News: JJT - Jerry needs to commit to Garrett or fire him

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 11, 2013.

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    IRVING, Texas -- The sun should not set again with Jason Garrett as coach if Jerry Jones isn't committed to him beyond next season, regardless of whether the Dallas Cowboys make the playoffs.

    Either ride with Garrett or get rid of him. Anything else is a colossal waste of time.

    Hey, the Jacksonville Jaguars fired coach Mike Mularkey on Thursday after one season, so it's not like there's some statute of limitations on firing coaches once the season ends.

    Jerry made it clear he's the person calling all the shots with his soliloquy about the factors that led to defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's dismissal while taping his weekly TV show.

    Monte Kiffin is considered the leading candidate to replace Ryan. Kiffin spent the past three seasons at Southern Cal coaching with his son, Lane, the head coach. Kiffin's claim to fame is creating the Tampa 2 defensive scheme that involves playing the safeties deep and limiting big plays, forcing an opponent to drive methodically down the field.

    The Cowboys' defensive assistants already have been told they will have to interview with the new defensive coordinator. If he chooses to keep them, fine. If not, they'll be unemployed. There's also a possibility Jerry will yank the play-calling duties away from Garrett and hire someone else to call plays. Norv Turner, fired by San Diego, would be near the top of the wish list. Whether Jerry hires Turner or someone else, that person will get an opportunity to add assistants familiar with his offense and philosophical approach.

    Now, we're talking about the potential addition of two coaches who have considerable more loyalty to the owner than the head coach.
    How dumb is that?

    Disaster lurks in that scenario. The only question is how long it takes before the back-stabbing and infighting begin, especially on a staff led by a dude who's not confrontational.
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    And JJT finally gets it!

    Yes we should have made a play for Payton, and now we are making a bigger mistake not going after Gruden.

    Oh well. At least Jerry isn't boring. I'll give him that.
  3. DallasDW00ds0n

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    You have to kind of agree. But not letting Garrett work these decisions, if thats what is truly happening, what does that say about Garrett-Jones relationship?
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    In general, I think JJT is not a very good or thorough writer. I completely agree with this article, though.
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    Yeah, really, I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with JJT here.
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    jerry is a self made billionaire and has run a multibillion dollar corporation successfully and has been around football people for a large part of his adult life. he has the ear of people who have forgotten more about football than any of us will ever know.... qnd these writers and some of you fans think you know more than h does? Your arrogance is appalling.
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    I think Jerry is loyal to Garrett and I think the Ryan move is more Garrett than Jones.
  8. Boys122

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    Jerry has already said it was his decision to fire Rob Ryan. But made Jason call him via cell phone on vacation.
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    If I owned the team I would know enough to hire a GM, give him a budget and get the flip out of the way. Especially after 17 years of me playing fantasy football with the team had produced nothing.
  10. ravidubey

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    It's Jerry's record without strong coaches like Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells that's appalling.
  11. DBOY3141

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    Jerry also said he wouldn't get rid of TO or he wouldn't fire Wade mid-season and so on and so on.

    I don't put a lot of stock into what Jerry say.

    Garrett has connections to Kiffen, I think that is a factor.
  12. RS12

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    Jerry starting cutting on the wrong end of the fish. It stinks from the head down.
  13. Fletch

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    Whoa! Wait a sec. The masses in here already know Garrett has no input at all. This is all JJ! :rolleyes:
  14. lurkercowboy

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    How does anyone know what is being discussed between Garrett and Jones and who is deciding what?
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    Huh??? He has committed to Garrett unfortunately.. :(
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    get out of here with this totally logical take on the situation!!!! everyone KNOWS that Jerry is forcing the moves on Garrett!! lol
  17. dfense

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    If I ever have to spend my sundays watching CHucky make faces all game long, I'll kill myself.

    The only thing that could be worse, is having to watch Cowher march up and down the sideline chanting "LETS GO! LET'S GO!" Everytime there's a change of posession.
  18. john van brocklin

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    Not much to disagree with there ...
  19. john van brocklin

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    It's seldom boring being a Cowboys fan with Jerry as the owner...
  20. dfense

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    JJT, so you're a GM now eh? I move holes on the golf course greens. What makes you so more qualified than me to advise the Cowboys how to run their operation.

    Aren't you just suppose to tell me what goes on at valley ranch when I'm taking a divit break?

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