Julius Jones estimates

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hiero, Apr 25, 2004.

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    Great post.
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    By the way, try "deans".

    Wow. What graduate school let you in?
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    :D Hard to believe huh?
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    OK, mods....

    the new site looks great, but trash like this is ruining it for the rest of us. The idiots have really come out of the woodwork on draft weekend, and I guess maybe that's to be expected no matter how a draft goes... but now it's just getting ridiculous.
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    Dude chill. JJ is not a moron. I'm sorry, you do need half a brain to get into ND, sports or no sports. Unlike schools like Miami, FSU, USC, etc. If you take the top 100 High School seniors in football, ND has to scratch off quite a few because they couldn't get into ND. It's the truth. You'll change you're tune about the moron comment. Have you ever even heard him in an extended interview? He is not dumb. He did have to drop out of ND for a year, but he did attend Arizona St. instead, got his grades up and worked out with his brother who was playing with the Cardinals at the time. Give the kid some credit. He learned from his mistakes and matured in the process. He will be successful in the NFL.
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    I love guys that start flame posts than won't even give us what he is asking for, an estimate of Jones' stats.

    He will be around 1,000 yards rushing, 350 receiving with 12 TDs. He will average 4.7 yards a carry, but his stats will be less because Parcells will spread the ball around.
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    It depends entirely on the role he'll have with the team.

    If he's a 16-game starter, I could see 1100 yards with about a 4.1 average. Not spectacular, but productive. If he's a part time player, it may be more around 700 yards, but with a higher average given that teams wouldn't be keying in on him (much like Hambrick's average was far better as a backup).

    I could also see him catching 25-30 passes given that they seem really high on him as a pass-catcher out of the backfield.

    I think he's good enough to be productive, I really do. But I'm not expecting spectacular stats at this point.
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    Does this guy live under a rock or what? Miss this story? :confused:

    Former Notre Dame great Paul Hornung has apologized for controversial comments he made on how the Fighting Irish can improve their football fortunes.

    Hornung with his 1956 Heisman Trophy.
    Hornung told Detroit's AM-1270 The Sports Station, an ESPN radio affiliate, on Tuesday that Notre Dame must ease up on its academic restrictions because "we gotta get the black athlete. We must get the black athlete if we're going to compete," Hornung said.

    Hornung was asked in the interview about the state of college football and why it seems that there "just aren't giants anymore."

    "No, no," Hornung said in agreement. The interviewer asked, "Is it limited scholarships?" Hornung then gave his response.

    Hornung said that Notre Dame's schedule was a factor in his having that opinion.

    "You can't play that type of schedule," Hornung said. "We're playing eight bowl teams next year ... and it's always year in and year out ... one of the toughest schedules.

    "You can't play a schedule like that unless you have the black athlete today. You just can't do it, and it's very, very tough, still, to get into Notre Dame. They just don't understand it, yet they want to win."

    Notre Dame spokesman Matthew Storin called Hornung an illustrious alumnus but objected to his comments.

    "We strongly disagree with the thesis of his remarks," Storin said in a statement. "They are generally insensitive and specifically insulting to our past and current African-American student-athletes."

    On The Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio on Wednesday, Hornung apologized. He told Patrick, in hindsight, that he should have said that Notre Dame should lower its standards to get in any athlete, not just black athletes. And he said that he still hopes Notre Dame lowers its standards to the standards of the teams the Irish are competing against.

    Hornung told Patrick that former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz once showed him a list of the top 50 recruits, and Hornung said that Holtz told him that the university's admissions office would let him try to recruit only three of those 50 based on their academic records. Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown, who played for Holtz at Notre Dame, defended Hornung's character, if not his thoughts on success.

    "I know Paul very well and I've been around him for many years. Sometimes things come out of your mouth that you wish didn't ... but I know him enough to say he's not a racist," Brown said Thursday on ESPN Radio's AllNight.

    Brown argued, however, that it would not be in the school's best interests to ease academic requirements.

    "Everyone is convinced they're making it to the NFL and they don't concentrate on being a student," Brown said. "I've asked kids why don't they consider Notre Dame, and they say it's too tough. The kids these days are just looking for the easy way. If Notre Dame doesn't win games because they don't lower their standards, I can live with that. But to lower your standards just to win football games is a wrong decision."

    "I was wrong,'' Hornung told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Wednesday. "What I should have said is: For all athletes, it is really tough to get into Notre Dame.''

    Hornung said in the AP interview that he changed his mind after being flooded with telephone calls from friends and media.

    "I stood by my comments, but then when you have time to reflect you can always come up with some ideas," he said. "I rethought it, and if I had to do over again, I wouldn't."

    Hornung said he hadn't talked with anyone from the university, but he had heard the school's response.

    "I don't know if it was insulting, I would say insensitive. It was insensitive because I didn't include the white athletes," he said.

    Of the 68 scholarship players on Notre Dame's spring roster, 35 are black and 33 are white. Of the incoming freshmen, 12 are black and five are white. That would make Notre Dame's roster next season 55 percent black if no one leaves.

    According to the latest NCAA statistics available, during the 2001-02 season 49 percent of Division I-A football players were white and 44 percent were black.

    "Our records show that admission requirements for athletes have remained constant over those years in which we have had both great success and occasional disappointments with our football teams," Storin said.

    Hornung, who is part of the Westwood One Radio team that broadcasts Notre Dame games, has previously criticized the school, saying its academic requirements have hurt the athletic department.

    Hornung believes the academic standards were eased in the late 1980s, when the Irish won their last national championship. He pointed to quarterback Tony Rice, one of only two Proposition 48 players ever to play at Notre Dame.

    "Tony Rice honored himself and graduated in four years," Hornung said. "I think if he were trying to get in the university today it would be tougher."

    Hornung also added that Notre Dame, which in January signed a new five-year agreement with NBC to televise its home football games, probably will lose the contract -- worth about $9 million annually -- if the school doesn't start winning more games.

    Notre Dame's football team went 5-7 last season, its second under Tyrone Willingham, the first black head coach in any sport in school history. It was Notre Dame's third losing season in five years -- something that had never happened before in the storied history of the program.

    The losing season contributed to low ratings on NBC -- a 2.4 rating per game, tied with 2001 for the lowest in the school's 13 years on the network. The AP left a telephone message seeking comment from Willingham. Wednesday was a day off from spring practice for the Irish.

    Hornung is the only Heisman Trophy winner to play for a losing team; his 1956 Notre Dame team went 2-8.

    The academic standards at Notre Dame have long been discussed as a reason the Irish no longer win consistently. Ara Parseghian, who coached the Irish between 1964 and 1974 and won two national championships, has said he heard the talk when he first took the job.
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    Julius Jones was a good student in High School... he self-admittedly got caught up in the hype... he was dismissed by Tyrone Willingham and was given the message that grades are more important than football (good man Ty)... he went down to Arizona State and transferred back with a high gpa...

    He is a good pick for several reasons... he GETS it now... that year off matured him and he had a great GPA when he came back... the moron label was inaccurate... he has great size and great speed... he holds the record for most yards in a game by a ND RB and holds the record for all-time return yardage (broke the Rocket Ishmael record)...

    Just do a google search and read a bit about him before you make erroneous statements...

    And by the way... I admit... I am the least educated person in my family... I only have a double-major... and a lowly masters... my parents both have doctorates... so sue me for being an idiot...
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    So a moron is a guy who gets a 3.7 gpa at a tough academic school like Notre Dame? I don't care how he got there, and how many setbacks he had along the way, it's darn impressive. I had a 3.71 gpa in college, and it's not at all easy.

    But I suppose you are a Rhodes Scholar...

    Just another example of the degeneration of the quality of posts on this board.

    Note to Hiero (just so you understand what I'm saying, since I know you need 'help'): degeneration means it has fallen apart, it has nothing to do with the collection of people who share the same era of time as you.
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    damn this board is turning into an even crappier version of the ranch. I post one little thing and i get 50 replies that are all garbage that totally ruined the thread. Maybe the mods shouldn't be looking at me, maybe they should look at the people who ruined the thread by talking about things the thread wasnt meant to be about. As for punctuation I dont use any because well its the internet not a research paper who really cares. Im never going to meet anyone on this board, and I wont be receiving any job interviews so why in the world would i go through the time of spellchecking and using all the proper punctuation when nobody should even care about it in the first place.
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    genghis... I love you, man...
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    YOU ruined your own thread with the first line of YOUR initial post.
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    When you are the only person on one side, and everyone else is on the other, maybe you should start looking in the mirror for what the problem is. Just an elementary life lesson.
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    Depending on his attempts anywhere around these two stats. :p

    241 att 937 yds-3.9 avg - 48 long - 11TD - 4 over 20yds
    24 rec 228 yds-9.5 avg - 57 long - 3 over 20 yds - 2 over 40yds

    368 att 1487 yds-4.0 avg - 49 long - 14TD - 11 over 20yds
    30 rec 261 yds-8.7 avg - 27 long - 1TD - 5 over 20yds

    The first stat is Emmitt Smith's rookie season after missing training camp and the second is Curtis Martin's rookie season. Bill used Curtis as his workhorse straight out of the blocks.
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    if JJ has the same year that Martin had, I'm going to buy his jersey.

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    Why do you say that? Because he got cut from Notre dame who is sucking up the place because they can't get talent w/ their academic standards?
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    Yeah, Notre Dame graduates are completely stupid.

    /end sarcasm :rolleyes:
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    EXCELLENT post. Best post of the thread I've read so far.
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    You're not an idiot, Trick. You're a MORON. Get it right...... ;)

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