News: JJT: Spin on Jason Garrett gets blurry

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 23, 2013.

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    MOBILE, Ala. -- No one outside the Dallas Cowboys' organization believes Jason Garrett gave up his play-calling duties without a fight.

    Maybe it was a knock-down, drag-out argument. Perhaps it was a heated exchange of ideas. Or something in between.

    But let's not act as if Garrett's identity as an NFL coach hasn't been wrapped up in calling plays because it is -- at least it has been.

    Garrett and Jerry Jones can spin it like a top until the end of time, but there's not a single person who has studied this team for any length of time who's going to buy what the Cowboys are selling.

    After all, Jerry hired Garrett in 2007 to be the offensive coordinator and playcaller before Wade Phillips signed a contract to become the head coach.

    So with his job on the line -- Garrett is getting fired if the Cowboys don't make the playoffs -- he's willingly going to put his future in the hands of Bill Callahan, Hue Jackson or some mystery candidate who's going to call plays?
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    So JJT doesn't actually know?

    Man his articles are the gold standard of quality.
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    Yes there is Frenchman. And it won't be long before they come tell you you have no clue.

    Because even though you are allowed into Valley Ranch and able to talk with players, coaches, and management, they will come here and tell us all how it works out there.
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    "No one outside the Dallas Cowboys organization believes..."

    Right, those on the outside - looking in. Key phrase.

    "...but there's not a single person who has studied this team for any length of time who's going to buy what the Cowboys are selling."

    Right, studied the Cowboys, not informed.
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    I agree with him completely. This little nugget here is what I've been pointing out to people all off-season who think our offense wasn't an issue

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    Look at the final four teams in the playoffs this year and, once again, all the teams had a separate Head Coach and OC.

    This is a good thing for both Garrett and the Cowboys.
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    The top coaches like Belicheck always have done it that way...Jimmy told Garrett to do it that way. Not sure why it took this long after we iced our own kicker.
  8. Hostile

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    Belichick calls the patriots Defenses, or at least has in the past.

    Tom Landry called Offense and Defense for many years. I miss that man.
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    No interpretations needed. The results from what goes on at VR are crystal clear to all but the most blind.
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    I believe Belichick has even called the offense in a previous season.
  11. Hostile

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    Yes, he did the year Weis left.
  12. rickjameschinaclub

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    This is something we agree on. I can't speak about what happens behind closed doors, but from appearance alone, that legend had dignity written all over his face.
  13. WoodysGirl

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    Well Belicheck and Landry comparisons don't really apply, IMO. Jason Garrett is a very inexperienced head coach and just in coaching period and it's shown up in various games.

    So while I haven't really had an issue with him as an OC, I think that it'll be a good thing for him to sit back and actually watch someone else do it, while he masters the head coaching hat.
  14. Idgit

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    If only there were, oh, I don't know....a public record that kept track of things like these. Or people, who were paid, to look into them, and then write about them for other people to read. Only then would we really have any evidence to indicate one way or another what the owner/GM and Head Coach actually thought about play calling responsibilities prior to today.

    If only anybody outside of the organization believed these things existed. But, alas, they do not. What are you gonna do? I guess we'll just have to take our best guess at what might have happened and assume that, whatever it was, it's unflattering to the team. We did just finish 8-8 for the second year in a row, after all. Ho-hum.
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    And they all had coaches that at least double Garretts 7 years of experience, which is bad for both Garrett and the Cowboys.
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    yes they get the info first...

    problem is, somewhere between the time they got the info and the passing it on to us it gets edited, reformed with twisted headlines and emphasis on talking points they single out....if you take the time to go and find the actual statement made by the people in the articles you will find it seldom quotes them accurately ..this is modern journalism

    they dont get private info, or special treatment....the Coaches, FO guys and players view them no better than the cockroaches and mice that sneak around in the darkness of night

    Jerry, Jason, Stephen, Romo or anyone out there are not letting them sit in on meetings, they are not given transcripts, they hang around and try and pick up crumbs....they then take those crumbs and create a self serving scenario....

    todays "journalist" have no integrity , no morals, and no respect for there profession...there are more false stories than truth..not just in sports in story is researched, its a race to who gets it online first for hits.....and anyone who believes any different are the one who are blind..

    todays media is the equivalent of the old experiment when you could put 10 people in a circle and have the first person whisper a sentence to the second person and pass it on, more times then not when the statement gets to the tenth person the wording of the sentence has changed..the further down the media chain a story moves the more the wording changes

    Im not saying what is truth or not....I dont know, but usually gather all information i can then form an opinion, using every article JJT , Watkins, Lil Timmy or Mosley write as a platform to say I told you so, isnt a strong position to take.
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    if that's a comparison, it's a terrible one. belichick and landry won super bowls. garrett hasn't won a playoff game.

    if that's a suggestion that garrett should call the plays because other coaches have had success calling the plays, it's specious, because garrett has a very mixed track record here as a play caller.

    look, i don't care who calls the plays or what their job title is or who's ego is hurt because of it. i want to see my team win. i want to see more of the mismatches that dec and witten enjoyed. i want to see more holes for demarco murray to run through. i want to see romo enjoy a clean pocket more often.

    i don't want to see the offense start slowly, or ice the kicker, or fail to run screens well, or have receivers who don't know their routes or sight adjustments, or develop trends so clear and plays so transparent that opposing defenses can say after the game, "we knew exactly what they were going to do!"

    if garrett can fix that, great. if not, let's see someone else put in place who can.
  18. CanadianCowboysFan

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    totally different era and he would not be able to get away with it now, hell he never wore a headset either, would you want that for our HC too?
  19. Risen Star

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    Green Bay won it two years ago with the exact same structure as Garrett and Callahan this year. So that must have been the year that everybody should have done that.

    I think you're reading too much into it. Garrett calling plays had no negative impact on our season.
  20. dadymat

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    one thing every fan can say after every loss is that the play calling sucks.....its easy and convenient

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