Jimmy said guys feared letting down their teamates

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bbailey423, Nov 9, 2012.

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    There is NONE of that in Dallas today. I know this is a tired argument for some people, but it is unreal to me how devoid this lockeroom is of an idenity and/or leaders.

    Which is why I never become overwhelmed with glee when people go on and on about the greatness of Ware, or Witten or Romo or any of these so called great players in this era of Cowboys football. Or do we think this guy or that guy is going to the HOF....or if this guy or that guy is going to make the Pro Bowl. Sorry...but right now....WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!! We do NOT win!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wasn't it just 2 years ago Spencer admitted to not being all that focused on football. You let that happen on your watch Demarcus?

    Do we have to go over every wart on Marty B? You let that happen on your watch Jason Witten

    Dez and Ogletree STILL don't know where to lineup. You let that happen on your watch Miles Austin?

    Our so called core (Romo, Ware, Witten, Ratliff, Miles, Hatcher, Spears)....have been the core of the most dissapointing era of Cowboy football. And to think about the stats Romo, Ware, Witten, Miles put up. And too think about how well they have been compensated by Jerry Jones. And all of this without any REAL impact on winning football games.

    Jimmy was a GREAT coach...but he also had guys that were not going to let the guy next to them keep them from hoisting that Lombardi.

    Emmit declared before his rookie year that he was going to be the all time leading rusher in NFL history...and he worked, carried himself, studied, and gutted it out to a degree that his teamates were going to do everything they could to help him reach that goal

    Micheal Irvin talked about how he was afraid to go across the middle, but he also said that they only way he was going to feed his family and escape a trouble upbringing was to go accross the middle.

    Charles Haley famously put a hole in the lockeroom wall after the Cowboys fell into an 0-2 hole becaus of a holdout by Emmit Smith. And he basically TOLD Jerry to get Emmit signed.

    I cannot help but shake my head when I think about what has become of my favorite sports team. And it is not about winning Super Bowls EVERY year....it is about being an organization with an idenity. With a purpose. With a goal. With a "way of doing things"...that allows us to be consistently in the hunt. We are not that...and have not been that in a long time. Yet we continue to hear all the billionaires (Jerry and his family)...and the millionaires (Jason and several of the players)....tell us about hard they are working and how no one wants to win more than them. It is just depressing. We have lost 9 of our last 13. And God bless some of the fans of this team...but there are still threads discussing how we can run the table the rest of the year. Since Jason has taken over we have the MOST losses by 6 points or less in the ENTIRE NFL. 11!!!! Some see that as progress. I see that as something that is wrong in Dallas...that STILL has not been fixed.

    But I love the Cowboys. Not sure what my recourse is.
  2. Yeagermeister

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    They feared getting cut. That can't happen these days because of the salary cap unless you are a minimum player.
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    thats not all they feared

    I was listening to the radio yesterday and Nate Newton talked about how Jimmy knew each of his players and used a different type of fear to motivate each one. My best recollection of what he said:

    With Nate, he told him he was going to move him to right guard and that scared him because he was afraid he'd lose his job because he's a big guy having to work in space against guys like Reggie White, etc so he busted his hump in response. Leon Lett was afraid of getting embarrassed (ironic eh?) so Jimmy would call him out and Leon would start sweating bullets so Leon would work his *** off to avoid being called out. Michael Irvin was afraid of losing money because he promised his dad he would take care of his family so Jimmy floated out the notion they might be interested in trading Irvin in order to make him sweat and send a message to the team no one is untouchable. None of these creative ways of motivating players had anything to do with a salary cap.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    It depends how their contract is structured.

    But the guys not playing up to their "Potential" and are still starting or playing a significant amount of snaps don't have contract that would prohibit them from being cut (Dez, Otree, Bernardeau mainly).
  5. TheCoolFan

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    Yep but today's team doesn't care. They know they have job security, which is why they can mess up every week. Must be nice to be a NEW Dallas Cowboys player! :bow:
  6. Gameover

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    This is what I've said for years.That's leadership!
  7. RS12

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    You had warriors in the locker room like the play maker and E Smith. Now its all good long as the checks dont bounce.
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    I think there are a lot of players on this team that are afraid of letting down their team mates. Unfortunately, some of our recent first round picks, Dez, Felix and Jenkins, aren't amount that group.

    You can't tell me Witten, Ware, Lee, Carter don't care. Heck, Romo has played with a punctured lung!

    There are players that care, and some that don't.
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    There are alot of players on this team that care and hate to lose.

    Its a shame Jimmy has to open his trap and proclaim that players on this team are not afraid.........Like Witten mentioned.....he has his opinion but I rarely saw him at practices or Valley Ranch........

    I wonder what happened in Miami? It was a complete failure there ....didnt Jimmy put enough fear into the players?

    Also....we witnessed teamates mention how they hate letting down their teammates..........in fact...we witnessed TO cry for his QB.....go figure.

    What is crock about players not fearing letting down their teamates......is proclaiming there is NONE in Dallas......but I guess thats the norm here.....overreaction....

    JMHO of course
  10. bbailey423

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    This is a results oriented business...and the results don't lie.
  11. Mash

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    Really.....so based on wins and losses....you come to the conclusion that players dont care for one another.....they dont fear in letting their teammates down?

    Thats it....wow....
  12. PA Cowboy Fan

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    You are absolutely right. This has been going on for years. It never changes. Jason either doesn't know how to fix it or he doesn't have the power to. And I think a lot of the players just don't respect the leaders of this team. No matter how many times Romo tells a WR what to do, you can be sure he will goof it up again.
  13. Joe Rod

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    Jason has been preaching for a while now about "the right type of guys". I honestly don't think that is random coach-speak. He believes it. Honestly, he may have a point when it comes to this squad.

    Garrett Quote:
    These last two drafts have been about getting guys that want to go to work every day, that are interested in and have the smarts to maximize their talent. They are starting to infiltrate our roster, but there are still not enough of them.

    Bruce Carter, Tyron Smith, DeMarco Murray, Morris Claiborne, Tyrone Crawford. I can't remember hearing about any of the draft choices the last two years being lazy, dumb, troublesome, etc since they have joined Dallas. They eat and breathe football, they have high motors.

    The free agents have all been high motor guys. Carr is passionate about playing football, Church was resigned.

    I look for Ogletree to finally be gone this offseason, as well as Felix Jones and a few others that are too used to just getting by. I look for Dallas to sign/draft two new starters on the line at a minimum, hopefully a right tackle to challenge Free. They really need Dwayne Harris, Danny Coale and Matt Johnson to pan out because they all have the attributes that JG is looking for and the team is needs upgrades in those positions. Lissemore and/or Crawford will hopefully be a starting DE next year.

    I am not happy with this team anymore than the next guy, and I am at the point where I simply can't stand to hear any more from Jerry Jones, but I do think Jason Garrett has a plan that can succeed if he can get the players and work through the hindrance of having Jerry as his employer.
  14. junk

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    Boy I'm tired of this. In Jimmy's 4 years in Miami, they won 2 playoff games.

    Dallas has won 2 playoff games in the last 16 years.

    If Jimmy's time in Miami was a "complete failure" what has the last 16 years in Dallas been?
  15. Yakuza Rich

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    Not only that, I highly doubt that Jimmy ruled primarily by fear because he would never be a great leader if that was the case.

    From my experience, great leaders are great at using forms of punishment and reward in order to motivate the player. For every fear that Jimmy used, I would be money that he also motivated players by letting them know that if they did what he told them, they would reap the rewards.

    Constant fear only motivates people so far and often backfires in the end.

    And Jimmy even said that if Troy Aikman was sleeping, he would just tell Troy to wake up because Troy was a great player. I also heard stories of how he allowed Erik Williams to basically do whatever he wanted.

    I think the tough part for any coach, particularly somebody like Jimmy, is that once you are successful you have to find ways to continue to motivate players. It's not like college where you can win a national championship and then a bunch of players leave and a bunch of new, motivated players come in. In the NFL, for better or for worse, you're stuck with guys for a while.

    That's one of the reasons why I favor stockpiling draft picks each year. Regardless if you are successful or unsuccessful, it brings in new guys and gives the team room to possibly throw out the old guys whom are no longer as motivated as they once were. Of course, you have to develop new talent as well.

  16. Yakuza Rich

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    1. Dallas won a Super Bowl without Jimmy.

    2. I think it's been widely acknowledge that the Cowboys lack of success has been a failure.

    3. The Dolphins had a *worse* record 4 years before Jimmy under Shula and 4 years after Jimmy with Wannstedt (and Jay Fiedler).

    4. 62-7

    It wasn't like he was taking over a 3-13 Dolphins squad or that they fell off the earth after he left. He made a bad decision coming to the Dolphins, just like Jerry made a bad decision letting him go.

  17. yimyammer

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    i like this post and agree with a lot of it, sure Garrett's got his faults as any coach will, but I really like his overall philosophy and believe it can bear fruit eventually. He may be a better "walk around coach" but i'm not sure if that's Garrett's choice or something Jerry is demanding since he's said so many times that he learned from Joe Gibbs that it gives a coach credibility with the players when a coach also acts as a coordinator.

    However, I never get tired of seeing Jerry get roasted, I just can't stand the man.
  18. KJJ

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    A complete failure? The Dolphins made the playoffs 3 of the 4 years Jimmy coached them winning 2 playoff games. How is that a complete failure? Jimmy was 500 his first year in Miami and had winning seasons the next 3 years. When he arrived in Miami Dan Marino had injury issues and was in decline and the Dolphins had cap problems.
  19. Rack Bauer

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    Jimmy said they don't fear for their jobs, don't think he said anything about them not caring for one another.
  20. bbailey423

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    Yes I do. If Ware and Witten are the 1st ballot HOFers that MANY on this board claim they are...then how come they have not gotten better results from their teamates. Part of being a great player is making others around you better. Like I said, Spencer admitted he was not into football as much as he needed to be. When you think about how people scream about Ware not getting any help rushing the passer. You would think Ware would be in the ear of the guy on the other side of him every day in the offseason and during the season. You would think Witten could Marty B to knock of the Homey the Clown act. Neither happened. So YES...I question how much they feared letting DeMArcus or Jason down.

    Listen...I did not say it is the only winning formula. But God knows we have dysfunction in the front office...and there has been dysfunction in the coaching ranks....so I simply pointed out that unlike the teams of the 90s...these guys do not seem to fear letting each other down. The results speak for themsevles. And not just on the scoreboard. I am talking about off field behaviour. I am talking about film study (Dez and Ogletree)...I am talking about conditioning (Felix)...and in spite of it all....Dez kept his job...Ogletree made the team (not sure why)...and Felix had to lose us a game before he was YANKED from kickoff returns...not to mention Dez fumbling away a game before he was YANKED off punt return.

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