Joe Mixon (OU) punching woman video finally released

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by jimmy40, Dec 16, 2016.

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    I was going to ask YOU to do the same for me!
    Hopefully, between the two of us, we'll remember.
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    Jedi mind trick?
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    Probably because our society makes excuses for women hitting men and focuses more on men hitting women. Don't get me wrong: domestic abuse is statistically tilted more towards women getting abused. But these women aren't hitting men.
    But the message to men is that they should never hit women - PERIOD - even if a woman hits you.
    I don't agree with this message. A man bigger than a woman shouldn't hit a woman even if she hits him. But ... a woman should never hit a man either.

    Because she hit Mixon first (not once but twice) and he reacted by punching her, I don't treat his situation the same as other domestic situations involving men who strike women for no reason at all. He should have been punished, but I don't think he should be kicked off the team. Nor do I think he should suffer in the draft because of it. Just my opinion.
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    So that gives her the right to hit him? Isn't that what we tell men they shouldn't do too?
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    I'm confused with your statement in relation to the question that was posed to me by the poster?

    The question wasn't whether it's right or wrong for a woman to hit a man. Rather, it was "What if a female comes at you with a cast iron frying pan, baseball bat, or a cleaver. Should you be able to defend yourself before you get cut or stabbed or worse."
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    Mixon also suspended for Iowa State game this year for parking ticket incident. at least this time he threw paper instead of a punch.

    Joe Mixon was so frustrated with a parking citation that he tore up the ticket in front of the parking attendant and threw it at the parking attendant.

    Mixon reportedly approached the parking attendant right after the citation was written.

    "Don't put that shi*t in my face," Mixon told the attendant, the incident report states.

    Mixon then ripped the citation in half and threw it at the parking attendant.

    According to the incident report, the torn pieces hit the parking attendant in the face.

    Mixon then got into his vehicle and "inched at the officer with vehicle in drive to intimidate the officer with vehicle,"
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    Wouldn't hurt my feelings if this undid Stoops and OU football.
    Obviously I have no idea what is true about what was said or not but seems like racial slurs seem to be the go to defense for anyone who commits an assault these days.

    Amazing to me how trouble seems to always find these athletes. The problems start long before the incident where guys walk into situations where drinking, drugs, or violence is going on and then are surprised when an incident happens.
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    I didn't see that question. Yes, you should be able to defend yourself if you can't get away. Even if a woman were coming after me with those instruments, I'd try to get away. If I couldn't, I'd knock her into next week.
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    What difference does it make?
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    Where I come from NONE.
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