News: JJT: Cowboys may face grievance for releasing Carter

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    Cowboys may face grievance for releasing Carter
    Sources: NFLPA is preparing to file on behalf of former Dallas QB

    09:47 PM CDT on Friday, August 6, 2004

    By JEAN-JACQUES TAYLOR / The Dallas Morning News

    OXNARD, Calif. – The NFL Players Association is preparing to file a grievance against the Cowboys for "wrongfully terminating" quarterback Quincy Carter, two sources close to the situation said Friday.

    Once the grievance is filed, the NFLPA will make a formal inquiry into why the Cowboys waived Carter six days after he reported to training camp as the club's starter.

    "If the Cowboys cut him because he failed a drug test, there will be a grievance filed," Gene Upshaw, executive director of the NFLPA, said.

    The collective bargaining agreement allows a player 45 days to file a grievance, which would be heard by an arbitrator.

    Two days before Dallas released Carter, coach Bill Parcells said one of the other three quarterbacks in training camp would have to perform considerably better than Carter to beat him out.

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    NFLPA general counsel Richard Berthelsen and NFLPA assistant executive director Doug Allen could not be reached for comment. Carter declined to comment on whether a grievance would be filed by the NFLPA on his behalf.

    The Cowboys have not disclosed why they waived Carter or divulged any incident that may have triggered his release since he arrived at training camp.

    Owner Jerry Jones declined to say whether the Cowboys would attempt to recoup a pro-rated portion of the signing bonus – about $600,000 – Carter received when he signed.

    "I'd be glad to answer any questions the union might have," Jones said. "I have not received any indication – I probably would have gotten at least a phone call by now – that they want additional information."

    On Wednesday, two club sources told The News that the combination of recently violating the league's substance-abuse policy, a poor attitude regarding the competition with Vinny Testaverde for the starting job and an average performance in the first four days of training camp led to the Cowboys' decision to waive Carter.

    The sources said Jones and Parcells weren't comfortable with Carter being one failed test away from a four-game suspension, so they ended the relationship. Carter, who has been in the substance-abuse program since 2002, would have been fined four game checks totaling $107,060 – but did not face a suspension – three sources said.

    NFL spokesman Greg Aiello and NFLPA spokesman Carl Francis have each said clubs are prohibited from waiving players solely on the basis of violating the league's substance-abuse policy.

    No team placed a waiver claim on the 26-year-old Carter on Thursday, so he is free to sign with any club. About 10 teams, including Minnesota, Arizona and Detroit, have inquired about signing him.

    "The last few days have been full of mixed emotions because I want to play and be in someone's camp so bad," Carter said. "But I have to just sit here, see who's interested in me and play the waiting game."

    Carter did not like the rotating practice system the coaches implemented for training camp. With four quarterbacks on the roster, one quarterback sat out of team passing drills each day.

    On Monday, Carter worked with the third-team offense as part of the rotation. According to several sources, Carter and an offensive assistant debated the merits of the rotation following a quarterbacks meeting that night. Carter told the assistant coach he was unhappy with the rotation.

    Later Monday night, after a team meeting, Parcells learned of the discussion and spoke with Jones about it, the sources said. Tuesday, Carter did not participate in team passing drills because of the rotation schedule. The next morning, Carter was waived.

    Staff writers Todd Archer and Rick Gosselin contributed to this report.

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    God, why can't this guy just go away? He's been a thorn in the side of the Dallas Cowboys long enough.
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    I haven't heard Carter say one bad word about the organization or coaches since he left. It sounds like the NFLPA is making the move. I don't exactly agree with the rule, but it sounds like they have a good case IMO.

    Either way, the team has moved on, regardless of what happens.
  4. Nors

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    But Quincy has a serious chance to win this.

    The league sets the rules, Dallas broke them here - clearly.

    I hope Q gets a new job and moves on but a strong union has to challenge this. Wasn't Irvin suspended 4 games, Lett? AND NOT THIS ACTION? hmmm
  5. Little Jr

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    He won't win. They can't releaase him soley for the failed drug test. That was just part of the reason.

    I never understood why they didn't release Lett.

    But you shouldn't even ask about Irvin. He was a big part of the 3 SB's. No GM, Owner or coach would release a player who is playing a big part in their team win they are making a SB run.
  6. Nors

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    So its ok if you like the player and he violate drug failure far in excess of anything QC might have? hmmm?

    Union is on this and Quincy has a leg here. You can't cut an injured player and a player in early drug violation without previous suspension? This is a great case study!
  7. jimmy40

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    Well I hope the penalty isn't a draft pick, or God forbid, having to take him back.
  8. DallasEast

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    If he proves himself to be a Hall of Fame-caliber player?

    Well... yeah. You make it seem as if drug use has been highly isolated in the League's nearly 100-year history. The final common denominator is winning. And that philosophy was never only isolated to the Giants' and Cowboys' organizations.
  9. Jimz31

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    It's useless Nors.....I tried to explain that the NFLPA has a case here, and people went so far as to even say that it wasn't about drugs.
  10. jterrell

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    Just toss the guy half his base salary(200k) and be done with it and him for good. He's not bashing the team and he wont be playing here. He's got options if 10 teams have called already. Let him move on and do so with as little fuss as possible. As long as we dont lose draft picks I really dont care.
  11. jimmy40

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    I think the Cowboys may wish they would have said something at the press conference about him having a bad attitude or done something but sit there and look stupid. There's only one reason not to say anything, and that's drugs.
  12. jterrell

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    The damning evidence is they didnt state he had lost the starting gig. Had they merely said Vinny had beaten him out and they didnt see him wanting to spend a year on the bench they could have skated through this unscathed. They were essentially too honest.
  13. jimmy40

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  14. Little Jr

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    Yes it is. Is it right? No but that's how it is. You think if we had Vick, Manning or any of the elite QB's BP and JJ would have cut him. No way. IF it was Roy or TNew it wouldn't had happen. It just goes to show how important or non important Q was to this team.

    They still have to prove it. It make look obvious but it still Q and the Union word agains the Cowboys. Doe he have a chance? Yes. But I feel like it's a very small chance. All they have to say is the let him go because of attitude and avg performance and just wanted to go in a different direction. How can they prove that isn't true. They can't let him go soley for the failed drug test.
  15. DLK150

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    They said during the press conference that they had decided to go in a different direction. The union may have a case, but it's not as though they came out and said he was released because he failed a drug test.

    They said 2 sources mentioned a combination of issues including failing a drug test, but they don't speak for the club. They may have leaked information germane to the issue at hand, but because that wasn't a release authorized by the club, it's hearsay.

    The timeline is as much or even more open to speculation than the actual act, but things can change quickly in the NFL, and not just because of a drug test.

    I think it's beyond premature to assume the union will have its grievance upheld before all the facts are made known.
  16. jimmy40

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    That's why I said they MAY wish they would have said something. I wish they would have said something.
  17. InmanRoshi

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    Agreed, and as of this point all the union has said is that they are going to do an investigation of it. Which they are entitled to. Both ther NFLPA and owners fight too hard for the CBA to just render it obsolete by looking the other way when agreed upon stipulations have been voilated.
  18. SuspectCorner

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    it's hard to imagine a guy with the business savvy of a jerry jones leaving himself exposed on this front. he has served on every committe the NFL has. QC might win some minor legal victory but it will be of little or no consequence. last time i looked jj still signed the checks and thus may keep or jettison anyone as he deems. i don't like his decision on carter but i don't know of the particulars either. i DO know that he and parcells made a decision and clarence darrow, if available, couldn't argue QC back into the fold. this incident cost the cowboys a shot to make some REAL noise this year. oh well... my team thick or thin - good and bad.
  19. junk

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    For the hundredth time, of course drugs played a factor BUT BP and Jerry did not mention them. They did not give a reason other than being disappointed. What case does the NFLPA have? Unless they conducted their own drug tests, which there has been no evidence of, it is their word against Carter/NFLPA. If they didnt feel he was the answer, that is good enough reason right there. Bad attitude, good enough. I got hammered by this, but BP and Jerry not saying anything was shrewd. Legally they are bound to nothing, but they sent a message to the team nonetheless.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    JJT is rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect of Jerry being punished for this. He's the bizarro Mickey.

    And some fans seem to agree. Strange.

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