News: JJT: Jay Ratliff has become a liability for Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Just my opinion but I don't think Witten should be included in any discussion concerning age and declining play. Witten is one of those rare individuals who, though just as mortal as anyone else, seems to rise above the ordinary and produce by sheer will alone. Over my lifetime, I'd only place Staubach, Lilly, Randy White, Jordan, Cliff Harris, Pearson, Ed Jones, Rayfild Wright, Allen, Renfro, and Emmit in that category.

    The truth is: Decline happens to the best of them and Witten is no exception. The difference is, though, that Witten will find ways to produce even though he no longer has the physical skills to be exceptional. The same can be said about Ware. It happens. Some day the Cowboys will have to make a difficult decision because I do not see Witten going away quietly.

    Ratliff has been a very good player but, as a Cowboy, I have never believed him to be exceptional. Comparing him to Witten, or Ware, is really unfair and unmerited. If anything, Ratliff is the perfect example of a guy who the Cowboys should have allowed to walk last year as opposed to building a defense around him. I am actually grateful he has missed so much time because some of the younger guys are getting valuable playing time and the Cowboys can evaluate them to determine who has a future and who needs to be replaced.

    I may be in the minority but moving on from Ratliff for budgetary reasons makes perfect sense to me. As valuable as he has been, he is no longer an impact player. It is time to invest in youth at his position.
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    Love that sig, its what's missing in Dallas presently.
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    Wrong. Great post.

    Nice, CL.

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