JJT gets props for latest Romo article

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 16, 2013.

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    I've heard tell that he cannot play pasture pool worth a lick when the presssure is on either.

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    I hated that throw too, but it does not happen if he drops back with time to throw. No excuses though, I agree he should not have thrown that ball.
    But honestly, were you not watching the game?
  3. Erik_H

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    So wait...

    A tweet from someone is now considered "props" ??

    Some 'journalist' writes a typical slanted article and some random dude says he likes it. and that is news for it's own thread?
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    Small hands and all that, I'm guessing.
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    Come on , it would be one thing if this was the first, second or even third time Romo pulled such a stunt but the last int against the Skins sealed it for me. He is what he is. There is nothing else to say about him.

    I'm not saying dump him because we have no better options right now but I will never allow myself to be duped by the guy again.
  6. Ntegrase96

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    Yup, watched it in Spanish all the way in Mexico. Unlike soccer commentators, the announcers are a lot more drab and the game isn't very exciting.

    Anyway. If you're referring to the blitzer up the middle pressuring Romo into a mistake I acknowledge your point. But to me that's just another example of Romo basing too much off of his pre-snap read again. It gets him in trouble all to o often, and smart defensive coordinators (ya know, the ones that we would face in the playoffs) set Romo up for plays like that more than I'd like to see.

    Romo has to eat it on that play. You cannot make that mistake.

    The point I'm trying to make is that a better offensive line doesn't keep a QB from making mistakes. They can protect him better from defenders but not from himself. A better offensive line will sometimes be negated by a better defensive line or a smarter defensive coordinator-- you just cannot build an offensive line of that caliber to withstand everything. And at that point, I haven't seen anything from Romo that indicates he'll make a smarter decision than he did against Washington.

    It's not impossible, I just don't think it's likely
  7. plymkr

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    JJT writes in his article it's all Romo's fault but then he puts in this statement: "Just getting into the playoffs would mean so much to a moribund franchise that's 128-128 since 1997. We're talking about a team that's just one of three franchises -- Washington and Detroit are the others -- not to play in an NFC championship game since 1997."

    hmm, okay, I was not aware that Romo has been our starting qb since 1997, I have directv and the football package and this is a shocking revelation to me. There's only one constant face that's been around since '97 and we all know his name. He's the coach killer, not Romo. Switzer,Gailey, Campo, Parcells, Phillips all suffered under the coach killing ways of Jerry Jones.

    I respectfully disagree with JJT that Romo cost Ryan his job, maybe the 270+ rushing yards against Washington cost Ryan his job. I firmly believe that Garret should be gone, I agree with JJT that asking Romo to win every game with his gunslinging ways is too much. It's been three years and if Garret can not devise a game plan to help Romo succeed he's got to go. Holgrem figured it out with Favre. Speaking of Favre, who was the simper bowl MVP, Desmond Howard. Without his returns in that game who knows if they win. The next year they lost to Denver with Howard playing for the raiders.

    My point is Romo is inconsistent and he's put in a position to play perfectly or the team loses. The defense has not helped him and his offensive mates are just inconsistent as romo is (miles Austin comes to mind, as well as felix jones, ogletree and the whole offensive line)Romo reminds me of Favre in this way, Favre didn't win until they improved that defense and Dorsey Levens emerged along with edgar bennet. Go back and watch the '93 NFC championship game with Dallas and San Fran. Steve Young did not look good in that game. He got beat up the whole game by our defense. On the flip side 49ers could not stop our offense even with bernie kosar playing the second half due to stubblefied's knee to Aikman's head causing a concussed Troy. Emmitt and Harper was too much for him. The next year niners jacked up that defense with Ken Norton, Rickey Jackson, Deion Sanders, etc and they won it all.

    Let's call it like it is, Romo is an above average franchise quarterback who can make plays to win but also make plays to lose. Head coach Jerry Jones and his offense coordinator Garret need to stop treating Romo like he can win every game single handily and get him some help.

    Brian Billick won the super bowl with Trent dilfer as qb. Everyone says the defense won that super bowl. I agree with that. HOwever Billick does not get the credit for what he did with dilfer in that game and that season. Billick game planned so Dilfer's strengths were exploited and his weaknesses were not exploited. Garret should be fired for being with Romo for as long as he has and still not figured out how to do that.
  8. ufcrules1

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    The problem with that throw was Romo made up his mind BEFORE he ever got the pressure that IF he got pressure he was going to throw to Murray. So when the pressure came, he just blindly threw the ball WITHOUT THINKING and the rest is history. The problem with Romo isn't that he isn't talented enough, it is that he DOES NOT THINK. As others have pointed out, you can improve the Oline all you want, but you cannot keep Romo from making dumb decisions, decisions that he has been making his WHOLE career.

    Also, we keep talking about that last INT. Well, what about the other 2? Why did he underthrow Austin by so much? Why did he let the ball get away from him while throwing to Ogletree?

    Romo would need the 85 bears defense to take this team to a superbowl. So, since that is the case, why do we hang on to him and not look for his replacement? Because the owner is insane... he sees the same thing over and over and expects different results. So do the blind homer fans.
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    You trash Romo for not winning those playoff games... But he's playing for a .500 coach who can't even get to the playoffs.

    And it's pure ignorance (or pure blame deflection) to act like coaching doesn't matter. Alex Smith was totally worthless before Harbaugh got to town.
  10. Dhragon

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    I'm not saying I know Romo doesn't have a problem handling pressure in big games. Maybe he gets nervous and it affects his judgment and will always do so. In the end, you might be right.

    I'm just saying, he hasn't been given the support via coaching or complimentary teammates (most notably the OL) most QBs need to succeed in the playoffs or pressure games to find out. Until he gets that, I'll defend him because it is frustrating seeing a guy vilified when there are SOOOOO many more understandably reasons/ guys available to vilify instead. Romo is way down on the list of what's wrong with this team.
  11. Coy

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    I love Tony but common man, you cannot compare him with Elway, this guy took Denver to 3 SB´s in the 80´s. before winning two in the 90´s
  12. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Everyone seems to forget that. Elway was a HOF QB before he won those SB's..
  13. ufcrules1

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    I have seen people say they think Romo is just as good as Brees, Rodgers, and Peyton.
  14. bbailey423

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    very good post. How often have we heard Jerry say "This team will go as far as Romo will take them". Stop and think about that guys. If you want it to be all on your QB....wouldn't you at least put an OL in front of him that will give him 4 - 5 seconds to make a decision...that is what Brady has...that is what Manning has. Wouldn't you at least supply him with WRs that know when to break in or out...or where to lineup? Wouldn't you supply him with a head coach that knows how to manage the clock? I mean we only tend to remember when Romo makes mistakes...because ALL of our Ws and Ls are on him. And for the record...football is the ULTIMATE team sport...so relying on your QB to decide you fate excuses the GM, the coaches and the other 52 players...ALL of whom are getting paid.
  15. weaver21

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    Who? I don't think I've ever met a person in my life who thinks Romo is better than either of those three.
  16. ufcrules1

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    I have seen it several times on this forum in the past. I can't remember the names off the top of my head. I know that kid Cowboys&Lakers fans said he would take Romo over Rodgers.
  17. ufcrules1

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    You can only go as far as your weakest link. Guess who was our weakest link against the Redskins? I will give you a hint.. it wasn't the oline, the defense, the coach, or even the G.M.
  18. Future

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    Erm, wut?

    Without Tony, JG is probably the OC at Bemidji State right now.
  19. DFWJC

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    Elway is one of the best ever. He's a great example of someone NOT having to win a SB and still be considered great. The 2 SBs just capped it off.
  20. ringmaster

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    The thing that irks me and this doesn't pertain to Elway, because he got 2 rings is that most people consider the QB great even if they just get to the damn SB doesn't matter if his team loses he got them there and I always thought that if a QB wins it he would be considered great.;)

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