News: John Lynch: The beauty of Monte Kiffin's defense is in its simplicity

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 10, 2013.

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    -- Charean Williams

    John Lynch is a candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He credits a big part of his success to the eight years he spent in Monte Kiffin's defense in Tampa.

    "Monte was one of the finest coaches in any sport, at any level I have ever been around," said Lynch, who had 541 tackles, seven forced fumbles and 23 interceptions in 11 years with the Bucs. "I think what he did was revolutionary on defense in terms of what we did. I think the beauty of it was the simplicity. We didn't try to trick people. He believed in doing a few things and doing them, and learning the intricacies so well that it was kind of a deal where, 'Hereit is. Go ahead and stop it.' You have to great players to do that. I know that. At times that seemed to denigrate the role of the coordinator, but I thought to the contrary. I thought that was brilliance of him."

    Like Derrick Brooks, Lynch believes his former defensive coordinator will be highly motivated if he gets a job with the Cowboys. Kiffin burned some bridges with the way he left Tampa in 2008.

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    We shall see...
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    good luck with that......


    The Shanahans

    Mike McCarthy

    Kevin Gilbride..........and most every other OC in the NFC :mad:
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    I kind of like this, simplicity that is, our players just don't seem all that bright. to be fair it appears that way more on offense than defense with WR's running around before the snap and olinemen whiffing on blocks. But even on defense it looked like they were lost sometimes so I'm thinking positive on this. wish we had a simplistic offense so I could be sparred watching ogletree not know where to line up every play. I swear my mom knows his position better than him and my mom still has trouble with the VCR
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    well, I thought that was the problem with Rob's defense....the opposing team found it simple enough to score points on it. We sure didn't trick them either.

    As for having to have great players to run it......strike two.

    And if anyone is going to denigrate the role of the coordinator, CZ can handle that, thank you.....
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    Yeah yeah, everyone thought Ryan was great too. Even if this guy does have some past results I'm going to wait to see it before I believe it, thanks.
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    It's hard to get excited over a new DC who is 72 and hasn't served as a DC for five years now. I'll defiinitely have to see some positive results before singing anyone's praises at this point in time. Jerry still needs to fire himself as GM and hire a legitimate one before he stirs up any real excitement in me.

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    Sounds like a guy who doesn't want to adapt. Offenses have evolved too much for him. He proved it at USC.
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    When the Bears were on TV the analyst would say the same stuff about their D. Very simple, the offence knows what they are gonna do. You just gotta beat them.

    We will see how the offseason goes. I'm cautiously optimistic.
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    A simple has been defense to go with our simple has been style offense.

    Isn't that sweet!

    Boy, we're really going to be that team rich with nothing but history and modern day market positioning to make that gold ole $.

    Jerry, just get Lovie to be DC and Pete Carmichael to be OC if you're gonna continue this joke of you being a GM.

    At least give your whipping boy a fighting chance with 2 guys that have the expertise and personality to work well with him.
  11. respectdatstar

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    He wasn't DC for USC within last 5 years?
  12. Joe Rod

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    Oregon and Arizona fans might claim that USC had no DC during those years :laugh2:
  13. dadymat

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    Good read , thanks for posting WG.....its good to hear from people who know what they are talking about in regards to MK.....hope they are right....:starspin
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    RG3 is going to light us up.

    We don't have the players to play simple football.

    Our d line can't consistently win 1 on 1's.

    So frustrating.
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    Couldn't we have found a younger DC? 72 years old? How long will we be able to build around him?

    Then again, Jerry Jones will just fire him in 2 years. No biggie.
  16. erod

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    You mean USC, where his idiot son resides and all the scholarships are gone because of Pete Carroll's cheating?

    Kiffin had a DOMINANT defense for 13 years at Tampa. And that was as recent as Wade's tenure here.

    Dick LeBeau won a Super Bowl at the same age.
  17. ajk23az

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    I've seen many times on here where people were claiming RR's defense was too complicated for our players, because we have dumb players, now we don't have the players to play simple football as well? :laugh2:

    Give.Me.A.Break :cool:

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