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    Norm: How do we interpret Patrick Crayton remaining on the depth chart behind Terry Glenn when that position is Peerless Price's natural position? Is Peerless Price actually the number four receiver here?

    JJT: I don't think it requires an interpretation. I think Bill said it all yesterday (Wednesday). Said Crayton played well in the training camp. He has confidence in him. Most people in the front office believe he's got the best hands on the team and they're gonna reward him by playing him whether Peerless Price is here or not.

    Norm: I'm gonna bounce something off you that I bounced off of Stephen (Jones) and you could tell that he was a little bit reluctant to talk about it. But you won't be.

    JJT: That means that I should be wide open.

    Norm: That's exactly right. Did it stun you that hardly anybody showed significant interest in Peerless Price?

    JJT: Not necessarily. Only because - ya gotta remember most people got their roster set this time of year. Most people are a little cap-strapped this time of year. Or if they aren't, they aren't necessarily willing to shoot it right now 'cause they wanna see - you know - they might have some people they wanna extend at some point during the season or they're looking forward a little bit. And, uh, I think, uh, Peerless is coming off a bad season or a bad couple of seasons and I think it had to be the right fit for him. I mean its kind of like Quincy Morgan. Quincy Morgan went to Pittsburgh for one reason - because his wide receiver coach at Pittsburgh was the coordinator in Cleveland when he had his best success. And so, I think, Peerless came here for really one reason - Drew Bledsoe. He knows Bledsoe will give him the ball. He knows Bledsoe knows what he does best and he knows Bledsoe will work with Parcells to make sure he has an opportunity to contribute and go get paid in the open market next year.

    Norm: The moves last weekend - unquestionably the one that got the most attention was Peerless Price. But, I'm wondering if the linebacker, Scott Fajita (spelled as spoken), his name will from now on be pronounced - Fajita. He's in Texas. He is now Scott Fajita.

    JJT: He is a big dude and he is ripped!

    Norm: And you know what? I know this is gonna sound crazy to people but there are linebackers who are simply built to be in a 3-4.

    JJT: Right.

    Norm: And he may be exactly one of them.

    JJT: Yeah, I mean I think he's had 9 sacks combined in the last two years. He's been very productive when it comes to tackling. But, you know, until I see it with my own eyes I'm gonna put him in the - we used to call it beware of scorers on bad teams in the NBA - I think he had 150 tackles last year or the year before with the Chiefs.

    Norm: On a defense that never tackled anybody.

    JJT: Right. So, until I see it I'm gonna be just a little cautious about it. You just have to wonder. I mean they added Pile - you know - can you really build a defense with rejects from the worst defense in the league the last couple of years? I guess its a good thing they're coming here in back-up roles as opposed to starting roles. But it just makes you wonder.

    JJT: (concerning Fujita) With that said, I think he's a pretty good fit because he is big. He should be able to hold the point of attack and force things inside when teams try to run. Fujita is 6'5'' - 250lbs.

    Norm: I'm gonna go to another area that I don't think has gotten enough notice - that's a judgement call on mine. The focus has been Bledsoe, Rivera, Henry, Ferguson. We picked up Peerless Price. We drafted Ware. We drafted Spears. What seems to me - and I'll bounce this to you - is I take a look at the twenty worst players the Cowboys kept and it appears - significantly better - than the back twenty on last years roster.

    JJT: Uh, I don't think there's any question about that and that's really the first sign of becoming a good team. I think I've been pretty consistent. I think they're gonna be really good next year. I think they're gonna be middle of the road this year but be very competitive as opposed to last year where there was at least four or five games where they were not competitive. But that's what happens - you know I think you'll really see it next year when they'll probably go 4-0 or 3-1 in the preseason, but when they put their back-ups in - in the preseason next year - that's when they'll take a game thats 14-7 and they'll end up winning it 28-10 because their back-ups have become significantly better than other team's back-ups. That's how you build a team.

    Norm: And if people are saying, 'Ahh, who cares who's the 35th best player on the team?' You know, you look at New England and they won a Superbowl - last year or two years ago - starting their 6th, 7th and 8th best offensive lineman in the Superbowl.

    JJT: And, you know, I think that's why Parcells is talking about - he's going to play Torrin Tucker. He's got to design playtime for him. He's rotating Gurode and Al Johnson. He's giving Bradie James and Scott Shanle defined roles in the defense. He's giving a lot of people opportunities to play. One - when somebody gets hurt - the other guy is used to playing it - so there shouldn't be nearly as much drop off. And the other thing is, when guys know they're gonna play, they'll prepare harder and they practice harder than if they don't think they're gonna play. It's just human nature.

    Norm: Hey, you could mix in lots of other areas. Hey, this defensive line goes 6 - 7 guys deep to play every week in a 3 man line. And you've now got, representative, back-up running backs.

    JJT: Right. And the other thing is - not only does it make you practice harder and make you study harder, but you generally play better because if you don't, the guy's right there to take your job - as opposed to where you got a true scenario where all the starters get all the playing time and your back-ups only really play when somebody's hurt.

    Norm: One more thing. One other thing intrigued me and that's - that this year - when the Cowboys cut some people, they were actually picked up by other teams.

    JJT: We used to make jokes about that. We used to cut guys and the guys would be just out of the league. That's one more indication that the talent base is increasing and that's why I keep saying - this team reminds me of the '90 Cowboys. A team that's young. Doesn't really know itself. Could start slowly. I think that team started 3-7 and then got on a roll and went to 7-7 and probably would have made the playoffs if Aikman hadn't gotten hurt for the last two games. And I see similarities here in terms - I think they'll start a little slow. They play 4 of their first 6 on the road and they're playing some tough teams and they're working in a new defense and a new quarterback. So, it could take a little bit of time. But I don't think anybody's really gonna want to have to deal with them in the second half of the season.

    Norm: I'm gonna try to finish this morning with you by breaking down the schedule. If somehow the Cowboys get through a schedule that has 4 of their first 6 on the road and a home game against Philadelphia. If they were to go 3-3, they could position themselves in beautifully for the last 10.

    JJT: Yeah, because once you look at that 4 of 6, when they get back from Oakland, they basically only have two road games in October and November. So, they're home for quite a bit. For quite a big stretch. And if they can come out of that feeling good about themselves, they can really try to make a run and position themselves for the playoffs because they've got division games late in the year. So, if they're in a good spot heading into December - where I think they've got two of their last 5 or 3 of their last 5 aginst the division - they can try to make a run and get into the playoffs.
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    Somewhere, Dale Hansen is grinding his teeth and muttering to himself about these poor saps and their rosy optimism.
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    Vman, these summaries you do are just wonderful.......and much appprecated :)
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    Vman, thanks for posing this I really enjoyed reading it. Great recap!
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    Ditto. Great job Vman. :bow: :bow: :bow:
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    What? No shout out?

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    :bow: As well. Good stuff.

    I find it partiularly interesting that our cuts ARE getting picked up by other teams.

    Next year in the draft and FA, we can foucus on offense. We need to bigtime young receiver on this team. Damn you AB!
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    Thank you.

    Its too bad that these shows are not archived somewhere. I remember the the Ticket used to archive the shows but I suppose that became too expensive.

    I know Norm takes a hit on this board but sometimes he has some gems. :)
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    Norm can get on my nerves with his tangential stuff but at least he talks sports.

    I enjoy the comediuc relief at times but ENews or Gordo's junk during football season drives me bananas.
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    Hey Vman, im going "bounce" this to you. Great job
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    Do BP coached team usually start off slow? That would be interesting to know because I definately think this team is better than the 10-6 QC led team in BP's first season. The heart of the defense remains in Glover, Ellis, Nyugen, Williams, and Newman while the offense is more prepared with Bledsoe at the helm. I would hope this could prevent the 'slow start'.
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    i'm guessing that he's thinkng we'll have a slow start due to the new defense, rookies have major playing time, and having our first 3 out of 4 games on the road.
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    We can tell u put a lot of time and effort into this post. Thanks a lot VMan. It's much appreciated!
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    Thanks Vman for this. I miss the Ticket. So it is great when these items are posted. I wish they would archive them, so I can listen to them until I get back there. 3 weeks to go :D . Hopefully I won't be required to come back to Canada until after football season.
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    If Price and Crayton show what we think they have then the boys may again be in position to take the best player available when they draft.
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    how good would an ed reed look on the boys defense next season- I know the ravens will franchise him but I can dream cant I

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