Jones Says Record Won't Be Deciding Factor For Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bluestang, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Impressive analogy.
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    Okay, I'm going to again make a comparison, because I absolutely agree with the substance of this. Tom Landry was smart from the word go. It took his team several years to catch up to his visions When they did, it was magical. The best time of my life as a football fan was knowing every year we were in the hunt. That simply isn't easy to do, and in this day and age of football, it is even harder to do IMO because there is a salary cap, and tangible (make that fungible) efforts to keep parity. Landry did not apply them well at first. Do you know when it sank in for the players? According to Bob Lilly it happened when Landry stood before them and wept because he had not been able to convey his concepts well enough for them to be accepted.

    Now, I'm not saying Garrett needs to cry in front of his team so that they want to go to war for him, but I am saying that it is entirely possible that the team, being young, and in transition has not yet caught up to his vision of the team yet. I absolutely think the key veterans have. I absolutely think the coaches have. The key is when will the rest of the team? I actually think it happened 2 years ago for the most part when the last of the malcontents were removed, but as I continue to say we've been too injured the last 2 years to do anything about it, particularly on Defense.

    Love Dick Jauron personally. You don't see the relevance. I call those parallels. I do. I don't see the relevance of a belief in a trend in football. You do. It doesn't make either of us wrong, it just makes us different in approach. Personally I'm okay with that. In truth I do not see Garrett as a Noll in the making. I don't see him as anyone in particular in the making. That is why I for the most part do not compare him to other coaches. I did in this thread make a consolation about intelligence.

    Well, I could promise to never use a stat again in a conversation we are having but I'd probably forget and do it anyway, so no promises.

    Now, I'm going to make a comparison because I agree. Rolando McClain, Henry Melton, Brandon Weeden, Ryan Williams, Uche Nwaneri, Amobi Okoye, Justin Durant, and Terrell McClain. I am probably forgetting someone. All are examples to me of that kind of Free Agent signing. Veteran guys with starting experience, who can come in and get your team through until they draft someone great to take over. Like we hopefully have done with Zack Martin.

    I think we're seeing smart deals, combined with solid drafting now, and with a focus on improvement and creating tradition. I'm not really sure what there is to be pissed about beyond 8-8, and as I've mentioned repeatedly, injuries played a huge factor in the last 2 years of that.

    That's a good comparison to me. I think the waiver of John Abraham was a huge negative factor for them too. He was a true leader on their Defense and they lacked that last year. My biggest fear is the loss of Ware for similar reasons. I hope Lawrence can pick up some of the slack his leaving makes. I hope we can offset the loss of Lee with the arrival of McClain, whom I still have a lot of faith in.

    And I think we are the opposite. Put our Offense with that Defense and I will guarantee you a Super Bowl. I think either team could have their strength carry them a long way, but the weaker side is going to have to be the difference for each team at some point. That is why I like the youth movement we are making. Put as many hungry dogs on the field as you can at one time, and turn them loose. It isn't perfect, but if it supplements this Offense, which I think can be great, I'll take it.

    Switzer didn't hire himself. The day he was hired I predicted the Cowboys would have a downward spiral that would take years to dig out of. Great college coach. A disaster in the NFL when the talent quit being hungry enough to carry this team.

    All Head Coaches are the architects, but some of them aren't as good as others at building. Barry Switzer was, by all accounts, a great guy to be around. There's no denying he is a football legend. But at the college level. He wasn't an architect like Jimmy Johnson, who I think was a visionary coach in some ways. The talent carried that team, whereas the talent in conjunction with the Head Coach built it. That's what I want to see again.

    I'm not among the lynch Jerry crowd. I have my issues with him, but I also happen to think he is a top notch, caring individual, and I respect that. I think he's a hell of a lot smarter about football than his harshest critics are if you want to be truthful. Who would you rather talk football with, Jerry Jones, or Dale Hansen? I'll take Jerry all day, every day.

    Did you hear the podcast I did with Ted Sundquist, former GM of the Broncos? If not, PM me and I'll get you the link. His praise of Jerry might surprise you. He basically ratified what I have been saying about the management of this football team and how all teams operate. Namely as a consortium of opinions designed to come to a solid conclusion rather than some lone gun playing fantasy football with a real team.

    Frog will always be one of my favorites. Did you know his team nickname was Frog? If not, you do now.

    Part of me agrees with this. Part of me disagrees vehemently. I am going to address that part with one question. Coaches you admire don't "blow" games? I personally have never seen that Coach at any level of football.

    I've never expected my validation on my convictions to come from any other place.

    So, what you are saying is if he created a run and shoot that was hard to deal with for one year, maybe a year and half it would impress you more than teaching sound football principles does?

    It won't me.

    Forgive me, but I just don't see the relevance of worrying about why any coach makes a switch.

    I'll make a prediction for you right now that is no doubt about it going to stir up trouble here. I apologize for that now. If we have another good, Defensive Line focused draft in 2015 we're going to win the Super Bowl, maybe a couple of them, with this team and staff. After that, we're going to be in a rebuilding mode to replace Romo possibly. But, I think we're a lot more ready for that than we were when we lost Troy. Not because we've drafted our Steve Young or Danny White to replace a legend (I realize calling Tony that is risky) but because we'll have a veteran team capable of leading a rookie Draft pick when we need to go that route. I think we're going to grab out future QB in 2015 personally and this will be moot. My point is, this team is grooming.

    I don't want you or anyone else to eat crow. Well, maybe a few people it would be funny as hell, but I probably put those jerks on Ignore anyway. You want me to eat crow if this goes down in flames, fine. I will. I did with Drew Henson. I'm not afraid of being wrong. We're all wrong from time to time.

    I'm not wrong about this guy. If me saying that upsets people, oh well. Either they will get over it, or they won't. I'm way past the point of caring what some people think. I don't want you to eat crow. I want you to open your eyes beyond 8-8 to see what is being built. if that doesn't thrill you, then I don't know what can. The fact of the matter is greatness is built steadily so it can be sustained. It is not a one year up, next year down, take a lot of risks for another year up type of "trend." We all want sustained greatness. That comes with a price that we are paying. There will be a pay off. Book it.
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    Wow!!!! Excellent post!!!!
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    For the zillionth time, I'd like to see any studies showing any correlation between perceived academic quality of university attended and NFL head coaching success. You won't find it because it doesn't exist.

    So far Garrett is much more like the guy next to him in my sig. That guy was a football lifer also, his dad had a jillion times the success of Garrett's dad, and he went to an even more acclaimed Ivy league university.

    He also absolutely sucked as a coach.
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    Well, Shula did not play the media like a fiddle using bland coachspeak. So there's that.
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    Yea, its amazing that Garrett is the 10th longest tenured head coach in the NFL and has yet to even post a winning record.

    And folks wonder why so many think Garrett is here, not because of merit, but because he lets Jerry pseudo run the team.

    Just saying.
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    We're building something special here. And while we're building, our franchise QB is a year older with some health concerns. Just wait until Romo is longer here to save Garrett's ***.
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    Family portrait for 400 alex.
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    I agree, I was screaming to call time out after the Dez completion. You are so right about the "icing the kicker" catchphrase because it takes the light off of the real game mismanagement which was not calling a timeout immediately after the Dez reception.
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    Yet all indications are Jerry gives Jason more control than Wade had. Go figure. Nice foil hat Beast.
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    I was there in the stadium with thousands of other screaming cowboys fans, shaking our heads and being laughed at by cardinals fans. It was as if every person in that stadium recognized that coaching blunder in real time.

    Like a 14 year old Spalding furiously miming a time-out that never comes.
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    He also didn't have the right number of phases in his process.
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    This. I hate when people bring up the "icing the kicker" talking point. The real blunder was after the Dez completion. People forget that b/c "icing the kicker" sounds better for headlines.
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    Probably true except for that time Jerry visited his coach on the sidelines during the game and told him to take his QB out.
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    To be completely honest, and not to be inflammatory or sexist, but so was my wife who never watched a game of football until we started dating 5 years ago. When she knew something as perfunctory as that, it really set off some light bulbs.
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    Sorry, but a lot of this stinks of hindsight to me. Garrett said after the game that he feared a negative play and that he was at the range he wanted to be in. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but a quick glance at the statistics show that may have very well been the last field goal that Bailey has missed from 40-49 (he was perfect from 40-49 in 2012 and 2013). So to recap, Garrett discerned that the ball was at the point where his kicker was almost automatic and there is a ton of evidence to support that. He ran the clock down to ensure no further opportunities for the Cards. He feared a negative play, because at those distances a few yards really do matter. It sounds like most of you are mad because Bailey missed the kick, which is usually the case when hindsight is 20/20.

    If you are mad because Garrett played it safe, then of course there are tons of hypocrites on this board who got mad when Garrett tried to pick up a first down running against the Lions last year and got burned because Tyron Smith committed a totally ridiculous, inexcusable penalty. Even without the penalty, there was strong statistical evidence that Garrett's call was perfectly defensible (over an 80% probability of winning at that point) but because it didn't work (hindsight), people got mad.
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    Good point re the Lions call.

    For my part, you call a safe run in both those situations and don't anticipate a mental error by an OT. I still think it was a mistake that may have cost us the game not to get it closer in AZ, though.
  18. Super_Kazuya

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    I absolutely agree that you simply can't call plays with a fear that someone will commit a penalty. In that sense, it was a mistake. However, at the end of the day all Garrett did was put the game in the hands of his most dependable resource. He did not put the game in the hands of Romo and Dez, who showed how good they are at playing catch in a similar situation earlier that year by throwing the ball right to Revis. He did not put the game in the hands of our offensive line, who had already committed a penalty on the drive and no doubt with the antics of the departed Alex Barron still fresh in his mind from last season. He ran the clock down and put the game in the hands of Bailey, and there is mountains of evidence to show that is usually a good move (except this time).
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    It took Landry's teams several years to catch up to his visions because he started off with an expansion team. The Cowboys didn't even have a draft pick their first season. Landry had to build the Cowboys from the ground up while competing with Lombardi's great Packers teams. Expansion teams back in the 60's started off with the worst players imaginable. Many years later even Landry laughed about the players he got stuck with when he first took over the Cowboys. The 1960 Cowboys are ranked as one of the top 10 worst teams in NFL history but their record improved the next 2 seasons. Garrett took over a Cowboys team that was only one season removed from an 11-5 season and a playoff win. The team Garrett inherited was picked by many prior to the 2010 season to end up in the SB.

    Landry didn't start off with a Tony Romo, Demarcus Ware, Jason Witten and a Dez Bryant. The system that's in place today has brought along parity but it's also made it possible for teams like NE to compete for the SB every season. During Landry's era teams had to build through the draft and with trades. Free agency has allowed teams to add veteran players who can step right in and fill a hole. Expansion teams today have it so much better off than they did when the Cowboys entered the league in 1960. Every NFL team has to make available at least 5 players from which expansion teams can choose from. Expansion teams are given a ton of cap space and a top 10 draft pick. It's important to the NFL that expansion teams are successful and are given every opportunity to be competitive from day one. If a team can manage the salary cap they can stay competitive for years as the Pats have proven.

    Jerry has signed some bad contracts the latest being Sean Lee which helped cost him Demarcus Ware. No one knows what Garrett could be if he had the same control Tom Landry had with the Cowboys. Tom Landry wouldn't work for the Jerry Jones we've been seeing the past 20 years. Tom Landry wouldn't put up with Jerry walking over to him "during a game" telling him to yank his QB like he did with Garrett during the Philly game a few years ago. I can't recall ever seeing anything like that during a game and it shows what a yes man Garrett is. Tom Landry did things HIS way as did Jimmy. As long as it continues to be Jerry's way the Cowboys will stay mediocre at best.

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    Hey look Midswat has dropped the act.
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