Jonathan Cooper not a Cowboy, but if he were ...

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Reverend Conehead, Aug 2, 2013.

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    It sucks that Jonathan Cooper is a Cardinal. He's just the type of guard the Cowboys could have used. I think he's going help make a big improvement to The Card's O-line. I'm glad we got Frederick, but I really had thought Costa can could come through for us there. Alas, there was just no way Cooper could fall far enough for us to get him and the Cards scooped him up with their #7. I guess Jones could conceivably have done a trade up for him like we did last year for Claiborne, but it would be tough to lose a 2nd again. Plus, it's never a given that you can find another team willing to strike a deal like that.

    I was hoping beyond hope that we would get him somehow. I'll have the NFL ticket again this season and will probably catch some Cardinals games just to see Cooper play.
  2. honyock

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    Just to make you feel a little worse, here is a blurb from an Arizona TC report on the first day Cooper practiced after ending his holdout:

  3. FiveRings

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    I thought this was going to be another Riley Cooper thread, might wanna throw in a first name to avoid confusion/mod reprehension
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    Yeah, he was our dream pick. But he went so early, he really was not in striking range.

    At least our current draft class is looking half-way decent so far in camp.

    But no doubt, he would have been ideal.
    I can only imagine how easy it would be for the passing game and red-zond offense if we could actually run the ball and pass protect.
    I'm sure Carson Palmer appreciates the draft pick.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Can't say I'm surprised. I felt like he was going to be a special player and it looks, at least early on, as if he will be.

    I too wish we would have had the chance to draft him. Would have been nice to send Larry in with a game that featured another Guard that could carry on his Legacy.
  6. speedkilz88

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    I was reading reports that DC Jefferson is doing well with them also.
  7. Eskimo

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    It's a shame that it was such a weak draft at the top. I would have loved to have Cooper and thought he was probably the best player in the draft irrespective of position. Guards don't go in the top 10 for about 20 years and then it happens twice in one draft.

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