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    JSOnline's Bob McGinn is one of the best beat writers on the draft and he kicks off his position rankings with QBs today. He's always got a lot of quotes sources from scouts and NFL execs and tries to balance out differing opinions.

    From the feature article...


    Here are JSOnline's rankings with scout's quotes.

    1. Luck
    2. RG3
    3. Tannehill
    4. Cousins
    5. Wheeden
    6. Osweiler
    7. Wilson
    8. Moore
    9. Lindley
    10. Foles


    Kind of eyebrow raising that RG3 got dinged by one scout for having an arrogance/attitude problem, which I had never heard of or seen. Maybe since he knew exactly where and when he was going in the draft he wasn't as accommodating and gracious in the pre-draft process as players typically are. I know he turned down a visit to the Colts.
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    I agree he does a good job on the draft. The anonymous scouts article is the best.
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