News: JJT: Dez Bryant poised for huge season

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 29, 2013.

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    With WR's mental acumen catching up to his talent, Cowboys records could fall

    Updated: May 28, 2013, 8:42 PM ET
    By Jean-Jacques Taylor |

    IRVING, Texas -- Dez Bryant opened his mouth and the words tumbled forth rapidly with the force of a summer squall.

    For a minute. Then two. Then three.

    Finally, he took a breath. Then he started talking again. Fast. Then faster.

    Bryant's words told the story of a young man pregnant with expectation of stardom. The 25-year-old's words told the tale of a former first-round draft pick's transformation from part-time knucklehead into full-time star through hard work and maturity.

    The words are a harbinger for a player poised to turn in the best performance we've ever seen from a Dallas Cowboys receiver. Better than the best year Bob Hayes ever had. Or Drew Pearson. More impressive than any season Michael Irvin put together. Terrell Owens, too.

    Irvin set the franchise record for receptions (111) and yards (1,605) in 1995 and Owens established the team record for touchdowns in 2007 with 15. Bryant will go at least one better in all of those categories this season, which means all he needs is an additional 20 catches for 224 yards and four touchdowns added onto 2012's total.

    Why will he reach those numbers?

    Bryant's mental acumen is merging with his physical talent.

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    It might not be this season, but I think Dez is going to smash all three of those records. He's certainly got the ability.
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    Pro Bowl is a given. All-Pro not far behind.
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    Whe he started dissecting the Jerry Rice slant.....Chill bumps!
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    Sounds really nice. Hope it comes to pass. Rooting for it.

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    As long as Dez has more targets & rec than Witten i'll be fine. Were not using our weapons properly if Witten is leading the team in targets and recs again. I'll go as far as to say if Miles plays 16 games, Witten should rank 3rd in rec and targets. Dez is our MJ, I'm cool with Wit being Pippen.
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    The guy can be the #2 WR in the NFL so long as he stays healthy (I only say #2 because Megatron seems to be on another level right now at 6-5, 240 pounds, 4.3x speed and great ball skills). The only other thing I can see holding him back are if he let's old demons tempt him. He seems to be so focused on living a responsible life and becoming the best WR he can become.

    His dedication to film work, conditioning and receptiveness to coaching all suggest he is putting the finishing touches on his game to take him to top 10 non-QB player in the NFL level.

    If we want to become a great team the two men who can lead us there are Romo and Bryant. I think they can get the job done if we put the proper support around them and I do think that is what Garrett is trying to do.
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    At least 1400 yards and 12 TDs...
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    I'm rooting for him, but he still scares me.
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    Nah.. 1600 Yds 16 TDs. Would be higher if we didn't have other receiving threats.

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