News: JJT: The call is Allen's to make, Parcells says

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    The call is Allen's to make, Parcells says

    By JEAN-JACQUES TAYLOR / The Dallas Morning News

    IRVING – Larry Allen remains on the Cowboys' roster. How long that continues to be the case apparently depends on him.

    Coach Bill Parcells said Friday that Allen will be a member of the 2004 Cowboys, but only if the veteran lineman makes significant changes.

    "It is going to have to change from what it was," Parcells said shortly after the first practice of the Cowboys' three-day minicamp. "Things are going to have to change. He is aware of that. I am not issuing ultimatums here. I am just telling you things need to be addressed. Hopefully, this off-season has given him time to do that."

    Allen spent much of the last month trying to secure a trade to Oakland after the Cowboys gave him permission to negotiate with other teams. He turned down a potential draft-day trade with Detroit that would have netted the Cowboys a third-round pick.

    Allen would prefer Oakland, but that is unlikely because the Raiders spent their first two draft picks on offensive linemen.

    Allen is the only player not participating in Parcells' rigorous off-season strength and conditioning program. The two have a philosophical differences when it comes to off-season workout regimens.

    Allen prefers workouts built around bench presses and squats. Parcells likes regimens that center on power cleans and jerks.

    Parcells said that the Cowboys asked Allen not to participate in the off-season program.

    "I didn't think it was wise to put him there," Parcells said. "All I want him to be is a good, solid player. He has performed well here in the past. I am respectful of that.

    "There were some things he needed to attend to. Hopefully, he will do that. He will be ready to go and the slate will be clean."

    If Allen is in good physical condition, Parcells believes he will not be hampered by injuries nearly as much as he was last year. Allen left several games because of knee and ankle injuries last season.

    "The only problem I had was with his conditioning, especially during some games," said Parcells, who added that he expects to speak to Allen before the club's veteran minicamp in June.

    Hambrick's status: Coach Bill Parcells said he told running back Troy Hambrick he'd try to trade him if the Cowboys used a premium draft pick on a running back.

    The Cowboys have talked to several teams about trading Hambrick but have yet to find a suitor.

    Now, Parcells said there's a chance Hambrick could be in training camp with the Cowboys.

    "I told him also if I could find a spot that is better for him, then we would do that," Parcells said. "If we got to a point where we decided not to do it, then I go by what I see and how he performs when he comes in. Troy's been in all season. He's been working pretty good. He's has to do that. He knows it."

    Trading places: Defensive end Greg Ellis is shifting from the left side to the right side. That will match him up against many of the premier left tackles in the game, but it also will give him more opportunities to rush the passer because he won't be double-teamed nearly as much by tight ends.

    Marcellus Wiley will play left defensive end.

    "The physical aspect is going to better for Ellis there," Bill Parcells said. "He's pretty excited about it. He's wanted to play over there."

    Briefly: The Cowboys will experiment with a defensive package that uses three linemen and four linebackers during training camp. ... Fourth-round draft pick Bruce Thornton will be Pete Hunter 's backup at right cornerback

    Center Al Johnson (knee) should be ready to practice when training camp begins and is expected to win the starter's job.
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    i love having a head coach that you know is in complete in charge of his football team. when he says that things need to change with LA either they will or he will be gone. gotta love it.
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    Dude, is there a bonus for more words in an article? Just say 3-4.
  4. da_boyz_mk

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    lol...i thought that was kinda funny too! :p
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    lets hope LA comes to camp in shape and ready to dominate.
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    What I was interested in was Ellis changing sides and the news that Al Johnson should be good to go for camp. With Johnson it is a mantra, speak his name and he will be there.

    Moving Ellis makes the right Dallas's strong side regardless of how the O lines up. Plus Bill finally got himself a Parcells size LB. Sounds like smash mouth defence to me.

    In terms of that 3rd round draft choice I wonder if it was this seasons or next.
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    Dang you LA, you should have accepted the trade. Now, your arse is going to have to show up to camp well-conditioned. :D
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    but am hopeful to see the best turnout for both la and the cowboys
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    Allen turned down a trade? Sounds like LA was in charge. With that pick we could have taken a corner with some starting talent. Derick strait, Kevin Smith (who detroit took), or Jeremy LeSueur. Thorton may be better than his bio but I was really hoping to get Strait.
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    Quite simple really and that's the way it should be..

    It's not about BP disresectting LA either. That take on it by some is BS.

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