News: Job one for Tony Romo is protecting the football

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    Tony Romo threw for 4,903 yards and 28 touchdowns last season, but he tied his career high with 19 interceptions. He also lost three fumbles. The Cowboys finished minus-13 in turnover ratio with 16 takeaways and 29 turnovers.
    Romo said his No. 1 priority this season is protecting the football.
    “My job is going to be to protect the football,” Romo said. “That’s my No. 1 job going into every football game, and I’m going to do the job that this team needs to win the football game. That’s what we’re trying to do every week when we play, and that’s my job when I step out there. Obviously the No. 1 thing for me will be not having anything negatively happen. When I say that, it’s not just turnovers. It’s negative plays, getting us into the right plays and doing the things that can get us out of other things. A lot of that stuff falls on the quarterback’s plate, and that’s a good thing, especially when you’ve been in a system for an extended period of time throughout the experiences. I’ll go into it with the right frame of mind and do what needs to be done.”
    -- Charean Williams

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    No secret I'm a big Romo guy, but didn't we hear that last year? In his defense, the OL didn't give him much support. But still.....
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    2 of the last 3 years that he played most of the season he had an outstanding TD:int ratio.
    I think he gets back to around 3:1 . Of course, that's no big deal if he only has 15 TDs. That's what some people don't get. But 30+ TDs and only 10-11 picks and look out.
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    Some of those INT last year were on Romo, but the unusually high number had more to do with who was being targeted than who was throwing the darts.
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    Yeah everyone has been saying that since....2006. In his defense he's had to play from behind and win games too much. OTOH, at times he's FREAKIN' careless with the dang ball.
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    I really think a lot of this has to do with who was playing 3rd WR.

    2011 ratio w/o Robinson's targets: 2.5:1 (20 td 8 int)

    2012 ratio w/o Ogltree/Beasley/Harris' targets: 2.1: 1 (23 td 11 int)
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    Give him an oline, WRs who run the right routes, and a defense that can make a stop every now and again, and that number will decrease a bunch.
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    Of course I want Romo to protect the ball but I don't ever want my QB to become gun shy and not try to make plays out of fear the ball could be turned over. Not saying he should be foolish with the ball but this is the NFL and often it is tight windows you are throwing to and you can't hesitate to gun the ball in.
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    Tony's INT rates and fumbles (total, not fumbles lost) for his career:
    2006: 3.9%, 9 fumbles
    2007: 3.7%, 10
    2008: 3.1%, 13
    2009: 1.6% (3rd in the NFL), 6
    2010: 3.3%, 0 (6 games)
    2011: 1.9% (4th in the NFL), 7
    2012: 2.9%, 6

    I tend to discount the disaster of 2010. So there was an uptick in INTs last year that I'd like to see him turn around this season, but Tony's turnover rates took a dive between 2008 and 2009 and haven't really been excessive since.
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    That's important and I've seen you post it before. Some need to see it occasionally. Tony is Tony. I don't blame him totally for the ones when he HAS to move the ball or we lose. Having said that he could try do better with throwing the ball away more. Not taking too big a risk when he doesn't absolutely have to. Being more careful with the ball in the pocket and when running. Those are areas he can improve on. What you don't want to do is beat on him enough to take away those tight throws which is generally connects with or his improvisation.

    If we can run the ball effectively esp up the middle then we should be able to run the vertical offense very well.
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    You may be right but those rates and his overall rate is above the norm for elite QBs. Tony has got to protect the ball a little better. And his WRs have got to run the right routes. This is still a timing offense with multiple routes each play they have to execute properly. If they don't you're going to see an increase in INTs. And the playcalling has to help out here as well esp when asking young receivers to do the right things.

    If Dez and Miles stay healthy and we can run better then this offense will be better than 2007.
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    His '09 and '11 rates are well below the norm for anybody, including "elite" QBs. Better than Brady, Brees and Manning, anyway. Not as good as Rodgers, but as insults go, "not as good as Aaron Rodgers" hardly qualifies.

    So the question is, which Romo do we get this year? You're right about the WRs' role in this, but the interior line is a big part of it too, I think. If Leary holds up and Waters isn't too creaky, I have high hopes that we'll see the '09/'11 Romo again.
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    Romo has had two good years at 1.6 and 1.9 otherwise he's been at 3 or more with the exception of one 2.9 thrown in there. So I'd say his aberrant years are the 1.6 and 1.9 otherwise he's a 3+% guy. Brees is more consistent and doesn't have bad years but his average and Tony's are about the same. Brees is never below 2 with the exception of one year 1.8 awhile back. Brady has had some wow years one 0.8 and his average the last seven years leaving out the year he was out is 1.8.

    If you look at the league average Tony is right there. The last 7 years starting in 2012 the avg has been 2.6, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1, 2.8, 3.1, and 3.2.
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    Brady's INT% from 2000 are:

    didn't play

    So Romo has some room for improvement to get to elite.
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    Tony's just seem to occur at the worst times, though.
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    They are at the worst times for some who only see the ones that are at the worst times. He led the league in comebacks. He has elite numbers in the 4th quarter. You can't ask a QB to win every single game for you. How many times did he lead us from behind only to see the D fold? He'd have had more comebacks than 5. I've already mentioned the areas he needs to improve.

    Most of the problems on this team don't lay at the feet of Tony Romo.
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    Romo threw 19 picks in 520 attempts in 2007. Dallas went 13-3. Romo threw 19 picks in 648 attempts last year (a lower pick percentage than 2007) and Dallas only went 8-8.

    What am I getting at? The 2007 team was more talented. And it proves Romo is not the problem in the ultimate team sport.
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    Not just interceptions, fumbles, untimely decisions are what he needs to improve
    Team needs to cut down on the stupid penalties, often putting Romo in a tough situation
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    Heard all this since the day you replaced Drew Bledsoe.

    Time is running out, Tony.

    Do not care about the rhetoric.

    Want to see you restore this franchise to the top.

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