Judge rules man who beheaded a passenger not responsible

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    Someone in this story has a serious mental illness... However, it's not the defendant, it's the judge!

    WINNIPEG, Manitoba — A Canadian judge has ruled that a man accused of beheading and cannibalizing a fellow bus passenger is not criminally responsible due to mental illness.
    Justice John Scurfield decided Thursday that Chinese immigrant Vince Li should not be held accountable for stabbing Tim McLean dozens of times last July and dismembering his body while horrified passengers fled.
    The judge said Li's attack was "grotesque" and "barbaric" but "strongly suggestive of a mental disorder."
    Scurfield found that Li "did not appreciate the actions he committed were morally wrong. He believed he was acting in self-defense."
    Both the prosecution and the defense had argued that Li couldn't be held responsible because Li was suffering from schizophrenia and believed God wanted him to kill McLean because the young man was a force of evil.

    The decision means Li will be treated in a mental institution instead of going to prison.
    The decision brings an end to a trial that barely lasted two days and only heard from two witnesses — both psychiatrists — who testified that Li is mentally ill and didn't realize that killing McLean was wrong.

    McLean's family has dismissed the trial as a "rubber stamp" that is allowing Li to get away with murder.
    They want to change the law that allows people who are found not criminally responsible to be released into the community once they are deemed well without serving a minimum sentence in jail.
    Carol deDelley, McLean's mother, said her son didn't die in vain. His death highlights concerns about the justice system, she said.
    "Now people are aware that there is a problem," she said.
    That Li killed the 22-year-old carnival worker — brutally stabbing him dozens of times, beheading him and then mutilating his body — was never in question at the trial.
    Li has admitted he killed McLean but pleaded not guilty.
    Witnesses said Li attacked McLean unprovoked, stabbing him dozens of times, as their Greyhound bus traveled at night along a desolate stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway. When captured, Li apologized and pleaded with police to kill him.
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    They need more government regulation of sharp objects. If all sharp objects were illegal, this would never have happened.
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    I don't have a problem with him being confined to a mental institution, but he should never be released...

    I remember quite a few years back that a Texas A&M student stabbed his dorm-mate to death during finals. The defense was that the pressure of school had deemed him temporarily insane. He went to a mental institution for a year or so and then was released and permitted back into school. How would you like to have him as a roommate?
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    Sharp objects don't kill people, people kill people. If all sharp objects are outlawed, only criminals will have sharp objects.

    Besides, how will we cut our steaks?

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    You would be required to hire a government approved steak cutter to come to your home and cut the steak in the official government mandated way.

    Great franchise opportunity.:)
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    This reminds me of a George Carlin bit where he talks about all the security only to have the stewardess give you knife.

    "Its only a table knife but you could kill a guy with a table knife".

    "Or suppose you just had really big hands. You could strangle a flight attendant"
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    I will miss George Carlin. Regardless of political affiliation, he was a funny SOB.

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