joe forgenbaugh twitter, some players having good practice Senior Bowl

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 24, 2011.

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    JoeFortenbaugh Joe Fortenbaugh
    7 on 7's. Stanzi, Locker and Kaepernick at QB. Boise wide receiver Titus Young having an impressive practice...
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    I actually like young a lot, but we aren't in the market unfortunately. Or maybe I should say fortunately.
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    and if we are I am liking this guy

    Ryan Whalen WR Stan 6-1 #205

    at every practice with the ability to make the acrobatic reception looked ordinary. He possesses hands of glue and fights hard to come away with the ball. Whalen's concentration is very impressive as he never gave up on plays and worked hard, even during the drills.
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    Late addition Dwayne Harris out of East Carolina made a spectacular one-handed grab down the sidelines and routinely adjusted well to poorly thrown balls
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    I work with a guy who knows Kaepernick very well. Said he is great kid and hard worker. Someone who is very genuine and you like to hang around with. Although he did say he was better than Luck and thats when I told him at his age, drugs are bad.

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