News: Joe Baker to become DB assistant

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by rkell87, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Baker Expected To Be Hired As DBs Asst.
    Posted by jellis at 2/8/2012 8:25 PM CST on
    The Cowboys are a little bit closer to finalizing their coaching staff for the upcoming season, with the anticipated hiring of Joe Baker as assistant secondary coach.

    Baker, 42, was most recently the linebackers coach under Raheem Morris in Tampa Bay. He would assist Jerome Henderson, who was appointed to head up the Cowboys defensive backfield last month.

    In 2011 the Cowboys had two secondary coaches, Dave Campo and Brett Maxie. Maxie left for the same position with the Tennessee Titans, while Campo became the defensive coordinator at the University of Kansas.
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    Never heard of him, but if they think this is the right move..i'm ok with it.
    Who are we to second guess the move.....Let's hope for the best. As we need the right players over the right coaches.

    I laugh at myself for criticizing Ryan for his schemes and style.....but give him some smart players...
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    My thoughts are this gives us two Coach Bakers on the staff. No idea why I felt the need to point that out.

    Also, for an assistant secondary position, it's pretty nice to be able to fill it with a guy with this much experience. He's been on 6 NFL staffs. Of course the connection to the head coach is positive too.
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    news zone? really? does the title need to be "what if we hire so and so" for it to be in the fan zone?

    there is a thread comparing nicks to mankins, neither of which are on our team, but a thread about a new coach on our staff....get that out of there:rolleyes:
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    offtopic but i still think both forums should be merged.
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    it is kinda stupid. atleast leave it for discussion for a lil while, then move it. just make a new one and say baker new assistant db coach - thoughts?
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    I should but at the same time I shouldn't have to ya know?
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    He is a Princeton teammate of Jason Garrett's.
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    As DB Assistant with LB experience, my guess is he's going to help with DBs and LBs in coverage.
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    Package upgrade right off the bat...
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    I didn't realize that someone had hired Campo.
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    Poor UK.

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