oh, Junior Seau ?
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    I dunno. 2 playoff wins in a 4 year span doesn't look too bad compared to 2 playoff wins in a 16 year span.
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    Probably to fleece another team by trading Walsh to them for several picks including a 1st. A team like the Saints maybe.
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    Who stopped Jimmy from making Walsh the Cowboys starting QB?
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    Yea I'd take that.
  8. Bluestang

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    And this is exactly what Hos has been saying since day 1 about TITLES in this organization.

    The guy responsible for the talent evaluation is Tom Ciskowski.

    This organization makes decisions as a group.

    This was Bryan Broaddus' account of what happened in the 1998 draft when he watched the video of the war room as part of his job when he became a scout for the Dallas Cowboys.

    For someone that is in charge of all personnel decisions as a GM, Jerry deferred with his Head Coach and WR Coach on the "final say" of not drafting Randy Moss despite wanting to draft him himself.
  9. Wolfpack

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    So who's call was it to bring in To?

    Trade for RW11?

    Trade for Joey Galloway?

  10. Bluestang

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    This organization makes decisions as a group.

    This organization makes decisions as a group.

    This organization makes decisions as a group.

    This organization makes decisions as a group.

    This organization makes decisions as a group.
  11. McLovin

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    Why do you think this group is 125-126?
  12. Chocolate Lab

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    And the leader and the final decision maker of the group is the old wildcatter Jerry Jones.
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    I just watched a crime show where a group of kids got in a fight with two guys, the two guys were overwhelmed by the group, so much so that one of the two guys died. When the kids were interviewed, none of them felt responsible for the murder and denied any guilt as none of them felt their punches or kicks could have caused the fatality.

    No one was at fault but someone died.

    Funny how a group dynamic works
  14. BHendri5

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    you know what I do not give a flying rat's *** who did what or who held what title, one could not do it without the other, hell Jerry hired Jimmy.

    Jimmy should be grateful that Jerry gave him a chance in the NFL.
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    You can add Quincy Carter to that list.

    Just listen to the McMahon interview. He said he makes the final decision regarding personel and that's the way it's always been done.

    "I think that, uh, I know the best way to make decisions, and uh, for us, and uh, that's the best way"

    What is commonly referred to as a "group decision" around here is basically just Jerry collecting input and going from there. Does anyone think that all the guys with input are 100% on the same page when it comes to player acquisition? We've heard stories of guys climbing on to the table to advocate for a player.

    Someone has to make the final call. There are probably some relatively unanimous decisions but there's probably a fair number of contested opinions and when that happens, somebody has to overrule one side or the other.
  16. Hoofbite

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    Has it always happened this way?
  17. Andrei Kostitsyn

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    I think it had more to do with calling Jerry out for claiming he will "always be the GM" because he "won 3 superbowls that way" and that he'll "do it again". He wasn't acting as a real GM at that time so unless he allows Jason the freedom Jimmy had, he's full of it.

    We all know he's full of it. Just get a football guy in there to mentor Stephen and help this "group" out.
  18. Double Trouble

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    :laugh2: Yeah a college coach that just won a national championship and went like 44-4 the previous 4 years is fortunate to find any employment at all.....
  19. Bluestang

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    After the talent from the 90s faded, we never replaced it. Not having a franchise QB was a big part of that.

    Larry Lacewell had actually recommended to give up an entire draft for Peyton Manning but was laughed out of the war room. He understood the importance of having a franchise QB like he did with Aikman and knew that they needed to have someone replace him when he was done playing.

    He made the same recommendation when his younger brother Eli was entering the draft to Bill Parcells and was ignored again.

    The bottom line is that all of the staffs that had been put together after Johnson have failed to have SB success.

    Jerry has admitted to mistakes, as well as Stephen Jones.
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    Again, you are completely missing the point.

    Jerry might have put his title as GM in the media guide. Big friggin deal. If Jimmy had it in his contract he was in charge of players, then what Jerry puts in the media guide is irrelevant.

    What Jimmy is saying now is that Jerry never before claimed that he was a GM who actually had any personnel evaluation duties. That is exactly what Jerry is claiming he had now.

    You are getting caught up in what was printed in a media guide. The fact is back in the early 90's Jerry never claimed to be a personnel guy or that he had any sort of say in the draft. Now that he is under fire for 16 years of crap, he is claiming credit for personnel evaluation for the Superbowl years as a validation he can somehow do it again.

    That is what Jimmy has a problem with, not stupid media guides or business card titles.

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