Recap: Jon Machota: Tweet Recap from Jerry Jones Interview

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 1, 2013.

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    Jon Machota ‏@********** 22m
    Jerry Jones: Getting Travis Frederick, a player we needed, and also a WR like Terrance Williams "makes that a very successful trade for us."

    Jerry Jones on not being interested in Tim Tebow: "We wish Tim all the luck and all the best in the world, but we're going forward there."

    Jerry Jones: "Drafting Frederick was a big thing for us. Uniquely for us, the center of the line is so important."

    Jerry Jones: Jay Ratliff "will flourish in this defensive scheme." He's "gonna have an outstanding year."

    Jerry Jones: "The defense should be the strength of our team." #Cowboys

    Jerry Jones: Moving to a 4-3 defense will help us "better utilize" Jay Ratliff. Opposing teams "will have to leave somebody singled-up."

    Jerry Jones: "I think [DeMarcus] Ware's gonna have a much better chance for stats than he's had in the past in the 3-4."

    Jerry Jones on Tyron, Free and Parnell: "They put us in great shape at our tackles. That's why we focused on the interior of our o-line."

    Jerry Jones: "I don't know when I've ever seen a player impress our staff without having played in a ball game any more than Matt Johnson."

    Jerry Jones: "This draft was to get these players on the field right now. Romo got the $ b/c of right now. We're interested in right now."

    Jerry Jones: "These last two years with a healthy Tony Romo ... are arguably the most frustrating years that I've ever had."

    Jerry Jones: "Certainly... We have a way here that Doug [Free] could flourish and it has to do with [Jermey] Parnell being here as well."

    Jerry Jones on Anthony Spencer: "We'd like to have him under a long-term agreement. He knows that."

    Jerry Jones on Johnny Manziel: "Gosh, do I enjoy watching him and I'm enjoying our Heisman Trophy winner."

    Did the Cowboys underestimate the Seattle Seahawks in a Week 2 loss last season? Jerry Jones: "I think maybe we did."

    Jerry Jones on Joseph Randle: "His appeal to us was that we didn't lose anything, we had a very similar back [to DeMarco Murray]."

    Jerry Jones: "As we sit here today, I feel very good about where we are at running back. I didn't feel that good before the draft."

    Jerry: Dez Bryant's "going to do the kinds of things off the field as a citizen, as a player that will keep him in the league a long time."

    Jerry Jones: Monte Kiffin's 4-3 defense "will allow younger guys to play earlier."
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    Boy I love reading this stuff, time to take it out on Eli this year.
  3. Bowdown27

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    I don't like that whole free and Parnell can flourish tweet. I want free gone like everyone else
  4. Aliencowboy

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    It seems like JJ wants Free to play RG and Parnell to be
    at RT.

    Something like: LTSmith LGLeary CFrederick RGFree RTParnell
  5. SHAMSzy

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    No, Parnell as starter with Free spelling him on lesser pay, at least IMO. Also don't forget about Costa. They love him.

    I am so intrigued by Matt Johnson, why does everyone in the Dallas organization have a man crush on him?
  6. RastaRocket

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    I want to know how much they have seen of Matt Johnson on the practice field. If they have seen a lot of him then I will feel a little better.
  7. Teague31

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    Free and flourish should never appear in the same sentence
  8. theogt

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    If Matt Johnson could actually be a player, that would be huge.
  9. TheCount

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    WHAT?! Better utilize? Are you saying he was less utilized as an undersized, pass rushing, 3-4 NT? NO WAI!
  10. CyberB0b

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    Classic. :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  11. marchetta

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    How impressive can Matt Johnson be if they were interested in Vaccarro? Not buying it Jerrah.
  12. EPL0c0

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    Shh! The is he who shall not be named. Just saying his name could cause his hamstring to tear or his knee to blow out.
  13. theogt

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    Last I checked we do use two safeties.
  14. funkytown

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    And i'm not so sure they were that interested in Vacarro to begin with. Alot of that was media hype. Obviously not that interested in the top safeties period.

    We had a chance for Reid at 18, traded down.

    Had a chance at Elam or Cyprien at 31, took Frederick.
  15. RastaRocket

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    I was shocked the Niners traded up for Reid. If you want to talk about a reach, that is more of a reach than Frederick.
  16. funkytown

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    I'm not. They are a complete team that has very little needs. And they had a ton of picks. So they had nothing to lose really.

    They lost Dashon Goldson to free agency and identified Reid as they guy they wanted. Funny how nobody in the media views it as a reach. But if the Cowboys would have taken Reid at 18, it would have been a huge reach in most eyes.

    Give me Frederick and Williams vs. Reid.

    But really its going to be Frederick and Wilcox vs. Reid. If JJ Wilcox out performs Eric Reid, Matt Elam, John Cyprien then this trade will be a huge success.
  17. Galian Beast

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    Jerry loves to get the huge spash, why would he decide against drafting Shariff he fell?

    Because he wanted to get the sexy pick? The Center out of Wisconsin....

    Could Kiffin be telling the truth, that Shariff wasn't highly valued in his Tampa 2? No, he is just covering up for Jerry, so Jerry could get his sexy pick. The Center out of Wisconsin...
  18. BAT

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    Jerry must not understand nuance. Kiffin is not running a 4-3, so I have heard.
  19. CowboyFan74

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    Butter.... Cuz ur on a roll tonight buuuuddy...:D
  20. Frozen700

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    He's the guy I'm rooting for most this season.

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