Johnny Football will be better than Joe Montana

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rash, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Hey Sas, how have you been. I haven't seen you around in a while. Good to see you posting.
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    Johnny Manziel (I refuse to call him Johnny Football because there are 21 other football players on the field also) will not even be the best QB coming out of next years draft and most likely not even the second.
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    he's only a sophomore, I doubt he comes out till after his junior year, would be a mistake to be a 20 year old NFL rookie ala Alex Smith...since we are comparing him to Niner quarterbacks.
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    Johnny Manziel does have a legitimate chance at being better than Joe Montana

    Just not at playing quarterback
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    Manziel is 20 years old right now and will turn 21 in December. Alex Smith was 21 as a rookie as well.

    I think it depends on what kind of year Manziel and A&M have that will determine if he comes out early or sticks around for another season.
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    no way in hell Manziel comes back unless he's hurt the whole year, no way he'll play bad against that schedule with 8? games at Kyle Field. Dude doesn't even want to be on campus now.
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    The more I read about Manziel the more I can't stand the kid. He is a d-bag and not the "right kind of guy". I hope he never has a star on his helmet.
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    Please do not post images with language in them or links to images or videos with language in them.

    That means...Don't post the Twitter message Johnny Football posted that said he can not wait to get out of College Station but has language in it.
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    Based on what? The fact that he parties with chicks in college :laugh2:

    He might be a d bag, but he's 20 and in the limelight. Id be a d bag too.
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    some excerpts from Sprotsday DFW

    Dat Nguyen: Johnny Manziel reminds me of Tony Romo

    Parcells still wishes he had unleashed Romo earlier...

    Former Texas A&M and Dallas Cowboys linebacker Dat Nguyen doesn’t have to look outside the state to find an NFL player that reminds him of Aggies Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel. During a Monday radio interview Nguyen pointed directly to a quarterback that he saw up close during his days at Valley Ranch.
    “He reminds me so much of Tony Romo,” Nguyen said on the BaD Radio show on 1310 The Ticket [KTCK-AM]. “It’s unbelievable. He can play golf. He can play basketball. He can do a 360 (degree) dunk. For a guy that’s barely six-foot, and he’s white, not being racial. It’s uncommon. He’s just one of those it guys. He just has it.”
    While returning to the topic of Romo, Nguyen, who played in Dallas from 1999-2005, said former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells told him recently that he wishes he would’ve “pulled the trigger earlier on Romo” and put him in the lineup.
    Despite not playing in an NFL game until 2006, Romo was frequently showcasing his ability in practice. Nguyen vividly remembered preparing for an upcoming opponent on a Friday when Romo was the scout team QB.
    Nguyen said the linebackers were taught to read the quarterback’s eyes on passing plays. Romo’s ability to fool defenders, looking one way before quickly completing a pass to the opposite side of the field caused Parcells and defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer to rip into Nguyen and fellow linebacker Dexter Coakley.
    “Parcells and Zimmer were like, ‘What the bleep are you guys doing? It’s Friday. It’s Perfect Friday and you guys are messing up,’” Nguyen said. “And we were like, ‘Coach, it’s Romo. This kid is good.’

    “He was one of those guys that just had it. And he just needed an opportunity.”

    Who knows...maybe Manziel wil have it at the pro level too?
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    :lmao2: Instant classic?
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    Well done sir

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    There was an article, not too long ago about how Manziel was supposed to be suspended for the entire year last season but apparently he was going to transfer so Summlin wrote a letter and that got Manziel out of dutch on the suspension. If not for that letter, Manziel probably would not have been at Texas A&M. Doesn't sound to me like he's very invested in that school, based on some of these factors.
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    I read that report as well.
    The kid sure is fun to watch.
    Still, there's something about him that I can't quite put my finger on that gives me some pause.
    Nothing major though.
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    CZ should drug test or have a breathalyzer attached to your keyboard every time someone wants to post.

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