News: Joe DeCamillis wishes the Cowboys had accomplished more during his four years here

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    -- Charean Williams

    Joe DeCamillis spent four seasons in Dallas. The special teams coordinator saw the ups -- a playoff berth in 2009 -- and the downs -- being injured in the practice facility collapse earlier in 2009 -- and he had hoped for more for the Cowboys during his time here.

    "It's a storied franchise," DeCamillis said Wednesday. "There are a lot of good people in that building. It's unfortunate that we didn't quite get it done. The last few games you have a chance to win the division two years in a row, and we just couldn't quite get it done. Unfortunate. I wish I could help more. I certainly enjoyed my time there."

    DeCamillis was given permission by the Cowboys to leave for Chicago, where he not only will replace Dave Toub as the Bears' special teams coordinator but will become assistant head coach.

    DeCamillis has ties to Chicago general manager Phil Emery from when both were in Atlanta.

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    The only unfortunate thing is that the fans had to watch the crap on the field
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    Their is a saying that goes a lil something like this; Don't let the door hit you in your bum on the way out. Wish you luck in Chicago.
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    That's nice to hear, anyway.

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    I read a quote from Decamilus in another article where he said something like "For whatever reason we couldn't get over the hump. Of course you need the players to do that".

    I remember the last paet spercifcally and thinking: REALLY?!?!?

    YOU, Decamilus, had more players to work with than anybody. ALL of your returners were coached like CRAP! You HAD the players on special teams; you did NOTHING with them.

    Remeber the year after the Roy Williams trade where our first draft pick was in the third round? Because of that we gave you an ALL-SPECIAL-TEAMS draft. The result: you dod NOTHING with that.

    Sorry, but YOU didn't help this team get over the hump, and YOU...HAD...the players.

    Have fun in Chicago, Coach D (for D-o-nothing!).

    And buh-bye from Dallas, don't let a falling tent slam your but on the way out.

    (Ok, that last part was a bit harsh, I admit! ;) ).
  6. Idgit

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    DeCamilis was probably talking more generally about personnel and not just ST personnel.

    If you really look at the jobs ST coordinators have to do swapping players in and out of rosters depending on who is active for a given game, it's not a job I'd wish on anybody. Add in the amount of roster churn we had this year as we added S and LBs on a weekly basis who then needed to be on the active roster, and I think Coach D deserves some slack, honestly.
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    I said it in another thread but I thought the downfall of Joe D started when the rules changed about wedge formations.

    He simply failed to adapt to it and our kickoff units were horribly bad combined with all the other issues they had it was time to make a change.

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    Great insight!

    I was miffed as to how (1) every kick returner would constantly run the ball out from deep in the end-zone instead of taking a knee and advancing it behind the 20, and (2) both kick and punt returners would run without protecting the ball, and having unecessary fumbles as a result.

    This happened ALL THE TIME, and that falls on coaching.
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  10. Future

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    He sucked before that too.

    The only thing I regret about him for the last 4 years is the fact that he was employed by the Cowboys.
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    I sure hope the new guy can protect the punters.
  12. Hoofbite

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    Kind words but not sad to see him go.

    While I will give him some kudos for overseeing the STs when Dallas found what looks to be a really good K and PR in 2012, I can't overlook the fact that the specials teams was pretty horrid at times. I also really like Chris Jones and hope he gets his job back. I probably think more highly of him than most but his placement and ability to give the coverage units time to get downfield in exchange for a couple yards is pretty good IMO.

    The KR game has been nothing special and has been supbar during his entire tenure. Highest rank they've achieved in return average is 20th. Only two returns over 50 yards and Sean Lissemore's 38 yard return is within 6 yards of being the 3rd longest in that 4 year span.

    Cumulative return average rank for the last four years is 28th and Dallas is 1 of 4 teams that hasn't returned a kickoff for a TD in that span.

    Punt team has had like 3 blocked punts for TDs in the last 4 years. Coverage units have given up scores.

    Time to move on. Good luck Joe.

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