Jones vs. Jones - How things have changed for Julius and Kevin.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Nov 20, 2005.

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    It's interesting what has happened to the running backs featured in today's game. Remember last year's big debate? Kevin Jones vs. Julius Jones. We had a shot at KJ and took Julius instead and both of 'em came on real strong the second half of the season. I read many publications that predicted these guys to be #1 and #2 in rushing yards this season. KJ is struggling to do much of anything this year, and Julius has looked average in the healthy minutes he's received too, and making Cowboys fans wonder if Marion Barber is the better running back.

    Meanwhile, Cadillac was the supposed steal of the draft for first round running backs at the beginning of this season, and now Ronnie Brown is the man. Tatum Bell and Stephen Jackson, who some people were calling busts last year, have both looked more impressive than Julius and Kevin this year too.

    I guess my main point is that you really can't predict running backs these days until after they've been in the league a few years. Like Parcells always preaches, the good ones have longevity. Some guys just can't take the beating every week. Some guys can't take being what defenses key in on. Emmitt was a physical freak. Ladainian Tomlinson has the talent and has managed to stay on the field most of his career, even in years where the passing game in San Diego was terrible.

    I think it will be probably 2007 before we really know who won the running back sweepstakes last year, and who should win between JJ, Barber and Tyson this year.
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    Mornin TruBlueCowboy. Very good post. I am hoping that after today, we know that the Cowboys took the better of the two Jones's.
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    I have to be honest that I really wonder about JJ. He has looked weak all year and last year he seemed to get most of his yards on a single formation. I know BP worked with him in the off season to round him out but it seems to have flattened him out. Hopefully my worry is for not but until I see him take a game on his shoulders again like he did last year I am worried.
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    Cant really judge any player until a few years out.

    The thing is that BOTH of these guys keep getting hurt. Its hard to say which is better.

    I thought both of them would be having 1400 yd seasons. But at this point it seems unlikely.

    I hate injuries.
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    There is an old saying- if it ain't broke, don't fix it. All JJ had to do to my eyes was get better at catching the ball. I guess BP disagreed. Looks like I was right and he was wrong.

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