News: JJT: Let's Stick to Football on Jay Ratliff

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BlueStar22, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Strictly sticking to football, Ratliff should be cut based on his recent production vs. salary and probable future return on investment. In plain English, in the unlikely event that he is not injured (<50% probability), he will likely (>50% probability) play like garbage. So, no one should pay him $7M to likely sit the bench.

    Time to move on. Chances are that the Cowboys can pick up a free agent or draft pick who will be better than Ratliff.
  3. 187beatdown

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    Chances are my lottery ticket is going to be 1 2 3 4 5 6 and I win that too.
  4. Hoofbite

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    No, no, no.

    He didn't say you cannot cut Ratliff.

    He just said you can't do it because of the DWI, but freely admitted that he could be gone because he's not worth his paycheck.
  5. mmillman

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    Ratliff was not a good fit for what you need in a 3-4. Lets see what he can do in a 4-3.

    His bigger mistake is probably not having flattering things to say about the owner.
  6. stasheroo

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    Yeah, people can't comprehend that it isn't about his latest transgression but a buildup of negative issues.

    This is simply the last straw.

    Or it should be anyway.
  7. jobberone

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    He'll get a chance to compete in camp. You don't save anything cutting him from what I remember. If he can't play for whatever reason and you have an adequate replacement then you can let him go.
  8. theebs

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    Hey that's the combination to my luggage....
  9. bbailey423

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    My response has nothing to do with him drinking and driving. However, I think it points to how bad the state of the franchise really is....when we have what I keep hearing is "guys we cannot live without" I will keep saying it again and again...the core of this roster has NEVER won anything. They have ONE playoff win. So how are ANY of them untouchable at this point?
  10. hra8700

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    The paycheck that is fully guaranteed for next season?
  11. batman36

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    As my late grandmother used to say at church, "preach son, sho'nuff!"
  12. HoustonFrog

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    Exactly. I think Jerry does things right and also has major faults. This is one of his faults. He thinks guys, coaches, etc are untouchable. Like things will fall apart without someone. The team hasn't had too many like that in a long time so you have to see who is getting it done for their price and go from that.
  13. Rynie

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    IMO, Dan Bailey should be the only "untouchable" right now. I agree with this post, sir.
  14. bkight13

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    I'm pretty sure teams are allowed to cut players for any reason. There is language in the CBA about fining, suspending and benching players that is not allowed.
  15. LowTech

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    Six million cap hit to cut I think
  16. ninja

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    Not too bad. If his salary for next year is $7M, then it is a net plus of $1M to cut him. After June 1st, the Cowboys can cut him and spread his cap hit over two years.
  17. burmafrd

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    Frankly I want him gone. I do not think his production warrants keeping him around anymore after the crap he has pulled.
  18. JPostSam

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    jjt is way off on this.

    first of all, behavior off the field is absolutely a fair criterion for continued employment on it. as jjt admits, that is the case in every other walk of life.

    secondly, drunk driving is in no way comparable to dez bryant throwing a baseball cap at his mother. rather, it is like walking into a crowded supermarket and waving a loaded gun around. just because you're lucky enough that it doesn't go off and shoot someone doesn't mean you're less of an ***hole.

    i know the league has programs and graduated punishments for substance abuse, and that's fine. but drunk driving is more than just alcohol abuse, it's putting lives at risk. players who get convicted of it need to be suspended from the league for a full year.

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